FFXIV: Primal Dreams

I’ve written more than enough for a Chapter 2, so here you are.

I’ve been taking an extended break from this game because it is pretty much literally drugs to me, but I’m getting back into it cautiously, mostly with a project to record MSQ for my friend who can’t currently play the game but who I know would love it. I’m playing through as a Xaela she designed, over on Coeurl. It’s pretty quiet, there don’t seem to be any gold-sellers! : ) Continue reading

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Love Me or Leave Me cover

This fall (2017) I was asked to take part in a music video for a singer’s personal project. This is the result.

P.S. Maggie

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Devil’s Due: Part 2: First Step

Couldn’t sleep, took a look at this chapter, discovered it was nearly complete, completed it.

Part 1: The Old Machinations


Part 2: First Step

He woke to find himself in some tiny room on the ship, dimly lit, bare. Whether it was locked or not, he didn’t know, and it hardly mattered – this Sith he could not fight, was in no state to fight. His blood-soaked robe was stuck to him in a most disgusting way, his injuries ached and throbbed, and the shock collar was heavy failure on the back of his neck. Continue reading

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Queen of Kuat: Chapter 9 – The Queen

The pacing of this chapter doesn’t fit, but I’m not sure how to make it fit. And the politics in this chapter were also hard to write! This is why I stick to fight scenes and fluff. DX


Okay, back to the other 20 fics I want to write, with priority on the Star Wars prequels and Devil’s Due. And SMDS (new long-term project). And playing through the Doom series.

Chapter 8: Firestorm


Chapter 9: The Queen

He stood near the throne, with Akuliina’s other close companions, waiting for the woman of the hour to arrive. Jaesa had nearly arrived late, and was catching her breath over by Pierce. The other members of the Kuati court were scattered throughout the hall, and lit from below in red as they were, he couldn’t help but imagine them all as wicked demons. A ridiculous notion, but secretly he was looking forward to seeing how Akuliina looked. Continue reading

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Queen of Kuat: Chapter 8 – Firestorm

Ooooh soundtracks! Charging into battle with tanks; charging into battle with soldiers; charging into battle against the final boss. And then more battle after that! How much fighting is there in this story? Sheesh.

This chapter has another disturbing violence/gore moment. Also some winkwinknudgenudge.

Chapter 7: Outnumbered


Chapter 8: Firestorm

When she woke, she was lying on a pile of rubble and the sun was rising over the horizon. She’d run this way and that as the orbital bombardment had struck the area around the factory, zig-zagging away from the conflict zone in a futile effort to find a spot that wouldn’t mean instant death, until a blastwave behind her had picked her up and thrown her away. Her entire body was tender and aching, but she couldn’t feel any broken bones, even though there was a big chunk of duracrete lying across her legs. The Force had shielded her well, perhaps the only reason she was still alive without a helmet or heavy armour. That, and pure luck – otherwise known as the Force’s will – that she hadn’t been obliterated like her father. Continue reading

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Queen of Kuat: Chapter 7 – Outnumbered

This used to be the final chapter. o_O Then the story got a lot longer.

Soundtrack time!!! Calamit’s palace… Jaesa’s rampage was provided by Disturbed (this and other tracks, not clear which ones anymore). Akuliina’s charge (I’ve been waiting so long to put this track in! <3); Akuliina’s fight. Quinn’s fight! (I know it’s cheating to use this music and it’s not Imperial enough but I just had it on in the background and it helped me get through the slog)

Speaking of which, Quinn’s fight was extremely difficult to write and I don’t know if I’m happy with it yet. I don’t know if I would rewrite it in the future.

Consideration of orbital mechanics in Star Wars: they probably apply, but on the other hand, these ships have engines powerful enough to transfer smoothly from atmosphere to space.

A great number of chapters in this story begin with people waking up. o_O

Chapter 6: Slaughter


Chapter 7: Outnumbered

She woke in her bed without any idea of how she had gotten there. The last thing she remembered was entering her quarters and collapsing face-first on the floor, all her exertion suddenly catching up to her. The release of having destroyed the immediate object of her wrath so completely, so utterly, had rendered her unconscious the moment she reached safety. Continue reading

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Queen of Kuat: Chapter 6 – Slaughter

This chapter was probably the first one to be completed, and one of the least edited in the second draft. Mostly thanks to RULES OF NATURE

Some disturbing violence/gore in this one fyi.

Also Yllamse suggested some dialogue. She knows where it is. :3

I’ve been playing original DOOM! It’s a lot of fun!

Chapter 5: Loyalty


Chapter 6: Slaughter

She woke late in the night, about an hour before she was supposed to, a feeling of unease permeating her mind. She lay still for a moment, trying to catalogue it. It wasn’t the… the baby, she supposed she should call it a baby now, since she had learned of and acknowledged its presence. No, that was fine. Something was missing, somewhere, an acute but distant sense of loss that she couldn’t yet identify… Continue reading

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Queen of Kuat: Chapter 5 – Loyalty

Murlesson cameo! Yay! (I plan to try writing more of his story after I’m done QoK)

There’s a bit in the middle I MIGHT edit; it’s too wordy and repetitious and doesn’t quite have the right tone. I can’t figure out how to fix it yet though. Maybe in another 6 months. If you can identify the spot, you get an internet cookie. : P

Some parts of this chapter refer to things that happened in the past, but that I haven’t written about yet. I’m planning to put them in when I write Rise of the Hutt Cartel or something. Also, the Twosong is the same name that I’ve used for my smuggler character’s ship since I was about 10 years old! : D

Chapter 4: Focus


Chapter 5: Loyalty

And then it was over. He turned to look, saw billowing fire rising where the warehouse had been, and when it had passed it revealed a flame-edged pit filled with tangled struts. He fell to one knee, hugging Akuliina’s unconscious body close to him, panting and shaking slightly. She wasn’t dead, his master, his wife, his

His possessiveness surprised him, and he drew back a moment. Was this how she felt about him? What a pair they made. Still. Mine. Mine mine mine. She’s safe now. With me. Continue reading

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Queen of Kuat: Chapter 4 – Focus

This one was a tough one, and it’s still not great. Better than before, though. Have some vaguely Quinn-related music! (And some more if you want more)

Chapter 3: Living Death


Chapter 4: Focus

“This is utter madness,” Quinn said to himself, spreading out the flimsi map on the table. Jaesa hadn’t been able to find any downloadable copies for their datapads so flimsi would have to do. Vette was sleeping in the corner, and Jaesa was lurking in the other corner, resting, even if not asleep. Some sort of cheap near-instant soup was heating on the stove; they’d eat after he’d made a plan and they could begin preparing to move out. Continue reading

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Queen of Kuat: Chapter 3 – Living Death

When you take away the Force, what’s left?

Major Smuggler cameo, because Risha and Vette need a reunion! I dunno if this ever happens ingame so it’s happening here and now!

Chapter 2: Birth of a Storm


Chapter 3: Living Death

When he came to, he found himself looking through the cockpit viewport at an angle into a night-dark, tangled jungle. So they’d remained intact in their crash. Hadn’t exploded into smithereens. His ribs were bruised under the crash harness, and he probably had bad whiplash, but he was alive.

Slowly he undid the harness and turned to stand – and froze in horror. A white-haired figure lay sprawled on the floor, motionless. She hadn’t made it to her seat. “Akuliina!” He pushed through the aches of his body urgently, kneeling beside her. Emperor, let her have been sparedContinue reading

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