Looking for Norway vacation posts?

I’ve unpinned them from the front page, but don’t worry – this little reference post will be here for a while to help you find them. : )

To Norway




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Quinnkuliina Wedding Pictures Complete Set


This is what I was working on in the hopes of having it done for Valentine’s Day, but alas, I was sick last week and that stole the three days I needed to finish it on time. : P So anyway, here they are, and also spoilers for Chapter 1 of Queen of Kuat. Super lazy with backgrounds; they are all screenshots and some of them have had ingame avatars edited out because for some reason I left them in ‘for scale’, not realizing I was going to be lazy (haaaaaaa) and using them straight later?

Quinn is wearing a dress uniform I made up for the rank of Commodore (the one that comes after Captain). …Don’t ask me where he pulled the blaster from.

Many references used; will put them in tomorrow.

I also have cake just because I felt like it.

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Wedding Tango

Happy Valentine’s from these two newlywed idiots <3

(more to come but thanks to being sick last week I couldn’t finish all 5 images in time)

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Scottish Quinnkuliina

was reading a book which mentioned kilts; proceeded to imagine these two dressed in Scottish formal wear. Since they don’t mind being fashion models for me…


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Dance Party

^What happens when you start listening to the Initial D soundtrack but your mind is still on SWTOR (yes Quinn is watching Akuliina’s rear end)

(disco lights resource)

(Initial D is pretty entertaining even though it’s super predictable and the animation is shit btw – makes me want to take better care of my car)

Ugh I haven’t drawn anything in forever and I want to, I have ideas, but I’m always so tired by the time I get to them -__- this nonsense hardly counts : P

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The Woman With a Dragon’s Heart screenshots

Again, screenshots using for inspiration in writing this story! Just like last time, except with a dearth of Zevran… but even more Liz. And a little bit of Nate, because Nate is good-lookin’ too.

Approaching Vigil's Keep with Mhairi.

Approaching Vigil’s Keep with Mhairi. [Starfang doesn’t transfer over without a certain mod that I hadn’t installed at the time so using something else in this picture (also where is Cousland shield?)]

Continue reading

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The Woman With a Dragon’s Heart: Chapter 9

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m done all the Dragon Age fanficccccc and now I don’t have to write anymorrrrrrre- Since I don’t have any urge to write DA2 fic, and I may not even play Inquisition, I’m all good : )

But omg how did this last chapter take so long

The last third of this chapter brought to you by Super Eurobeat!

Chapter 8


Chapter 9


Dawn broke on a discouraging sight. Under a grey, overcast sky, Vigil’s Keep was encircled by darkspawn, though they couldn’t climb the cliffs of the mountain behind. Still, there was no way we were getting in to reinforce the defenders. Continue reading

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SWTOR class descriptions

Jedi Knight: like Luke Skywalker, but without the whining. Or the charisma. Also involves attacking the Emperor’s secret invisible space fort.

Jedi Consular: spends most of their time curing STDs (Sith-Transmitted Diseases); in their spare time acts as a Wise Counselor who gets ignored mostly.

Republic Trooper: get betrayed by your entire squad defecting to the Empire; track them down for great justice. If you’re a woman, you can pretend you’re playing Commander Shepard. (I am)

Smuggler: “screw the war, I’m gettin’ rich!” (and embarrassing the guy who stole my ship lol) (seriously why is there a head in a jar in my cargo hold)

Sith Warrior: rises to power, betrayed by their master, survives and seeks revenge. Solid story up until you learn the master actually gets his info from a spirit who is a manifestation of the dark side even though he has an extensive spy network.

Sith Inquisitor: former slave who eats Force-ghosts for power-ups, then gets indigestion and has to find a cure before the Force-ghosts kill them. Also the Keeper of Historical Sith Knowledge sometimes when they feel like it.

Bounty Hunter: like Boba Fett, but with more macho chest-pounding.

Imperial Agent: Infiltration! Intrigue! Trying not to die for or by annoying Sith who don’t follow the rules!


Basically, Bioware fails to maintain logic, internal or external, whenever the Force is involved.

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Quinnkuliina: Baked Potatoes

He’d returned from his mission and headed for the ship’s mess for sustenance before he began making dinner – Akuliina certainly wasn’t going to touch anything in the kitchen, the woman would survive on canned legumes and sweet ices if it wasn’t for him…
Or would she? He stepped into the mess and stopped short. His wife was holding a root vegetable and viciously stabbing it with a fork, as if it were a particularly nasty Jedi. “What are you doing?”
“Enjoying myse- what does it look like I’m doing?” she demanded. “What are you doing back so soon? I thought you wouldn’t be finished for another hour.”
“Things went exceptionally well this time. I think that one has enough holes in it.”
“The holonet said to do it, or else it would explode when cooked,” she grumbled, putting it down and moving on to the next one and stabbing it with equal enthusiasm.
“That is correct,” he said. “Would you like any help?”
The glare she gave him would have fried the roots on their own without any help from the oven. “No. I can do this. Go away.”
“As you wish, my lady.”
Emperor’s breath, she was adorable when she tried new things.

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My Cruel Valentine: Chapter 15: Troth

I’m done! …until I play Rise of the Hutt Cartel! And I have two sequels set in the future planned! HALP

Difficult to have a boss fight the equal of the previous two. I tried!


Chapter 15: Troth

The great ornate door of the Dark Council chamber rose before her and she strode in at Vowrawn’s side, glowering, straight and proud in her red light battle armour. The Dark Council was arranged on either side of the chamber, six seats to a side, though some of those seats were empty; ahead was a great empty throne for the Emperor. More symbolic than practical now, she knew… and yet an ever-present reminder of who their true master was. She nodded to the one man on the Dark Council whom she knew personally, the young red Zabrak named Murlesson with the red hair and baleful yellow eyes, present via hologram from his ship; he nodded back gravely. The power in the room was thick as a cloud, intoxicating and heady. She felt her eyes brighten under its influence. Continue reading

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My Cruel Valentine: Chapter 14: The Wrath of the Wrath

Bit disjointed, this chapter. Corellia is big. And I’m not so interested in the ‘plot’ as in these two emotionally unhealthy idiots. Actually, Baras’s Force-woman thing is completely ridiculous (why didn’t he ask her about Jaesa, for instance?) so that’s been scrapped. And replaced by a giant FF/DBZ style fight that I’m super excited about!!

EDIT: added a couple bits in which Vowrawn becomes Quinnkuliina’s couple’s counselor lol


Chapter 14: The Wrath of the Wrath

If she’d been distant and hard after Baras’s betrayal, she was remote and impenetrable now. He stayed on the ship, in the cockpit as much as he could, while she went to fight Baras and the Republic with Pierce, or Jaesa, or even Broonmark. A Talz was better company than him now, but that couldn’t hurt him more than the way she looked at him when they were around. Continue reading

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