Rana of Hyrule

Race: Hylian
Gender: Female
Age: 10 in the first part of Timeless Ocarina; 20 in In the Shadows Beyond This World
Date of Birth: she doesn’t know (two years before Link, summer-ish)
Place of Origin: she doesn’t know (Hyrule)
Height: 5’6″
Weight:115 lbs
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: green
Voice type: Soprano
Occupation: swordswoman
Sidekick: Naeri, a Kokiri fairy
Nickname(s): Kitten, Butterfly, Laughing One
Likes: her friends, giggling, playing around
Dislikes: Ganondorf, Ironknuckles
Main Instrument: ??
Theme Song(s): Dire Straits: Love Over Gold and also Kondo: Kokiri Forest Theme
Favourite colour: blue
Favourite food: Malon’s shortbread cookies!

Biography: A tiny baby was found in Kokiri Forest two years after the Great War in which Ganondorf invaded Hyrule. No one knows where she came from or who her parents where, if she even had any. The Kokiri child who found her thought she might be a new Kokiri, so he brought her to the Great Deku Tree. The Tree knew that the child was no Kokiri, but took her in and gave her a fairy the same as all the other Kokiri children. Her fairy’s name was Naeri. Given the name Rana by Saria, the unofficial spiritual leader of the Kokiri, the baby grew into a plump, awkward girl who loved nothing more than to hang around with her friends Saria and Link, another mysterious infant discovered on the edge of the forest – and without a fairy, even as he turned twelve. She greatly admired both Saria and Link, and often wished to be wise and kind like Saria, such as she was in her childlike way, or to be clever and strong and brave, like Link.

When the Great Deku Tree was poisoned, one of the Wise Brothers found her a weapon so she could accompany Link as he began his quest. She assisted him throughout his trials to gather the Three Spiritual Stones, gaining skills and confidence, and never afraid while Link was near. After Link drew the Master Sword and vanished, she went on training as a swordswoman, and was assisted in this by the enigmatic boy Sheik, and his trainer Impa. Her plumpness vanished as she began to grow up, and she became slim and wiry, wielding a slim sword with great dexterity. She was good friends with Malon, the daughter of Talon of Lon Lon Ranch, and Shoza, a Zora of Zora’s Domain, and Little Link the son of the Goron Elder Darunia, and Saria. Her relationship with the other Kokiri became strained when it became obvious she was Hylian, not Kokiri. When she was fifteen, she disappeared mysteriously. Later, Link discovered that she had been captured by Ironknuckles in Kokiri Forest and taken to Hyrule Castle Town to serve Ganondorf as a slave. While she was there, she gradually forgot what it was like to be free, and her overriding emotion became hatred for her overseers. When Link found her again, she was half mad and her posture was terrible.

Healing her over the next week, Link found himself attracted to her, and she to him. Though they probably were not truly in love, they believed they were, though he was more of a stranger to her since she hadn’t seen him in seven years. She was fascinated by him, his strength, his goodness, his still-childlike clear view of the world. They went together to fight Ganondorf and rescue Princess Zelda, who was revealed to be Sheik. When Ganon, the master of Ganondorf, appeared, Rana helped Link to fight him but fell unconscious from injuries. She woke up long enough to say goodbye to Link, and then passed out again. Link was whisked away back in time seven years, to continue his life where he left off, believing her dead. But the three Great Fairies came – to meet Zelda – and restored her to health not five minutes after he had gone.

The Goddesses also came to meet with Zelda, and with her recommendations, reshaped the land of Hyrule. Rana went to live in the new Hyrule Castle, built as a bigger, more splendid copy of the old. She and Zelda became fast friends. When Zelda began having disturbing dreams again, she sent Rana away. Rana escaped Hyrule Castle on her horse, Falone, just in time as Zant cast Twilight over the town. She was travelling through the Lost Woods to the recently-settled village of Ordon when she came across Link, unconscious in Ordon’s Spirit Pool…

Personality: Aside from her brief stint as a vengeful homicidal insane maniac during her imprisonment and slavery under Ganondorf’s Ironknuckles, Rana is a bright and cheerful soul, enjoying the silly in life and laughing as much as she can. Often purposefully innocent, naive, or clueless, she wants to believe the best of everyone and everything. She often acts more childish than she truly is, because she misses living among the Kokiri as she did in her childhood. Loves to provide gentle comic relief. Naeri is quieter, serving as Rana’s guide and to rein her in when she feels that her friend is straying too far into danger.


-Swordswoman. Rana is a fairly competent swordswoman, and more than capable of holding her own in a fight against up to three moderately difficult opponents.

-Innocent Empath. Rana’s innocent outlook draws others to her and inspires them. Often it is to protect her, which makes her disgruntled, and sometimes people dismiss her because they feel she is empty-headed, but most often she can connect easily with people.

-Acrobat. Years of training with Sheik and dodging the servants of Ganondorf have made Rana extremely agile and nimble

-Forest-wise. Years of living with the Kokiri and being tutored by Saria and the Great Deku Tree mean that the woods hold no surprises for Rana.


-Zora Tunic. Her favourite colour, blue.

-Sword. It’s a long, slim sword.

-Hair tie. She likes her hair back, out of her face.

-Falone. Her horse, earned from Malon after the reshaping of Hyrule, often stabled either at Hyrule Castle, Lon Lon Ranch, or the Lost Woods. Golden coloured.

Other pictures of Rana: here.