The Totally Not-Canon Adventures of Flairé: Zealous Dreamer

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Franz of Labrynna


I found this while working on another project and realized that I hadn’t uploaded it even though it was created like 5 years ago (mostly because I wanted to colour it better (I have no good pale-skin-toned markers) and combining digital and physical colouring would have looked terrrrible). So here’s the only image of Franz, Prince of Labrynna, from my Twilight Princess fic. He has a bow, a sword, and the flame-resistant earrings that Skyward Sword Link had – because *spoilers* Franz has a spirit of literal fire and is basically a mage, but only when he’s pissed and already on fire, iirc. He’s currently courting Zelda and has suggested that I write a sequel in which an unknown force is invading Hyrule and Zelda and Franz and Link, as the Queen, the Queen’s Consort, and the Captain of the Knights all work together to defend their country. He’s done his best to make it sound dramatic and awesome but really all I have is feelings, not any actual plot, and I would like to stay out of the Zelda world for as long as I can, at least while I still have all the Dragon Age stories to write.

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Jens Voigt


Jensie is one of my favourite pro cyclists, because he’s funny and fast-talking and wise and seems like a really nice guy. Decided not to draw the same old happy publicity shot that I did for everyone else, but instead to use a silly face! Not quite successful, but I’m still learning and don’t practice enough.

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The Woman With a Dragon’s Heart: Chapter 6

Starting working towards finishing up this thing. Got stuck on Sigrun because she was the last recruited for me, so I didn’t get any time to spend with her the first (and only) time that I played. I’ll probably take a while with the next chapter as well, as I’ve scheduled Kal’Hirol for it and it’s not a super catchy quest, although discovering the past through ghosts is really fascinating to play.

I also beat Dark Forces 2 and its horribly annoying final boss, although I appreciated the Star Wars take on the trope where you rush at each other, slash at each other, and wait like 10 seconds to see who actually struck and who dies. XD

Chapter 5, Chapter 7


Chapter 6


I wandered into the dining hall after the first night watch in late fall to find it not empty; Elizabeth and Oghren and Anders were sitting at the table closest to the wine cellar, mugs of beer in front of them. From the way they behaved, they’d been at it for a while.

“Hey, Nate!” Oghren called. “Come join us!”

“What’s going on?” I asked, taking a seat on the other side of Elizabeth from him and accepting a mug of beer from Anders, who was sitting across from us.

“Reminiscing, mostly,” Anders said. “She was just telling us how she met Zevran.” Continue reading

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Steins;Gate: Operation Fenris Deja Vu: Chapter 7: Dreamworld Poiesis

Was kind of annoyed at how many people get slapped in this show. Can’t believe Kurisu would just put up with it, even in the depths of her despair. So she doesn’t.

I also messed with worldline formatting to make the R worldline the extra-special thing it ought to be. : P

I know in the movie, it’s Operation Norn… but Fenris is a different operation, a different worldline, a demon wolf who bit off the hand of Tyr when the Aesir bound him and refused to let him go.

I keep editing the end of this story. Hopefully it reaches a final form by the time I post it over on where people actually read it. Also HUGE thanks to chestnutchris over there, who went to the trouble of putting together a complete chart of which honorifics which characters use for whom. I thought I had a reasonable handle on Japanese honorifics, but man is the system complicated!

Chapter 6: Divergence Hariolation


Chapter 7: Dreamworld Poiesis

I popped back into myself, throwing my arms over my head reflexively and waiting for a deathblow that never came. The world was still in place, nothing was exploding, everything was fine… It was several days earlier, out at May Queen. Okabe was looking at me with concern. “Another failed future?”

“I… I need a minute,” I mumbled, and jumped up from the table, rushing to the women’s restroom. I locked myself in a stall and tried not to hyperventilate, tried not to cry hysterically. What had I done? Continue reading

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Steins;Gate: Operation Fenris Deja Vu: Chapter 6: Divergence Hariolation

I gave up; couldn’t get to the past without Suzu-chan! Besides, she has a cute smile. : )

Sky Clad Kansokusha was my soundtrack for Kurisu’s determination, just as it was for Okabe’s determination in Episode 23. : D

Chapter 5: Ventral Pallidum Insomnia, Chapter 7: Dreamworld Poiesis


Chapter 6: Divergence Hariolation

It was the evening of August 15th, and the time-leap machine was almost finished, practice lending me speed in its construction. But right now, I stared from the text on my phone asking me to come to the roof of the hotel, to the time machine that stood there. “I don’t understand.”

“You said that you’d say that,” the brown-haired girl said patiently. “You decided to break out of the loop you had trapped yourself in, and spent your life developing a proper time machine, although my appearance on this date in this particular worldline certainly helped, apparently. You asked me to come back to now to help you out, to get more answers that you can’t reach right now.”

“How should I believe you?” I demanded. “How do I know I really sent you? How come I haven’t seen you before?” Continue reading

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Steins;Gate: Operation Fenris Deja Vu: Chapter 5: Ventral Pallidum Insomnia

These titles just keep getting longer, don’t they? XD The chapter is not very long, however. I’m not 100% satisfied with the philosophical discussion.

Chapter 4: Antarctic Primavera, Chapter 6: Divergence Hariolation


Chapter 5: Ventral Pallidum Insomnia

It was August 12th on the sixth or seventh time leap. We’d made some progress, after I convinced him to help each time, although a lot of it was theoretical since neither of us wanted to risk rebuilding the Phone Microwave and jumping worldlines again. Yet, at least. This meant that understanding the ‘how’ of the matter was pretty much beyond our reach. But we could still try to figure out the ‘why’, and that could lead me to useful answers.

Okabe had confessed that his migraines were actually moments when he’d start seeing and feeling other worldlines, which sort-of-but-not-really explained why there would be moments when he was there and then not there, and then there again. So far, the only situation in which anyone had been physically moved out of or within a worldline was if there was a time machine involved. But again, we weren’t going to learn ‘how’, not yet, anyway.

“I believe that Steins;Gate is unstable,” he announced one day, and I stared at him in disbelief. Continue reading

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Steins;Gate: Operation Fenris Deja Vu: Chapter 4: Antarctic Primavera

Now here’s where things start to get a little different. : D

Chapter 3: Vetitive Liaison, Chapter 5: Ventral Pallidum Insomnia


Chapter 4: Antarctic Primavera


I went home to my hotel, alone. Was there anything else I could say to him, anything at all? Not necessarily to change his mind, because his resolve was set and I knew nothing I could say would change that.

I stared at my phone all night, thinking, sometimes crying. Was I ready to live in a world without Okabe? At least it wasn’t like he died violently, like Mayuri or I had. He just… ceased to exist in this worldline, and then was overwritten. Like computer data being formatted, changing the past to match the present. And he was facing it with dignity. Dignity I had once thought would be difficult for a self-proclaimed ‘mad scientist’ to have.

Damn him and his heroic qualities. There was no one in the world like Okabe Rintarou, with his energy, his intelligence, his dramatic make-believe world, his steadfast caring heart. And now there wouldn’t be anyone like him again. Continue reading

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Steins;Gate: Operation Fenris Deja Vu: Chapter 3: Vetitive Liaison

I was reading comments over on the Steins;Gate wiki, and someone pointed out that Kurisu’s journey is a lot like Okabe’s journey through the Beta worldline – she goes through time twice to try to save him, and fails the first time… Okay, I understand that, but I wish she’d shown more gumption about it, instead of falling over and declaring she knew how he felt.

On rewatching her first time-leap, leaping back to the party and all the cues there was really subtly effective; it’s too bad it didn’t really fit in this worldline. I did use the sad confrontation scene almost verbatim, because that was a really great monologue. There are a lot of really great scenes in this movie! I love the voice-acting so much. I also added a couple things I felt Kurisu should have brought up.

I also don’t like overusing Suzuha. I feel Suzu spends a lot of time jumping back to hang out with her teen-aged dad, and it feels too convenient sometimes. Oh, she’ll show up in my fic, I can’t get to kid-Okabe any other way, and in the end I couldn’t get to adult-Okabe without her either, but she gets less time here and is not the primary reason Kurisu bothers to do anything. Save her for the future, darnit!


Chapter 2: Relive Atrophy, Chapter 4: Antarctic Primavera


Chapter 3: Vetitive Liaison

I was doing pretty well on my latest Japanese trip. I gave my lectures, focusing around my new thesis about dreams, and there were people there, and they asked interesting questions, questions that would help me refine my research. And of course I visited my good friends Daru and Mayuri every day, and we went about together often, or just messed around with Daru’s latest inventions in the lab.

And yet… about a week after I’d come to Japan, I started feeling strange. Not physically strange, no. But I just had this feeling, a feeling I couldn’t even define. Continue reading

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Steins;Gate: Operation Fenris Deja Vu: Chapter 2: Relive Atrophy

Some changes here: no horrifying PTSD flashbacks/worldline jumping during the party, at least not that Kurisu witnesses (I hold that Okabe still went out to the park and howled at the heavens afterwards), but a more direct revelation of worldline jumping, and also extra days to use later. Laundromat scene almost entirely stolen because that was one of the best parts of the movie.

Personally I’m pronouncing ‘relive’ (which I made up) as “ree*-laiv” (rhymes with ‘speed-dive’) but you can pronounce it how you please.

Chapter 1: Kymatological Barbecue, Chapter 3: Vetitive Liaison


Chapter 2: Relive Atrophy

About half an hour later, I was starting to feel more like myself again. Okabe stayed with me, getting me a cool damp cloth for my head and then sitting his gangly self down near the couch where I lay, just watching me. It should have made me uncomfortable, I could have accused him of being a pervert and started another fight, but there was something about this silent togetherness that seemed… normal, somehow.

“You feeling better?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I answered, trying to remember what I’d been doing when drunk. I’d hugged him, I think. That wasn’t too bad. I could live that down, and if I got teased, I could always blame it on the alcohol. Was that what adults did for fun? I’d studied the effects of alcohol on the brain, but feeling it for real… It wasn’t that much fun. People were strange. Continue reading

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