Race: Sindarin
Gender: Female
Age: about 1,600 years old, give or take
Date of Birth: sometime during the Third Age of Middle Earth
Place of Origin: Mirkwood
Height: 5’6″
Weight:118 lbs
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Voice type: Soprano
Occupation: singer, dancer, daughter, sister, wife
Nickname(s): Illinia
Likes: singing, dancing, her family, peace, the forest, her husband, rain, stars, festivals
Dislikes: Sauron!! Giant spiders, mean people
Main Instrument: voice, also harp and cello.
Modern Theme Song: Enya: Carribean Blue, Evacuee, Book of Days, Moody Blues: I Know You’re Out There Somewhere
Favourite colour: red

Biography: Esgalwen has been decidedly private about her life, but the gist of it is that she was born in Mirkwood and lived there most of her life… She had two sisters, an elder and a younger, and an older brother whom she calls Hano and who serves in the archers under Legolas. Her elder sister is a placid poet, and the younger sister is a bundle of mischief. Esgalwen met her husband around the time thirteen dwarves and a hobbit passed through the Wood-elf realm, just after the triumphant return of the warriors from the Battle of Five Armies, in fact. They were married only a few years later and were dearly devoted to each other. Her husband went off to war in the War of the Ring, and she stayed at home, lonely, until things began to come to a head. Then she set off by herself to follow her husband. Eventually she found him, after the war had ended, and they went to Minas Tirith.

Non-canon adventures: Since the War of the Ring, her husband sailed into the West, but did not return and sent no word. Esgalwen set out, on her own again, to find him and has been travelling ever since. She has found traces of her husband in the lands she’s visited, especially that he has taken the name Mithlas, so she knows he did not reach Valinor, but she has not been able to catch up to him. A tall, black-haired elf gave her the name Illinia while he travelled with her, and she has taken this name as her own, thinking it better than to give her own name and origin.

Personality: Esgalwen is terribly shy; her name, Hidden Maiden, reflects this. She loves dancing in a big group, however, and loses all physical shyness while dancing. She can be flirtatious, though never seriously. She also loves singing, but prefers to do it either with her elder sister beside her or safely nestled away in the branches above her tree-home, and she especially loves singing to the moon. She is wholly playful around those she trusts; ‘merry as a child’, to misquote Samwise Gamgee. Very loving, she is deeply sympathetic when those around her are unhappy. She is easily intimidated, but when pushed too far will fight back with all of her strength.


-Elven archer: Esgalwen took archery lessons as a hobby when she was a child, and this is her best war-like skill. She uses it only in self-defence, however.

-singer: Esgalwen’s voice is one of her chief assets, and she loves singing. In certain festivals in which elves sit in trees and sing to the moon, she is often chosen as the main soloist.


-Esgalwen’s Necklace: a small silver locket. She keeps it tucked inside the front of her dress, and never lets anyone look at it. Speculation has it that there is a tiny portrait of her husband and her inside it.

-dagger: a small dagger for defence. Once she killed a giant spider with it as it attacked her treehouse in Mirkwood.

-bow and arrows: one can’t truly be an archer without something to shoot with!

Other pictures of Esgalwen: here.