Florida Trip 2017!

So back in August (before the hurricane rolled through) I went to Florida! For a few simple reasons: I needed to get out of town, I wanted to meet my other internet best friend, and I needed lightsabers.

I left Sunday night at about midnight, to get to the bus that would take me to the Toronto airport at 1, arriving at 3, so I could get on a 6:00 plane and arrive in Orlando in time for lunch on Monday.

Along the way there were these cool clouds.

Driving the rental car out of the lot was terrifying! But I made it to a parking lot where Yllamse, my friend, was, and then we had lunch at Denny’s because I haven’t eaten at a Denny’s in a long time. This was during the eclipse, so I made a pinhole camera to “see” it. It kind of worked. Also it was kind of dark, but it was also partially cloudy so I don’t feel we got the full effect. Continue reading

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FFXIV: The Cusp of Greater Things

So this game has eaten my life for the last 4 months or so, and I only just beat the final story boss of Stormblood last weekend with my DRG main. I currently have a full 8-man party in my head causing trouble, so what else could I do but write about them?

This fanfic assumes you already know what’s going on in the game because if I write a COMPLETE fic, it will take literally FOREVER. This chapter takes us up to the brink of Sastasha. Continue reading

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Devil’s Due: Part 1: The Old Machinations

Here’s the beginning of my attempt to think like a super-villain! The story of a complicated, talented, slightly-unhinged teenage boy and his struggle to survive and maybe, maybe find a better life. And more importantly, the story of a writer frustrated with the lack of agency and deviousness in BioWare’s SWTOR Inquisitor storyline, which could have been a really cool story if they didn’t make the main character wander blindly in the direction the last person told them to, falling in all the traps and being saved not by their intellect and skill but by random people who don’t really have a reason to. Not to mention the ghost-eating and the DNA rebuilding and the magic rocks. >.>

EDIT: I forgot the chapter boss battle theme! Also, the soundtrack for basically this whole story is the Corpse Party soundtrack. : D


Part 1: The Old Machinations


A tall, lanky figure shuffled down the steel-grey corridor, head down, silver shock collar gleaming on the back of its neck, heavily laden with scrubbers and cleaning solution. Perfect posture, neatly dressed in pale grey, because even a slave had to be presentable if they worked in the house, didn’t they? Guards marched past the figure, not giving it even a second glance; it kept its head down, red hair covering its eyes, and shuffled on. Continue reading

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Banner changes

Click for larger. Been doing some editing; it’s still not done but hey Hrulash is MUCH improved.

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You Will Know Our Names…?

Felt like doing Ceniro and Renee again, and to confirm that the massive FE7 group portrait in the works should NOT be head on… but from the side. When I get around to it. *shivers* (music) Used a Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton art for reference, but Renee still turned out off-perspective. Oh well.

This also should not have taken as long as it did. : P Next project: add Akuliina to the header. After that, we’ll see if I have any energy left.

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“It’s simple moments like this…”

“…when I’m most sure the Empire will prevail.”

Decided to do a more intimate picture of Akuliina, ended up with this. Quote is one of the things Quinn says if you talk to him randomly and he doesn’t have a conversation waiting. You can tell it’s very tender because neither of them are wearing gloves. (also: proof that they don’t spend all their alone time ripping each other’s clothes off.)

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Freedom, I Kinda Feel It

[CLICK FOR LARGER] Akuliina, The Emperor’s Wrath, Lord of the Sith, The Golden Conqueror (also the name of her new flagship), Daughter of the House of Volkov, and Queen of Kuat. Image title is from Up and Dance, which isn’t necessarily her theme song but fits the ideal of a passionate, power-hungry, fire-themed Sith pretty well: Continue reading

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Quinnkuliina modern Earth AU: Downfall

Okay enough of this nonsense, let’s get back to Space!Akuliina. It is Camp Nanowrimo month, after all.


He got a text from her a few days later after work. She’d acquired his number a few weeks before, though she hadn’t made much use of it up to this point.

may have answers to recent situation. thought you’d want to know

What sort of answers? he texted back.

don’t know yet. meet me at 221b baker st tmo after work

ps sherlock holmes looks like you lol Continue reading

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“Would you like to know a secret?” he asked his wife while they were preparing for bed.
“I want to know all your secrets, Captain,” she purred, adjusting herself against the pillows and giving him an arch look.
With as straight a face as he could manage, he announced: “I’m not wearing any underwear,” while unzipping his jacket to prove that, in fact, he wasn’t wearing an undershirt. It hadn’t been the most comfortable day without one. “Mostly because Vette hasn’t done laundry like I asked her to.”
She grinned wickedly, her eyes sliding down his body. “If this is the result, I’m not letting her do laundry again. But you know what would look even better on you? …Me.”
He immediately ceased his actions with his jacket still half-on and one glove off, his arms falling limp in exasperation, and stared at her with a raised eyebrow of incredulous indignation. “That’s the line you’re going with tonight?”
She cackled. “Get over here.” Continue reading

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Quinnkuliina modern Earth AU: Life is something to prove

Okay so I don’t actually know anything about British law so I left out all the action parts because the important part is the drama anyway.

Earth!Akuliina acts quite different under this sort of physical pressure than Space!Akuliina because even when S!Akuliina (temporarily) loses the Force, she’s still been trained as a warrior. Earth!Akuliina might have great self-defense classes, but she’s never actually had to fight. Also Space!Quinn still wouldn’t yell at Akuliina the way Earth!Quinn does, even after they’re married. This is the sort of thing I find interesting for some reason. : P

I’m probably going to be Akuliina for Hallowe’en. : P


She was tied to a chair in a garbage-littered concrete basement storeroom while half a dozen rough-looking men leered at her and for the first time in her life, she felt real fear crawling in the pit of her stomach. Some of them carried darkening bruises of her handiwork, she hadn’t been completely defenseless, but there had been too many for her to escape from. She should have listened to Quinn this time…

But still she snarled at them with bared teeth, because she would rather die than show fear. They laughed in her face and dirty hands reached out towards her.

The door slammed in with a colossal bang. “No one move!” shouted a familiar voice. Continue reading

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