March 14, 2015

Elizabeth Cousland

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Thought we needed a photo of Liz around here so you guys can see what’s up. She’s wearing the stuff you get from the Of Noble Cast[e] mod, which is a spiffy set of plate armour, plus a nice Highever shield and the Family Sword. I’m still not sure yet how to explain the tattoo in the story. Maybe she was drawing on herself as a little girl and accidentally used permanent ink. : P But given how little Alistair knows about tattoos in his (deleted) banter with Zevran… it’s probably not a common thing in Ferelden. …I’ll think about it.

(anyone else have a problem with Dragon Age’s boob plates? Yay for full armour, boo for ridiculous boob shapes. : P )

March 13, 2015

My Dark Haired Fereldan Beauty: Lothering

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For some reason I kept listening to Gaur Plains while writing this one… not because it fits, but because I felt like it : P

We have two new party members, and no one’s really happy about it, but hey, when is this group happy about anything, am I right?

I adjusted a bunch of scenes to suit my own purposes. I’ve been going over logistics pretty carefully, and there’s a bunch of things that don’t make sense. But the most egregious of these is in the next two chapters, in which someone says that Redcliffe is only a day’s journey away from the Circle Tower. *coughs* Elsewhere, they say that Orzammar is a two-week journey from the Circle Tower, even though Orzammar doesn’t look THAT far away from the Circle Tower. In fact, if you compare the map from the novel The Stolen Throne, Orzammar is CLOSER than Redcliffe! I am so confused. (also on the official game map, Redcliffe is in a completely different spot, but there’s no ‘location’ dot there… however, there is one in the location that Redcliffe is marked at in the novel map. : P )

Next chapter, I will rant about how it is impossible for Zevran to have done what he said he did prior to meeting the Grey Warden(s). But I won’t tell you what I did to fix it. Zevran will tell you that himself. Eventually.

Previous chapter: Ostagar, next chapter: Redcliffe




Elizabeth sniffed and frowned before she had even opened her eyes. There was the scent of woodsmoke in her nostrils, and food, and wood, and greenery.

“M-mother…” she began. “Nan…?”

Her eyes popped open. She had the distinct memory of seeing arrows in her arm and her gut, but neither of those places hurt. Had it all been a dream?

Weakly, she stirred, dragging her left arm from under the covers to inspect it. There was a bandage, but it was a remarkably small one, and there was nothing bleeding through. She felt her stomach, where she encountered the same – and then she gave a little stifled shriek of outrage as she realized that she was in her underthings. (more…)

March 9, 2015

My Dark Haired Fereldan Beauty: Ostagar

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Hmm… chapter 2. Liz is not happy about any of the things, and there’s nothing she can do about it. Oh well, it looks like everyone’s going to die. That was a short story, wasn’t it? Thanks for reading!

…Just kidding, we got lots more to go. : P

I’ll probably be tweaking this several times over the next week. Little thing, just details to make things better, more immersive maybe. Not totally happy with the boss fight, either.

This was an incredibly long chapter, maybe the longest single chapter I’ve ever written, because of my gimmick to have each location be a different chapter, so… hope you’re comfortable before you start reading. : P MAJOR spoilers, obviously. (the location/chapter thing is maybe not such a good idea for pacing, but whatever, it’s a thing I’m trying : P It’ll just mean some days you get multiple supershort chapters! Maybe.)

Previous chapter: Highever, next chapter: Lothering




It had been a week since Elizabeth and Duncan had left Highever, and great stone towers were rising into her view over vast hilly expanses of tall black pines. She could see the smoke of controlled fires, and distantly could hear the voices of men and even dogs. (more…)

March 2, 2015

My Dark Haired Fereldan Beauty: Highever

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So Liz won’t leave me alone until I write her LizZev story. Even though Zev won’t show up for ages. Dramallamas ahoy! :D

Spoilers for the Human Noble origin, obviously, and for Origins in general. Cousland/Zevran, obviously, with hints of Morristair.

Next chapter: Ostagar


Highever, Autumn


“Father?” Elizabeth Cousland walked briskly into the great hall of Castle Highever. “Oh! I did not know you had company already…”

“I’ll send my eldest off with my men at once,” Bryce Cousland was saying to his friend, Rendon Howe. “No need to keep the king waiting. But tomorrow, you and I will ride out just like the old days!”

Rendon Howe chuckled. “Though we both had less grey in our hair, and we fought Orlesians, not… monsters.”

“But they’ll still smell the same,” Bryce said, laughing in turn. “Ah, pup, I didn’t see you there. Come greet Rendon! Rendon, I don’t think you’ve seen my daughter Elizabeth in some time.”

“You have grown lovelier than ever, Lady Elizabeth,” Rendon said, bowing to her.

“Thank you, Arl Howe,” Elizabeth said, curtseying in her dress of blue Antivan silk. “I hear your men have been delayed on the roads?”

“Indeed,” Howe said, sniffing with distaste. “The rains have done terrible things to the highway. I am glad that I came on ahead.”

“Fergus will lead the Highever soldiers to Ostagar today, and tomorrow Rendon and I will ride with the Amaranthine men.” (more…)

February 23, 2015

A Shakarian Moment

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Was going through some old stories on my computer (in preparation to writing new stories, yayyyy : P ) and found this. May as well post it…

For the record, my favourite Mass Effect pairing is Shoker, but I also wanted to fix the Shakarian romance starter, because it always bugged me. (Here’s another person’s interpretationwhich is also great. (Danger Shepard is awesome, lol)) And Garrus is soooooooooo dreamy……… lol. (Also I had a terrible time naming my femShep.)


Garrus was unusually quiet and fidgety when she came down to the main battery to visit, after they returned from Miranda’s “little” excursion to run interference for her sister’s escape.

After a few minutes of failed mission talk, failed small talk, she fixed the gunnery officer with a curious but quelling look. “What’s the matter, Garrus?”


Stars, she loved those subharmonics. Not that she was going to tell him, that, though. Making a move on a subordinate, even – especially – one she trusted as much as Garrus, could be fatal. To the success of the mission, no less. (more…)

January 18, 2015

Technology Actually Hates Me

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I’ve had several adventures in computering this week… First was when I attempted to play Trine with Thari and discovered that Hamachi was… broken? Which led to an hour and a half of trying to figure out how to redownload it, including making an account on the LogMeIn website, which was a useless idea, and at the end of it all Trine still didn’t work multiplayer. Supposedly the Enchanted Edition adds proper online multiplayer functionality like Trine 2 has? Sort of? But it’s not showing. But at least now we can see each other on Hamachi properly. (If anyone knows how to get multiplayer in Trine working properly, please comment below. Actually, if you know how to get multiplayer working in Neverwinter Nights, also please comment below, because that one’s not working for us either.)

Second was when I wanted to stream To the Moon to another friend. The Steam Stream didn’t work… Livestream Procaster didn’t work… I had to download OBS, and then I had to find out how to connect that to my Livestream channel, and then I could play after a couple hours fighting with it. Apparently it only runs in windowed mode. This one was actually the easiest to solve, as different people had asked questions about every part that I had problems with, so there’s documentation on the internet in various places if you too wish to stream To the Moon using OBS connected to a Livestream channel. (more…)

December 28, 2014

RPGMaker DLC: Arabian Nights review

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Arabian Nights

A set of Arabian themed tiles, as implied by the title. Full price $10.99. Ten images, including three animated doors, two animated fountains, some crates, two floor/wall tilesets, and two decor/accessories tilesets. One of the doors and the fountains are animated. I have to say the interior floors are very lovely. On the exterior accessory sheet, there are windows of many kinds, towers, a well, plants, market stalls, signs, and lanterns. It’s a fun page; I especially like the five market stalls. On the interior one, there is a lot of furniture in different orientations, though only in two colours, cushions and curtains, some shelves and a kitchen, among other things. Oh yes, and an oil lamp, if you’re seeking to make an Aladdin game or something. :) I do especially like the beds; they look soft and rich. (more…)

December 26, 2014

Art Improvement Memememememe

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Out of curiosity…

December 14, 2014

Map Attack

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The map is part of the foundation of our story, a part that needs to be really really solid, and for some reason my brain has decided that now is the time to throw more concrete at it. So here goes.

A thing I’d like to talk about: I feel like the maps we’ve drawn do not adequately convey the vastness of an entire planet or at least a supercontinent. They feel more like a medium-sized continent.  This makes it hard for me to properly visualize working with countries on the scale that we’ve determined them, which could be one reason why I want to scale things back, so that the facts we’ve set out and the impressions in my head match more closely. I actually think that none of us really have grasped the real dimensions of the space we’re working with, that mentally we’re working with a space the size of Europe, when we need to be mentally working with a space the size of the Eastern Hemisphere – Eurasia+Africa+India+Oceania, maybe. (more…)

December 11, 2014

Updating in progress…

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Today I started updating and revamping the website. You won’t see any changes on the front page for a while. However, I’m going through the archives, cleaning them up, removing irrelevant data, and making use of the Read More tag on long posts – especially story chapters. Once I get to the present day, I’ll start adding the art that I’ve been producing over the last year which is mostly available on Deviantart anyway. And then I will redo the aesthetics because it’s been a while and it needs it.

I’m three months in out of 79. Good luck to me…

EDIT: Done editing… Next step is create art, so that’s not going to happen any time soon : P Take a look at that to-do list…

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