Fire Emblem fanfiction

The Tactician of Elibe

Book 1: The Tactician and the Heiress
Prologue: A Girl From the Plains
Chapter 1: A Family’s Call
Chapter 2: Lyndis’s Legion
Chapter 3: Bandit’s Pride
Chapter 4: Fire in the Castle
Chapter 5: Blood of Pride
Chapter 6: Siblings Abroad
Chapter 7: The Black Shadow
Chapter 8: Vortex of Strategy
Chapter 9: A Grim Reunion
Chapter 10: The Distant Plains

Book 2: The Tactician and the Jewel
Chapter 1: A Lord’s Quest
Chapter 2: Prize or Artefact?
Chapter 3: Twisted Paths
Chapter 4: Sly Tongues Aplenty
Chapter 5: Secrets in the Storm
Chapter 6: The Price of Hunger
Chapter 7: Seige of Castle Wrigley
Chapter 8: The Cost of an Amethyst
Chapter 9: Holy Maiden
Chapter 10: The Farseer

Book 3: The Tactician and the Black Fang
Chapter 1: Taking Leave
Chapter 2: Birds of a Feather
Chapter 3: In Search of Truth
Chapter 4: False Friends
Chapter 5: Noble Lady of Caelin
Chapter 6: Whereabouts Unknown
Chapter 7: The Pirate Ship
Chapter 8: The Dread Isle
Chapter 9: Dragon’s Gate
Chapter 10: New Resolve

Book 4: The Tactician and the Dragons
Chapter 1: Kinship’s BondAlternate Boss Battles
Chapter 2: Living Legend
Chapter 3: Four-Fanged Offense
Chapter 4: Unfulfilled Heart
Chapter 5: Pale Flower of Darkness
Chapter 6: Battle Before Dawn
Chapter 7: Cog of Destiny
Chapter 8: The Berserker and Valorous Roland
Chapter 9: Sands of Time
Chapter 10: Victory or Death
Chapter 11: Light

Anima’s Seal: The Exile of Pent and Louise
Prologue: Alive
Episode 1: Exiled
Episode 2: Mercenaries, Part 1
Episode 3: Mercenaries, Part 2
Episode 4: Dragon’s Breath
Episode 5: Pherae’s Son
Episode 6: The Unflinching
Episode 7: Old School-Fellows
Episode 8: Conscience Flying
Episode 9: Dark Sage
Episode 10: The Blizzard
Episode 11: Sealing, Part 1
Episode 12: Sealing, Part 2
Episode 13: Tomorrows
Epilogue: Rising Star

A Thousand Tiny Battles
Talk To Me
Look At Me
Kiss Me
Remember Me
Believe Me
Wait For Me
Don’t Leave Me
Stay With Me
Fight With Me
Don’t Break Me
Marry Me

Star of Bern
– Prologue

The Twins of Magvel fanfiction

Eirika’s Story
Prologue: The Fall of Renais
Chapter 1: The Escape
Chapter 2: The Protected
Chapter 3: The Bandits of Borgo
Chapter 4: Ancient Horrors
Chapter 5: The Empire’s Reach
Chapter 6: Victims of War
Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall
Chapter 8: It’s a Trap!
Chapter 9: A New Journey
Chapter 10: Distant Blade
Chapter 11: Revolt at Carcino
Chapter 12: Creeping Darkness
Chapter 13: Village of Silence
Chapter 14: Hamill Canyon
Chapter 15: Queen of White Dunes
Chapter 16: Scorched Sand
Chapter 17: Ruled by Madness
Chapter 18: River of Regrets
Chapter 19: Two Faces of Evil
Chapter 20: Last Hope
Chapter 21: Darkling Woods
Chapter 22: Sacred Stone

Ephraim’s Story
Chapter 1: Unbroken Heart
Chapter 2: Prisoners
Chapter 3: It’s a Trap!
Chapter 4: A New Journey
Chapter 5: Fort Rigwald
Chapter 6: Turning Traitor
Chapter 7: Phantom Ship
Chapter 8: Landing at Taizel
Chapter 9: Fluorspar’s Oath
Chapter 10: Father and Son
Chapter 11: Scorched Sand
Chapter 12: Ruled by Madness
Chapter 13: River of Regrets
Chapter 14: Two Faces of Evil
Chapter 15: Last Hope
Chapter 16: Darkling Woods
Chapter 17: Sacred Stone

Short Stories

Frelia’s Finest (rewrite): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Pent’s Story Materials

Frelia’s Finest

Flightless Hawk

Galdr of Release

Ceniro’s Life