FFXIV: The Sleeping Emperor

Oh my gosh this chapter went long. At first I had my hands full with this catboy trying to turn everything into The R’nyath Show but since this is basically his chapter to protagonize eventually I let him have his way. Lots of cameos of my game friends, and a few retainers/OCs to make up the balance! I hope it’s not too overwhelming!

I’m excited to get back to MSQ next chapter!

Chapter 11: Life in Mor Dhona


Chapter 12: The Sleeping Emperor

The lead-up to the tower was a massive, mysterious facility that they had been briefed as being titled the Labyrinth of the Ancients. The ceiling seemed malms away, the walkways leaping over what looked like lava, but R’nyath really didn’t have time to look about. The resident monsters came at them in waves, and he had his hands full watching out for R’inwa and taking in Kekeniro’s orders. Kekeniro had set up a linkshell to relay his directions to the entire group, though he mostly referred to the team leaders when calling out. “I’m seeing several succubi and a Valefor up ahead. Achiyo’s team will take the Valefor, and Chuchupa and Vivienne’s teams will deal with the succubi. Try to draw them away from the Valefor so we don’t get interference.” Kekeniro had pretty good eyesight for a bookworm, R’nyath considered. Continue reading FFXIV: The Sleeping Emperor

FFXIV: Life in Mor Dhona

Wait, I finished a chapter? Turns out Crystal Tower was turning out longer than I was expecting it to, even condensing the overly-convoluted plot (e.g. Nero’s here already) so it’s now two chapters. And we didn’t really get to the meat of the action in this one. It’s a bit self-indulgent with all the character relationship developing, but I’m enjoying it! Also if you play on Midgardsormr, keep an eye out for the names of my FC mates, haha!

That one line Thancred says is from way back when Alphinaud was investigating the Ul’dahn uprisings, but it was too good to not use at all.

Chapter 10: The Deep Dark Green


Chapter 11: Life in Mor Dhona

It was a bright, cloudless winter’s day in Mor Dhona when Achiyo rose from her bed in her room in the Rising Stones. The sun was silver through the window and she looked out upon the town for a moment. Everyone was just rising; the shopkeeps were setting up their stalls, the guards were changing at the gates, dogs were already chasing hens. There was a frost on the ground, and folk had to walk carefully across half-frozen puddles. The frost would be gone by early afternoon today, but Tam predicted snow before another sennight had passed. Continue reading FFXIV: Life in Mor Dhona

Revamped blog!

Hey everyone! Felt like the blog needed tidying. I cleared out a lot of stuff I couldn’t stand to look at anymore (even for posterity) and deleted a lot of teenage whinging because that has nothing to do with art! I’m going to focus this gallery/fiction repository more tightly on what I create rather than my life.

It took me like a week to decide which of WordPress’s themes I was going to tweak into something I could use, but eventually I decided I liked this one. No big banner to get in the way of content, sidebar on the left instead of the right just for something different, and I changed the CSS to make the background more soothing to read for longer periods of time (as I do when I’m editing, or just when I go back to read my own fanfic). I’ve also added easy navigation buttons to the things most people come to see: my travel blogs, and my cosplay.

There’s just a couple of art assets that I haven’t filled in yet, but they’re not essential to the workings of the site so I figured you can have access to my stuff again.

Feel free to comment on what you like or don’t like about the site!

FFXIV: The Deep Dark Green

Big chapter again! Some focus on some other WoL who don’t normally get spotlighted, today. And two more primals down! Achiyo can almost get her Kirin that she’s going to ride until she can get the HoH horse. I got her the fire pony, but Garuda’s been stubborn and refusing to drop anything. I have to wait until more of my friends are back from vacation and can carry me through unsynced nonsense.

It would help if my cat would let me sleep at night >:I

Chapter 9: Shinobi


Chapter 10: The Deep Dark Green

Tam approached Thancred, who was doing that thing again. “Her soft features belie a strong will and quick wit. Aye, this Doman maiden would be-”

This time, he seemed to sense Tam’s presence, and abruptly turned to see him, arms still crossed. “Tam, I think we may need to have a chat about your habit of sneaking up on people.”

Tam raised an eyebrow at him. “Kalma. Habit. And I find your reactions amusing.”

Thancred covered half his face with a hand. “I’m glad you are entertained, my friend.” Continue reading FFXIV: The Deep Dark Green

FFXIV: Shinobi

Oh boy, a new chapter? Kekeniro gets some PoV time here, and was quite forthcoming about his backstory. Nice. He’ll probably have another go at PoV during T13. Took me a while to write T9, however, and I have not yet tried to attempt it synced. Maybe over holiday break. Except I’ve been grinding hunts and trying to finish my second Anima weapon. Also I have ended up with 5/6 ARR ponies, mostly by chance, but Ramuh won’t give me a thunder-pony and I’ve been punching him in the beard at least once a day for the last week.

EDIT: Nael always seemed strangely convoluted to me, and when my friend read out Nael’s entry in the lorebook, revealing that Nael was a woman all along, who took the place of her dead brother, I was terribly confused. Haillenarte on tumblr did a translation of the relevant bits and now that I’ve found them, they’ve helped a lot! So I’m kind of keeping that Nael was masquerading as her brother still, hence Alisaie saying ‘him’ in the first cutscene, but Nael no longer has a reason to pretend to be her brother, so after they find out Nael’s a woman, I switch the pronouns.

Chapter 8: Business As Usual


Chapter 9: Shinobi

“You’re late,” were Alphinaud’s first words to them, standing next to a small ship of foreign design in the Vesper Bay harbour. Achiyo peered at it, wondering why it should look familiar. “No matter, I know where our visitors are headed.” Continue reading FFXIV: Shinobi

FFXIV: Business As Usual

Chugging away on this, hoping to get up to HW by the end of the month. Of course, that means first getting through Bahamut (synced! if possible!) and Crystal Tower (will be tricky to fit in all my planned cameos).

Rinala and F’lhaminn kind of ran away with my imagination here, which I think is really sweet.

Chapter 7: Once a Hero


Chapter 8: Business As Usual

“Ul’dah is our home, Alphinaud!” Minfilia protested vehemently. “To cast aside everything we have built and start anew in that desolate wasteland would be beyond reckless!”

“Oi,” Tam said. “Mor Dhona isn’t a wasteland.” Continue reading FFXIV: Business As Usual

Devil’s Due: Part 10: Lord Kallig

Right, now I feel like I’ve accomplished something. On to work on other things! Probably back to FFXIV fic, gotta work on my Hallowe’en cosplay some more, etc. etc.

Part 9: A Compendium of Jedi


Part 10: Lord Kallig

Aristheron crouched over him. “Are you hurt?”

“No,” Murlesson grunted, though it wasn’t entirely true. “Question, if I might.”

“Ask.” Continue reading Devil’s Due: Part 10: Lord Kallig

Space Garden: Part 12: Happily For Now

Okay so this is horribly self-indulgent Shelslince fluff, but c’mon, it’s the first time-skip where things have been really positive and peaceful!

Though there was not nearly enough female gaze in this chapter, I may have to remedy that. Bring unto me S8 so I can swoon more over my giant hot buff trapezoidal Japanese space-husband! And for the love of pete don’t kill him again (I think he’s probably okay from here on out, it wouldn’t make sense tropewise, but this is Dreamworks we’re talking about. …Okay as long as he goes out in a massive blaze of heroic glory.). : P

Shiro meeting his parents is based on that super adorable tumblr post, obviously.

Part 11: Captain Shirogane


Part 12: Happily For Now

The battle with the strange mecha nearly destroyed everyone again, but even when it was done, his work was not over. The Lions had been scattered across the western side of North America, their paladins unresponsive. The Atlas had turned back into a ship, at least. He needed to send out retrieval teams, get in contact with the rest of the world, get civilians liberated from their work camps, get civilians shelter and food and water… Continue reading Space Garden: Part 12: Happily For Now

Space Garden: Part 10: Drifting

Okay so S7 was CRAZY and I LOVED IT. It was a bit heavily military, yes, but on the other hand that’s where I expected the show to go, that’s kind of what I wanted from it. It was a beautiful drama, and I may have to write something about Adam after I’m done this fic. (like, done-done, like, post-series finale)

Part 9: Ad Astra Obumbratio


Part 10: Drifting

Shiro, soul and body reunited, had been placed back in the cryopod – so weak, his heart was struggling, his body adjusting to a semi-new consciousness. Or at least that was what Elslince and Allura told him. Keith paced. The rest of the team had only just left to gather fuel for the Lions, but his place was here, at Shiro’s side. Normally he was good at waiting – pacing was for people who liked to burn energy, like Lance – but this waiting was worse torture than he’d been through his entire life. If only there was something he could doContinue reading Space Garden: Part 10: Drifting

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