Ceniro of Santaruz (pronounced ‘keh-NEER-oh’)

Race: human
Gender: Male
Age: 19 during first half of Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, 20 during second half
Date of Birth: June 16, 956 after The Scouring
Place of Origin: born Araphen, raised Santaruz
Height: 5′5″
Weight: 127 lbs
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: light grey
Voice type: Tenor
Occupation: tactician
Sidekick: none
Nickname(s): “Genius”
Likes: Pretty views, his friends, his sister, flowers, riding horses (fun! but scary), watching Pegasus Knights fly in formation, successfully surmounting an obstacle, watching Lowen lecture on food, traveling. Favourite countries: Lycia, Etruria, Ilia (the ones with the most pretty views).
Dislikes: loud noises, headaches, overly-gory battles, near-death situations, making mistakes, hostages, the flu, bandits, dunked in cold water while sleepy, Nergal.
Main Instrument: None
Theme Song(s): Xenoblade Chronicles: You Will Know Our Names
Favourite colour: green
Favourite food: really good bread, particularly the focacia bread of Kafti, when he can get it.

Biography: Ceniro was born to Caro son of Conrad, a carpenter in the territory of Araphen in the country of Lycia on the continent of Elibe. His mother’s name is Patsi, daughter of Hofman. He had an older sister, Anlie, two years older than him, and a younger brother, Drew, five years younger. Ceniro never knew his grandparents as his family moved to the territory of Santaruz when he was two years old. When he was seven, he began attending elementary school in the next village over, on the Pherae/Santaruz border, with Anlie, until he was thirteen. He slept in the school loft during the week and visited his family on weekends. He spent much of his time reading, being awkward around girls, and avoiding the bigger boys who would try to beat him up.

When he was fifteen, he won a scholarship to study academics further in Ostia, ruling territory of Lycia. Despite the protests of his outraged mother, who wanted her children not to stray so far from home, Ceniro left Santaruz and went to the College of Ostia, taking, among other things, Preliminary Studies in Battlefield Tactics, taught by Sir Venedan. It became his favourite class, and when he rose to the head of the class, Sir Venedan introduced him to Lord Garlent of Ositern, a county of Ostia. For the next two years, Ceniro was Garlent’s apprentice, absorbing the study of tactics as fast as he could. He gained a rival, Sir Milton, who was jealous of Ceniro’s standing as Garlent’s star pupil despite his peasant upbringings, but Ceniro made a friend in his other fellow student, Renee.

After two years, when Ceniro was eighteen, Lord Garlent sent him on his way, saying that he had learned all that he could. Ceniro first returned home, but his brother Drew, who wished to become a knight, was apathetic at his return, and his mother Patsi was outright furious that he had spent his time studying tactics instead of something more practical. His father Caro was pleased to see him, if he expressed it quietly, and his sister was overjoyed. But after such a huge fight with his mother, Ceniro did not stay long and set off for the territory Tuscana on what would become his life’s journey across Elibe. He earned his food doing odd jobs in small villages around Lycia, seeing all the sights he could find as he wandered rather aimlessly through the country. Eventually he ended up in Etruria, the country to the north of Lycia, and did the same there. No one would hire an untested teen-aged tactician, and Ceniro had not gone the way of most tacticians from Ostia – straight into the Ostian military, where promotion was swift and reputations grew easily. That life simply did not appeal to him. He was wandering Sacae when he met Lyn, the last daughter of the Lorca tribe, and agreed to let her journey with him.

Lyn and Ceniro soon ran into a pair of knights in Bulgar, the capital of Sacae, who informed Lyn that she was the daughter of the Marquess of Caelin, another territory in Lycia. Ceniro found himself involved in his first real job as he accompanied Lyn, the knights Kent and Sain, and a steadily growing band of travelers all bound together for Caelin to stop her grand-uncle from usurping her grandfather’s throne. While on this journey, Ceniro fell in love with Lyn, but still left to continue his travels after the happy resolution of her quest.

First, he travelled back to Eturia, now armed with some semblance of a reputation…

Personality: Ceniro is a quiet and compassionate young man. He is friendly when not intimidated and makes friends fairly easily. He will end up talking to people in a familiar fashion, forgetting honorifics in a tactics-focused absent-mindedness, and most nobles he’s encountered hate him for it, even though he doesn’t mean to be rude. He finds it difficult to deal with antagonism and often ends up trying to physically hide behind the closest sympathetic ally, though he is less obvious about it than Florina. Argumentative people irritate him, and he simply doesn’t know what to do with evil, cruel, wicked, or misguided people. However, he has patience nearly the equal of Lord Eliwood of Pherae. He’s also tremendously awkward around attractive women, although being with Lyn has helped him with this considerably.

He has wanderlust, and simply cannot stay in one place for long as he always wonders what’s beyond the next bend in the road. He adores beautiful sights, which is what drives him onward, since practically the whole continent is beautiful, both natural and constructed locations. On his own, he is carefree, not knowing where his next meal will come from, and not particularly caring until the second day without food, and sleeping wrapped in his cloak under the sky in all kinds of weather… He does keep himself clean and always brushes his hair when he wakes. But when he is with other people, he is very organized and thoughtful, and tries very hard to make sure everything runs smoothly. He is also quick to blame himself for failures and shortcomings, believing himself capable of handling everything circumstance throws at him and becomes upset with himself when fate tells him he’s only human, even when circumstances were truly beyond his control.


– Tactician: Ceniro has a brilliant mind for strategy and, with familiarity with his forces, will quickly outsmart most generals.

-Loss-less: In a straight up battle, Ceniro never loses a unit.


-Staff: a sturdy wooden staff. Used for climbing mountains and defending against bandits.

-Farseer: Ceniro’s most precious item, a present from a pleased employer. A magic device that shows Ceniro the surrounding terrain and units. Also allows him to converse with allies from a distance.

Other pictures of Ceniro: here.