The Woman With a Dragon’s Heart: Chapter 2

Ahhh, the first chapter that’s mostly from Nate’s point of view! How nice. I forgot what a sarcastic bastard he was. Love that guy, big Howe nose and all.

Apparently there is a Ghost in the Shell game coming to Steam?????????

Chapter 1, Chapter 3


Chapter 2


They buried Mhairi early the next morning; Queen Anora was present, and left to return to Denerim soon after, wishing Elizabeth good fortune one more time.

One of the first things she wished to do as soon as Anora was gone was to familiarize herself with the entire castle, from top to bottom, and Elra went with her, and another soldier, Mia – Garevel didn’t seem to want her to be on her own, even though the castle had been made secure. As far as she knew, Varel and Garevel had taken care of blocking up the path from which they believed the darkspawn had emerged, at least until it could be investigated further. It was a little worrying to be sitting upon such a thing, but there wasn’t anything more that could be done instantly. Continue reading

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The Woman With a Dragon’s Heart: Chapter 1

Going to write this story fast and loose. Hit the emotional moments and not worry TOO much about all that annoying political stuff, not to mention the dialogue. I might go through later after replaying the game in order to put in some of the extra good dialogue (Anders and Oghren in particular are suffering) but right now I’m just going to WRITE a STORY.

I also managed over 9000 words today, so that’s an achievement worthy of my past NaNo records. I was beginning to worry I’d lost that ability completely.

…I should probably clean the apartment, it’s been pretty neglected…

…but Guild Wars…

Prologue, Chapter 2


Chapter 1


A week and a half later, and Elizabeth and Mhairi were walking steadily up a surprisingly small road in the middle of the Arling of Amaranthine, heading to the castle of Vigil’s Keep, where a small force of a dozen Grey Wardens from Orlais waited for her to assume her position as their leader. Zevran had left them in Denerim, taking ship to Antiva. Elizabeth had also taken some time to visit Fort Drakon, where Huan was proudly siring many puppies to try to rebuild the mabari population in Ferelden after so many of the noble beasts had sacrificed themselves in the blight.

Evening was falling. “Tell me more,” Elizabeth said to Mhairi.

“The Grey Wardens have been here about six months,” Mhairi told her. “They’re… decent people, for Orlesians. I would be proud to work beside them.”

“You want to be a Grey Warden too, don’t you?” Elizabeth said. Mhairi’s eyes were full of admiration every time she said ‘Grey Warden’, and her voice hushed a little. She must be young, as young as Elizabeth, perhaps. Continue reading

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The Woman With a Dragon’s Heart: Prologue

NaNoWriMo is being a pain this year; between teaching, organ playing, friends, and life, I’m too exhausted every night to keep my word count up except on Sundays and Mondays. But! I did finish Gary’s Story and the Hiriless edits, although there are still a couple tweaks to go to both of those… I can’t show you those because if I want to publish them someday there could be issues with internet publishing or something? But there’s no laws against publishing fanfic, so I started writing my Dragon Age Awakening fic, and so far I’ve got lots of momentum, so hopefully this is the one that will get me through the next week and a half. But I have so many projects, and only so much energy…

I did start this fic immediately on a NSFW bit, so if you are not of a mind to read such things you may wish to skip directly to Chapter 1 whenever I finish it.

Also One Punch Man is still awesome and you need to watch it immediately. Also also I finally finished enough of Guild Wars 1 that I decided to start Guild Wars 2, and so far it is pretty neat! I have a Zela Norn ranger. Continue reading

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You’re the light, I’m the shadow on the wall


When I was watching Oh My Goddess a couple months ago, I had the thought that this shot from the opening credits would suit Lyn and Ceniro very well. : )

Title is the first line from One Ok Rock’s Good Goodbye, which is a song that I also think suits them very well. : ) Continue reading

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Flairé costume 2015


Some pictures of my Hallowe’en costume this year! I finally dressed up as Flairé, mostly because my boss at the one music school I work at asked me to dress up for the entire week so all the students could participate in dressing up. So I had: black dress pants that I bought a couple years ago for work; black boots I bought a couple years ago for fashion and for the intent of someday wearing as Flairé; black turtleneck I bought at Value Village a week beforehand; black wig I bought from a year ago; elf ears that were a Christmas present several years ago; a belt I bought randomly in Toronto when I moved to Ontario; and a tunic I sewed from fabric (the nicest I’ve probably ever handled) which I bought about 18 months ago, on a small sewing machine I bought this month. Continue reading

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Caibu and Pericles


Caibu Westrin, the part-siren soldier/bodyguard/mercenary who joins the White Eagles after Mwennon takes over in order to look after Faine, and Pericles Katsaros, the Neoman archer of the White Eagles who he falls in love with. Initially reluctant to start a new relationship (both because his last boyfriend was murdered and because he’s not sure Pericles is interested), Caibu needs quite a bit of ‘encouragement’ from Faine to take the step of asking Peri out.

This picture isn’t as well composed as the previous one so the boys don’t get colour. : P

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Renee and Rigel


Got a bit annoyed with my lack of completing anything, and then Renee, one of my OCs in Anima’s Seal told me she was bi and that Rigel, another OC, was super-cute, and then this happened. : D So please welcome my fourth non-straight pairing, Renee and Rigel! (The other three are: Eoelva and Aieru, Rain Tabris and Sarah Amell, and Pericles Katsaros (with Yllamse’s Caibu Westrin).) But these two! Are they not cute as buttons? : D

Renee is a forthright young lady, a graduate of the Ostia Academy and one of Lord Garlent’s pupils (and therefore a former classmate of Ceniro’s). She fights with a spear (Recruit, Tier 3, level 5 (or Halberdier, level 5, but they don’t exist in FE7)(although neither do Recruits)) and stands up against bullies *coughmiltoncough*, but while cheerful, eager to prove herself, and justice-seeking, will not hold back from giving her peers *coughcenirocough* a tongue-lashing if she feels they messed up. Ambitious, but slightly more emotional than she herself would like, although she is learning to embrace it and channel it into her battles.

Rigel is a young student of elder magic (Shaman, level 18) who is vastly curious about the world. She is looking for the topic of her third thesis, and considers herself a scholar first and foremost, and a fighter not at all. As such, she tends not to listen to Ceniro’s commands at all, and to Renee’s only with coaxing, making her a frustrating unit to work with. She can flip-flop from frightened and awkward to self-confident and knowledgeable, almost coy, in the blink of an eye, and is quite good at putting her foot in her mouth.

I’m also working on character designs for Milton and Freya on a bit sheet that also includes Renee and Rigel, so that will hopefully happen tomorrow. I’ve also been plugging away at the group picture of the III/III so that might be done in the next month or so. : P But right now it’s 3AM and my hand hurts, and I also want to work on my Flairé cosplay mock-up tomorrow. Also J-rock is great.

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Salir sketches


Sketches of Salir, my FE7 Sain’s girlfriend OC. Last time I drew her, I gave her a haircut, but I decided to see what she looked like before that, and she turned out pretty much how I imagined her, which is great. (I also got a lot of practice with hands done on this picture. : P )

Salir works as a barmaid at the Sword and Squirrel Inn (which name is not supposed to be a reference to her relationship, but there you go : P ), hence the cute apron in some of the sketches.

In personality, she brings the female gaze, and she brings it HARD. Super bubbly, genki, and extroverted, she is good at her job and adores her handsome, silly knight. She’s about 5’3, one of the shortest characters I have. She also has a theme song now. She is disgustingly cute, and she and Sain are even more disgustingly cute together. Continue reading

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The Tactician and the Heiress rewrite

Decided to rewrite The Tactician and the Heiress because at this moment it sucks majorly and I’d like to have a better first segment for the story that’s currently culminating in something the quality of Anima’s Seal. I don’t think it will take very long; the chapters are much, much shorter than the ones, say, for Liz’s story, although I will almost certainly expand them greatly because that’s what I do. So… quick writing project, I think, interspersed with videogames because Astebreed is addictive (must get more achievements!).

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Header WIP

Just uploaded a new header for the site; I’m reasonably happy with the lineart (except Flairé – what’s going on with your face, buddy?) but I’ll probably completely redo the colour later. Still, there’s enough here to update the banner with something a little more indicative of my current art and most important characters. : P

As for the characters, they’re pretty evenly mixed, I think… two kalmaei, one elf, one Hylian, two humans, a dragon, and an angel… and five males to three females isn’t bad. What is a little more odd is that there are four brunettes and three with black hair; not a lot of diversity there, and four with brown eyes, three with green, and one with grey.

If anyone still doesn’t know who these people are, from L-R it’s: Zela and her son Flairé from the Adhemlenei, Esgalwen/Illinia from Mirkwood (Middle Earth), Ceniro of Santaruz from Elibe (FF7), Rana from Hyrule (LoZ), Hrulash and Garekhen from Rifted Riders, and Angel from my head. These people are the ones most fundamental to the development of my inner worlds.

Just wait: in a year or two, Liz will be on the header too. : P

Full-size art!


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