February Double Date

February Double Date

painted… November 2011


Hee! The Sygnus fans got together and sekritly made a calender for Wren and Syn, and I drew February. You should see the other pages! They are completely fantastic and beautiful. I will probably link to the calender when it appears on Zazzle. I hope it’s available in Canada?

Gyoriing takes Layalin, and Zento takes YuKai on a double date. But Zento can’t help flirting with shy Layalin… Good thing everyone knows he’s not serious! : D

Zento was totally a creeper the first time I tried him: Not his fault, but hair just can’t go in front of his eyes. My fellow conspirators and I had a good laugh over that… but it also meant he was the last one to get finished, because he was being difficult. : P

Also if he had that expression on his face when talking to Layalin, he would probably get flattened by Gyoriing a half-second later…

Oh, and I also resized both my kalmaei and Wren’s Nefolians, because Gyoriing is 7’6″… Layalin is about 6’8″… and Zento is, what, 5’2″ and YuKai 4’10”??? That wouldn’t work at all! So sorta a little AU in that they are the same height frame. : D

I have been productive recently! I’ve been practicing music, and loving it. I think I’m almost recharged! And hopefully ready for another term of blah. Right now classes do not excite me. Practicing excites me! And also eggnog. And also knowing how to say ‘I love you’ in 5-6 languages. But yeah I have been doing lots of practicing and it feels great! I am also staying up way too late as a result, because while it tires me out, it wakes up my brain like whoa or something. I dunno. It’s 3 in the morning and I feel like it’s still 1 in the morning. Also I made apple crisp and it was not great but hey I made apple crisp that is exciting yeah? Oh, hei, where’d my punctuation go? I guess it’s really time for bed after all! XD



NOT TO MENTION SINGING ALONG (with headphones and under my breath so as not to wake the housemate who has an 8:00 bus to a plane)

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2 Responses to February Double Date

  1. Thari says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if the calendar would be available over here?

    Music practice is good! Being excited about it is even better. I’m expecting an amazing performance at your recital, young lady! ( :P Will it be recorded? Please?) I know you can do it. Thumbs up for rock and roll!

  2. Illinia says:

    I’m sure if the calender isn’t available internationally we can get the others to adjust that?
    If it isn’t recorded, I’ll record it myself! XD
    Thumbs up, everybody!

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