September 7, 2011

Zebmeme 1: Wayrift Is The Best

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Fer teh lulz, because I was the one who suggested it. : P

The original is down here somewhere. Have fun, guys.

(Note: I read other webcomics that I think are ‘the best’ too. You should read them all. But Zeb’s biased, of course. XD )

June 25, 2011

10 Character Meme

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10 Character meme

drawn June 24-25, ’11


Click for insanity. Yeah, I kinda ran out of inspiration at the end… and one of the words is maybe not wholly PG, but some of them are not too bad. I like the one of Math defending me from EbilTam. Also the one where Flairé has to marry someone came out pretty much how I wanted it too, but the one of Flairé and Marteth camping I wish I’d been able to do better. Maybe I’ll just do it as a picture sometime.

So that’s what I’ve been doing instead of writing or anything useful.

If any of the panels aren’t clear, let me know so I can make it clear. : P

Bit of clarification anyway… Layalin isn’t joking when she says she’s going to die too – kalmaeirin elves have a heart condition that means they can literally break their hearts when they lose someone particularly dear to them. Of course, it would not be the fault of a car crash. : P

10 characters for a meme

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10 characters for a meme

drawn June 24, ’11


Working on the hilarious 10 character meme. You can probably guess at the answers if you know it already… but they might not be what you expect! I thought some of these turned out rather well. Probably stolen from Colby, but it’s been so long I’ve forgotten. I only just got around to it. : P

Also editting Chapter 2 of the novel. Split it into two chapters, so Tam’s moment of glory is now in Chapter 3. Chapter 2 is still veeeery rough. Not happy with most of it. I may need to chop it out and rewrite it by itself a few times. Wondering how Chapter 3 will go, since I’ve never written it before. Flaer made a long internal monologue about how useless anger is… and then flips out at a dragon for being stupid. What a silly boy.

What else? Um, not much. Obsessing unhealthily over my DevArt. Added like five bazillion pictures to my favourites. Guess I should add more of my own stuff. I think I will stick to colour stuff, because the pencil stuff is not so impressive. More or less. If there’s something on Adhemlenei you think I should post on DevArt, tell me. : P

Also dug up my Tour links again in preparation for a couple weeks from now… Go Andy! And Cadel! And Ryder! Okay, I guess I can wait until it actually gets going. It’s gonna be amazing on the new TV.

October 2, 2010

Influence Meme

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Influence Meme

filled in Sep 30, ’10


Okay, I saw this on the True Magic art blog and had to fill it in.

L-R, top-bottom, in no particular order of influence:

True Magic itself. It is a lovely, lovely webcomic, and was one of the first to introduce me to the concept of webcomic. Its self-proclaimed ABC’s (Adventure, Bishounen, Comedy) was a perfect combo and Gauth (pictured) is for me the quintessential Man of Mystery.

Norouet: a French-Canadian traditional band. I love listening to their music and it is hugely inspiring, whether it’s of images of wild, unearthly elven dancing, or just to get me the energy to write and draw.

Fire Emblem: how I learned to draw anime was by tracing these guys. A long, long time ago. Also the story of FE7 is really fantastic; it was like nothing I’d ever read or played before. It was deep. …Back then.

Winter Harp: my favourite music for writing. Very medieval sounding, with harps! Perfect for the majority of my writing projects.

Music, particularly Organs: MUSIC IS MY LIFE. In case you didn’t get that already. It’s where about 75% of my inspiration comes from, for characters, events, plots, cultures, anything you can think of.

Star Wars: Heehee. Heroes and villains!

British Columbia, Canada: Gorgeous scenery. It underlies all the Adhemlenei, even though it’s probably subconscious still at this point.

Miyazaki: anime, but not over the top, with deep stories and occasionally very pretty guys. ^_^

LinT: the second webcomic I ever read. I love Colby’s style, which is an odd blend of other stuff, but it comes across very well. Also her story is both funny and dramatic.

Awkward Zombie: hilarious expressions. Nuff said.

Legend of Zelda: elves! Quests! Sacred swords and objects and things! Quests! Elves!

Professor Tolkien: of course he gets the 3×3. His amazing world both broad and deep and filled with characters and races and quests and swords and light and dark is, of course, the inspiration for modern fantasy everywhere. As opposed to archaic fantasy, which is legends and myths. But legends and myths… just aren’t the same as when you put it all together in a whole world. It’s breathtaking what this one man did.

There’s all kinds of things I’ve left out, like my Dad’s big influence, some of my friends, Bruce Lee, my piano teachers… I might have said it before, but actually EVERYTHING is an influence on my world, if not my art. Everything can be taken and integrated somehow. My art… kind of grew on its own, really. But if I kept to the literal influences on my visual art, I don’t think this chart would be so interesting. So you get some tenuous connections. But I think it’s worth it.

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