Nieril Flaria Flaeril sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Princess Noble-Maiden Valiantsdaughter of Moon-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Female (kalla)
Age: 2,649,982, or about 50 years younger than Flairé
Date of Birth: 3721 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Lilemlen
Height: 7′
Weight:110 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Voice type: Soprano
Occupation: Home-base support
Likes: Staying at home, flatlands, flowers
Dislikes: mountain climbing, gore, unco-operative patients
Main Instrument: cello and/or guitar
Modern Theme Song: Kiki’s Delivery Service soundtrack, Caramelldansen
Favourite colour: yellow

Biography: Flaria is the second child and only daughter of Flaer and Zela. She grew up to be very close to her older brother Flairé, and they make a formidable musical team, among other things, although they bicker a lot. She was briefly involved in the quest for the Phoenix, flying with Griffon Commanders Firestorm and Sunspot to warn her mother and brothers of a trap, which marks really her only real adventure in all the war (as far as is yet known). Otherwise, she stayed at ‘home’, wherever that happened to be, and kept it neat and comfortable, healing the injured who came back, and mending Flairé’s clothes and cloak whenever he happened to tear them. Today, she is active as a wanderer and helper in the world, less so than Flairé, but more so than her parents.


Personality: Flaria is sweet, gracious, and retiring – when she’s playing hostess. In her own domain (her chambers or the garden) she is confident and even bossy, making pert remarks to those who get in her way. She can be stubborn, and will quarrel with her elder brother on just about anything, although affectionately. Besides Flairé, who is pretty much her best friend, she rarely fights with anyone but will go and quietly do what she believes is right without bothering or confronting those who would stop her. She rarely goes on quests, though Zela made sure to train her in the use of weaponry, and despite her latent courage, she has no wish but to stay at home and keep things in order. She acts (s)motheringly to her younger brothers, fussing over them whenever they will let her. She flirts with many boys, and swoons over those with a large vocabulary, but it is little known now that she once had a relationship with a kalma known only now as ‘Moonboy’ and would have married him…



-Healer: Flaria is a patient and knowledgable healer.

-Needlewoman: Flaria can work wonders with a needle and thread and a little time. She embroidered the elaborate multi-coloured phoenix on the back of Flairé’s black velvet cloak.



-Flaria’s Dress: Flaria does own a green tunic like her mother, father, and elder brother, but she rarely uses it as she rarely goes a-questing. Instead, she wears a plain, long dress in a solid colour with a full, swishy skirt.


Other pictures of Flaria: here.