Adventure 2016 – Bergen/Netherlands

We managed to catch an earlier train to Bergen than the one we had reservations for, and Jessica happened to also be on this train. I talked with her for a lot of the journey. We knew that Leonora and Thijs were also heading to Bergen next, but once we actually arrived in Bergen, we never saw any of these people again. Oh well, that’s what email is for!

I think the first evening we arrived, we just collapsed at the hostel. There was another actual kitchen that had pretty much everything (except a grater, somehow?) including a bunch of spices in the ‘shared’ cupboard. While Martijn checked that out, I went to the common room, where I’d heard there were amusements. I was wondering if there would be a piano…

And there was! So I sat down and started playing. It was a crap piano with no tonal subtlety, no working una corda, and no dynamic nuance besides ‘loud’ and ‘louder’, but it had 88 mostly-in-tune keys.

Martijn: *in kitchen* I hear a piano. I should tell Jen… wait a minute… Continue reading

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Adventure 2016 – Flåm/Kayaking

This is the part everyone’s been waiting to hear about, partly because it’s the part most out of character for me. When I first told my parents, my mom was like “but you don’t even like camping” which is totally true… unless I’m the one who’s decided to go camping, apparently. And partly because holy freakin cowbells, Norway’s nature is nature at its finest. Anyway, we started out with a train from Oslo to Myrdal. (warning: longer post is even longer)


It wasn’t long before we started seeing patches of snow. At first we were thinking ‘that snow must be in shadow all day’ but then… I’m not seeing a whole lot of shadow in this picture, yes? Continue reading

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Adventure 2016 – Oslo

The first three days of my trip were spent in Oslo. The Oslo Pass Card gave us free admission to museums, free public transport (although the city isn’t that big, you can walk to most of the stuff), and if you get the 3-day version (we did), the mini-cruise around the bay is also free. So we used it. (beware: long post is long)


Technically, you’ve already seen Day 1 in the last post. So I don’t know if it was technically cost-effective, because we didn’t really go see anything on that day… but for the other two days, it was definitely worth it to not have to worry about paying for things besides food, just wave the cards at people and get let into things. We found this statue on the way to our first museum, Akershus Castle. Continue reading

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Adventure 2016 – To Norway

So as many of you may know, I went to the other side of the planet in search of foreign lands, adventure, blond Dutchmen, and “mountains, Gandalf, mountains!”. Found all of ’em and here is the photo-evidence.


Plane from Toronto to Reykjavik (and from thence to Oslo). Icelandair had the best deal pricewise (and I got to watch the Lego Movie on the way there!). I did have a brief stopover in Reykjavik both on the way there and back, but the way there was too short to do anything and the way back I was too tired to do anything more than sleep on an airport bench. Continue reading

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The Kiss


Another scene from my fanfic, the first kiss. It was surprisingly difficult to find image references of kissing couples with a big height difference. I also looked up art nouveau kitchens, and the pattern around the edge is based on that one picture of Red eating pizza with the sink in the background. I’m not sure my ‘art nouveau’ fits into what we see of her apartment there, but I tried, guys, I tried.

Two more Transistor images to go! One based on The Spine (I think I finally figured out an interpretation I like) and one based on the Delain song Stardust. Those ones will be more paint-intensive, so will take longer.

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On the Edge of a Dream


Red and [John] slow dancing <3 Not because John is necessarily any good at dancing but because it’s wonderful to imagine them together. Also to put Red in more fabulous clothes. : D

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Paper Boats


Continue reading

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Fashion Week


Transistor fanart!!! Red and [John], whom she’s dragged along to participate in Fashion Week with her, as happens in my fanfic. Lazy shading but don’t care. Did you know that there is NO avant garde male art nouveau fashion AT ALL? Kind of a snag in designing this picture! And period male art nouveau fashion is… suits. Not exactly what I need…

I love these two darlings! More to come…!

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Selyn Tekeri: Exile

selyntekeri2bw selyntekeri2colour

Selyn in her blue Zeison Sha armour. I probably didn’t keep it all through the actual game (it’s been a while since I played, I don’t remember) but I do know it’s my favourite armour, and goes with the theme of being a Jedi without being a Jedi – wearing actual armour instead of monkish robes, wearing the armour of an anti-Jedi people, but still being completely devoted to helping and serving the people of the galaxy. That you don’t have to follow the traditional rules to be a good person, and maybe you can even be a better person for not following the rules (since those rules may not make sense and in fact harm more than they help, though they are based on good intentions), as long as you’re responsible about what you’re doing and think about why you’re really doing what you’re doing.

Another sumi-e experiment. Still not really sure what I’m doing. Will keep practicing. There’s a very specific project I want to use this style for.

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Selyn Tekeri: General of Malachor


Decided I needed to paint something. Painted Selyn as in the past; worked up an armour design that looks reasonable for that of a Jedi serving in the Old Republic’s Armed Forces. Also tried something TOTALLY new and WAY outside my comfort zone: the sumi-e brushes in Corel Painter 12. Sumi-e is so incredibly gestural that it’s the complete antithesis of my normal ultra-controlled style. I think I’m starting to understand them; I’m not supposed to draw a whole picture using one brush, but combine them to achieve the effect of using different real-life brushes, strokes, and techniques. This might seem obvious, but it wasn’t obvious to me a couple hours ago. I don’t think it turned out too bad for my first attempt! Selyn the Exile coming later.

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The Sith Lords: Part 14

Chapter themes! Against the Black Knight for the fight with Sion! Knights of Sidonia for the fight with Kreia! And finally, your closing credits song, a return to GitS: Living Within the Shell! Also, teasing the Sion shippers whoo! lol

It does get a little bit awkwardly religious in tone near the end. Dang Jedi and their mystical Force. Atton’s totally right about them.

For the record I think Mical/Brianna is a decent pairing. >.>

Part 13


Part 14: Will of the Force


She blocked Sion’s lightsaber with her own, barely, sparks flying. He had weight and reach on her, and she was tired, exhausted after fighting through dozens of Sith and saving Atton’s life.

But she had saved it, had saved him, the one she loved most of all, and she had the first inkling of proof that the Light could be used for as great, impossible deeds as the Dark. Nihilus stole lives through the Force, and both Sith and Jedi used the Force to speed their natural healing processes, but this was the first time she’d seen someone brought back from so-near death with the Force alone. Continue reading

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The Sith Lords: Part 13

And there is ONE MORE CHAPTER after this! The final showdown! And I’ve neglected so many chores trying to get this done this weekend! I would like to be done already please! D:

Chapter theme song is Levi vs. Female Titan, for the Atton-space/Selyn-Nihilus battle.

I read on the internet that Bao-Dur is supposed to die helping HK get to or from the secret droid factory on Telos? I almost considered doing that, but I decided in the end to do it the way I’ve imagined it for a long time. I also nabbed some Cut Content dialogue from a thing that shouldn’t happen to Atton except under certain circumstances which I forget what they are but I’m pretty sure would not be completionist LSF, but it was just too dramatic to pass up. XD

Part 12


Part 13: Malachor V


The Ravager lay dead ahead of Citadel Station, grinning like a jawless skull as it majestically closed to attack. Its fighter and light ship escort buzzed alongside it like carrion; a crude, obvious metaphor, but impossible to deny. The Republic fleet had just dropped out of hyperspace and was closing with them, already firing on them and taking fire in return.

It hadn’t always been the Ravager. Once it had been the Regent, one of the proudest ships in the Republic fleet – and a ship that she had sent to its death on Malachor. Commander Helvotha had captained it, with Jedi Knight Yserys, when her former captain had committed suicide rather than fight the Mandalorians anymore. Continue reading

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The Sith Lords Part 12

This chapter is unofficially subtitled “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” lol. Also lol: so the ysalamiri take over the galaxy once Kreia gets her way? However, the stuff in it took so long this may go on ONE more extra chapter than I planned.

Random: did you guys know that there’s a ridiculously expensive and ridiculously gorgeous Sephiroth figurine out there? I know, I know, some of that is the photography and lighting. But still, pretty pretty.

I have had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea: I should write Kotor 3. SWTOR just doesn’t satisfy my need for a direct sequel, wrapping up all the loose ends leftover from Kotor 2 (and 1). Then I had a WORSE idea: I should make Kotor 3 in RPGMaker. …WISH ME LUCK

Part 11


Part 12: Time Rolling Backward


Kavar had said he would need some time to discuss matters with Vrook and Zez without her, so it was a few hours before she and Kreia made their way to the Jedi Enclave in his wake.

Vrook had been busy, or persuasive – the upper levels were showing signs of repair, and they could now enter. As they stepped into the first courtyard, the one with the garden, Kreia slowed, then stopped. Continue reading

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The Sith Lords: Part 11

Two more to go! Wuu wuu! This chapter’s theme is Cyberbird, for the fighting on the city walls!

Somewhat wall-of-texty here, but it’s all important (imo) although I am not 100% happy with all the details. Also, a minor fight detail – I’ve been informed by the internet that butterfly kicks are more style than substance… but I imagine in the feet of a Jedi, they’d be pretty effective.

Part 10


Part 11: The General’s Resolve


Crowded into Mandalore’s control centre, they listened to Kelborn outline the situation.

“This Kavar said the Queen had arranged safe passage for you to Onderon, but I don’t know how good that offer is anymore. This morning General Vaklu met with the Council of Lords and declared that the Queen was guilty of treason. The military is divided on who to support, but I doubt that Queen Talia and her advisor will survive until nightfall. The Royal Palace is well fortified, I’m told, but Vaklu has new allies: Sith soldiers and their masters. The war has also driven the caged beasts in the streets mad somehow. Bralor and I concur. She doesn’t stand a chance.” Continue reading

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