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To Norway




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The Woman With a Dragon’s Heart: Chapter 8

Oh man, I’ve been looking forward to attacking Amaranthine for so long you don’t even know. Soundtracks include Doa and E.M.A., but not Counterattack Mankind because that’s for the next chapter. I went and watched more bits of walkthrough for dialogue and found that the logistics of this section of the game don’t make a whole lot of sense (I saved the Keep on my (so-far-only) playthrough so I hadn’t even seen what happens when you save the city, but I decided it made more sense for her to do this for this story). And a lot of things are made dramatic that I wonder would have been quite so dire to actual medieval people (LIKE SIEGES. Worrisome certainly but safer than open ground combat). >.>

I didn’t finish the entire story by midnight, but I will certainly be done tomorrow. It’s been a productive NaNoWriMo, even if I’d like to collapse for two or three days now. Final approximate wordcount of absolute fiction: 76,055

Chapter 7, Chapter 9


Chapter 8


She stood in the gateway, waiting impatiently for the tiny figures down the road to come closer. It seemed to take a very long time, and meanwhile, the chill late winter wind was nibbling at her fingers, her nose, her ears, even through the woolen gloves and hat she was wearing. Not fashionable for an acting-arlessa to be wearing a peasant’s hat and gloves, but she actually didn’t care, though she would have cared even less if they’d actually worked completely against the cold. She did not pace, though she was tempted to, instead maintaining a poise of motionless dignity. Continue reading

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The Woman With a Dragon’s Heart: Chapter 7

Taking advantage of my last exhausted writing momentum to plow through the rest of this story this month. Then I will be done all the Dragon Age fanfic and I won’t have to write any more! I hope! This chapter is not the greatest in particular but I just need to move on. I watched a walkthrough for some of the Kal’Hirol dialogue, but I cut down on The Lost’s monologue.

Chapter 6, Chapter 8


Chapter 7


As the year drew on towards midwinter, construction on the castle slowed. The walls were nearly finished, but there were still some towers that were definitely not. We were vulnerable while they remained so, but fortunately the darkspawn seemed less inclined to move about in the bitter cold, and then only attacking outlying farms and skirmishing with the army. Continue reading

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Blue-eyed Mother and Daughter


Felt like drawing one of the scenes from Perfect Time 3, even though it’s been an exhausting week. Everything work-related has been accomplished successfully, which is good, and the Messiah concert was lovely. Working on WWADH but it’s slow going still. I have some ideas, I just need energy to hash them out. (And Akuliina’s calling because I played SWTOR today. I didn’t even play Akuliina.)

Difficult to research male Italian-specific Renaissance clothing? Yes Armida is in boy’s clothes. And Liz is in a dress. Hey, she’s worn dresses before. If she wasn’t wearing her sword, now THAT would be weird.

Ship was loosely traced over from a picture by Thari but I did a lazy job with it. I might fix it when I have more energy.

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Perfect Time: Part 3

This is the chapter with all of the feels, and you know how I can tell? I made myself cry multiple times writing this chapter. I just have a thing for heartwrenching innocent kids, I think. It was like when I wrote the Canas/Nancy/Hugh thing back in Anima’s Seal, but worse because LizZev is much closer to my heart than Canas. D: (sorry, Canas, you’re still cool) And yes, it’s extremely self indulgent, but hey, I hardly ever kill off my characters, even though I should probably. Unfortunately, my own feels only work on me once. If I read it in a year I’ll probably cry again. Also also I seem to have inadvertently set up a parallel to Dishonoured 2 here in a way.

Also for those of you wondering when I’ll ever finish WWADH a.k.a. the Awakening fic, since it takes place before this one… Soon? I’ve been trying, I’m still stuck on writing Kal’Hirol. I’d like to do that one next and finish it with November, and then I can start on Akuliina with December and finish all that by the New Year? Maybe? Tbh guys I’m flagging; this week has also been extremely busy (emergency last-minute Messiah performances tonight and Saturday! Whoo! also I took my car in to get the brakes repaired/replaced and found out there are more things wrong with it. Typical.) and I would like a break; I’m quite tired, not just of creating, but in general. Maybe clear some of those games out of my to-do list (and try not to write fanfics about any of them).

Part 2


Part 3

He woke to the change in Liz’s breathing beside him. The room was still pitch black, in the depths of the lengthening fall night. It was raining gently outside. Though he listened, he couldn’t hear if Armida had stirred in her room beside, so it wasn’t that which had awakened her. Continue reading

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Perfect Time: Part 2

Vaguely annoyed because yesterday afternoon, before work, I had some pretty great scenes for this, and when I got back from work, I was too tired to remember them in detail and I still don’t know if the ones I eventually hashed out are as good as they were when I first imagined them. Typical. (But Morristair alert heheh)

Steam sales are evil, you guys.

EDIT: remembered that Elra exists, plopped her in a bit.

Part 1


Part 2

Life as the Consort of the Grandmaster of the Crows was not terrible, as it turned out, and two years later she was still alive and living in Antiva with her beloved. She’d taken to wearing local fashions, feminine but as practical as she could find, but she refused to style her hair in the Antivan way, or to wear loads of glitzy jewellry, and Zevran laughed and said that was all right. Continue reading

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Perfect Time: Part 1

Title of this fic comes from this song, which has the name Elizabeth in it. And it has lots of passion in it, and the words interpret pretty well.

Warning: sex, again, because Liz and Zev can’t keep their hands off each other : P

Different warning: I haven’t played DAI, and I still haven’t finished DA2, so this may have very little relation to the Dragon Age official canon as it now stands. However, I don’t really care too much, as I may never get around to playing DAI. I’ll definitely finish DA2 someday, but DAI is yet another big long singleplayer game and I already have a lot of those.


Part 1

Antiva City was the strangest, most exotic city she’d ever been to. Considering she’d been outside of Ferelden exactly never, this was hardly surprising. She’d been expecting things to be different from home, but… not this different. The climate was hot, humid, and her clothes clung to her skin under her ironbark armour. The sun was brighter, the sky bluer, the sea in the harbour milder. The crowds were more brightly dressed, dazzling and shimmering before her eyes; the buildings whiter and taller and festooned with greenery, wide arches letting the wind blow through the hot city. Continue reading

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Space Garden: Part 4: Solace

I’m almost done all the Voltron fanstuff! Just one more picture to do, and I’ll be completely done… until Season 2 comes out in February or whatever. Dangit.

I’m also at like 49,000 words, which is kind of unfair, but that means Akuliina actually has a brief purpose besides throwing drama in my head.

Part 3: Flowers For Her


Part 4: Solace

He woke gradually, prodded awake by small fingers, hair brushing his eyelids. “Mmph. What?”
“I think you were having a bad dream again,” Elslince said from beside him, as he rolled over to face her. “You were breathing fast and trying to speak and pulling on my hair.”
He raised his hand into the air where he could see it and several thick broken strands were wound around his fingers. “Sorry.” Continue reading

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What’s it like to get hugged by hair? Only Shiro knows. And yes she’s probably standing on a box or something because he’s at least a foot taller than her normally. And this is in her garden on board the Castle… I seem to like backlighting things this month. (side note: there are lots of Japanese horror stories involving hair. I hope that doesn’t bother him. >.> ) But anyway this was the point of all my Voltron fanstuff: to get Shiro into a hug. A hug with a girl involved, but not Pidge and Allura because I don’t know who the show is going to ship them with yet. Also girls’ existence shouldn’t be reduced to shipping partners (says the woman who just made a female character solely to be a shipping partner). Continue reading

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Space Garden: Part 3: Flowers For Her

This story is definitely not how I imagined writing it. XD Considering that all I had to start with was a bunch of romantic cuddle scenes and like one rant on the nature of war, that’s probably not surprising… But hey, the fluff starts showing up in force by the end of the chapter. Yay!

This chapter brought to you by Morten Lauridsen (also listened to Lux Aeterna and Les Chansons des Roses because those are also the best).

Part 2: I Made a Promise


Part 3: Flowers For Her


Elslince didn’t quite fit in instantaneously to Team Voltron, as might be expected. Shy, unused to space travel, she spent a lot of time wandering the stark corridors softly at first. Shiro was busy with his own problems and the problems of the team and the galaxy, but he tried to talk to her a few times a day.
He found out that his comparison of her to a plant wasn’t as far off as he’d first thought – she photosynthesized, and only ate once a day. He learned that Teleran blood was indeed yellow, and that was why she blushed the way she did. He learned that she liked collecting Thundercats trading cards (and consequently that humans had not invented Thundercats, they’d only turned it into a TV show), and she’d brought her collection in her meagre possessions. She had about thirty, gathered over a decade; it seemed they were hard to come by when fighting a war without consistent access to intergalactic markets. Continue reading

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Space Garden: Part 2: I Made a Promise

Gonna power through the rest of this nonsense! I’d like to get Part 3 done tonight as well! Whoohoo! I randomly have a Handel’s Messiah gig next weekend! I also have baked potatoes that turned out quite tasty! Also Joe Hisaishi is amazing! Also why did Disney pass up on the chance to do a movie with Eric Whitacre, that would have been spectacular! Why am I using so many exclamation points!

Part 1: The Green Girl


Part 2: I Made a Promise

“Shiro! You’re all right!” Allura was first to reach him as he disembarked from his Lion, back at the Castle. “We were so worried about you, what happened?”
“I was worried about you guys too,” he said. “I crashed onto a planet called Teler and it took a while to convince the doctor there to let me go.” It was close enough to the truth. “I’m glad you all made it back to base safely.” Continue reading

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