May 23, 2012

Zela WIP

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Zela WIP

May 23, ’12


Working on a picture of Zela, using one of these references! <3

June 25, 2011

10 Character Meme

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10 Character meme

drawn June 24-25, ’11


Click for insanity. Yeah, I kinda ran out of inspiration at the end… and one of the words is maybe not wholly PG, but some of them are not too bad. I like the one of Math defending me from EbilTam. Also the one where Flairé has to marry someone came out pretty much how I wanted it too, but the one of Flairé and Marteth camping I wish I’d been able to do better. Maybe I’ll just do it as a picture sometime.

So that’s what I’ve been doing instead of writing or anything useful.

If any of the panels aren’t clear, let me know so I can make it clear. : P

Bit of clarification anyway… Layalin isn’t joking when she says she’s going to die too – kalmaeirin elves have a heart condition that means they can literally break their hearts when they lose someone particularly dear to them. Of course, it would not be the fault of a car crash. : P

10 characters for a meme

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10 characters for a meme

drawn June 24, ’11


Working on the hilarious 10 character meme. You can probably guess at the answers if you know it already… but they might not be what you expect! I thought some of these turned out rather well. Probably stolen from Colby, but it’s been so long I’ve forgotten. I only just got around to it. : P

Also editting Chapter 2 of the novel. Split it into two chapters, so Tam’s moment of glory is now in Chapter 3. Chapter 2 is still veeeery rough. Not happy with most of it. I may need to chop it out and rewrite it by itself a few times. Wondering how Chapter 3 will go, since I’ve never written it before. Flaer made a long internal monologue about how useless anger is… and then flips out at a dragon for being stupid. What a silly boy.

What else? Um, not much. Obsessing unhealthily over my DevArt. Added like five bazillion pictures to my favourites. Guess I should add more of my own stuff. I think I will stick to colour stuff, because the pencil stuff is not so impressive. More or less. If there’s something on Adhemlenei you think I should post on DevArt, tell me. : P

Also dug up my Tour links again in preparation for a couple weeks from now… Go Andy! And Cadel! And Ryder! Okay, I guess I can wait until it actually gets going. It’s gonna be amazing on the new TV.

June 18, 2011


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painted June 17-18, ’11


Hmm. I like these little 400×400 paintings, and it’s been a while since I did Zela. So I did her. Not bad.

Maybe I’ll use it on her profile page.

EDIT: While editing her profile page, I have come to the conclusion that she is bi-polar. Or something.

May 20, 2011

Sims 3 screenshot dump 4

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This is is just for Zela and Flaer, mah favourite couple evarrrrr. <3

See? They are the cutest.


January 8, 2011

New Family

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New Family

drawn Jan 4-8 ’11


Um. Yeah! Anyway it has Baby!Flairé so everything’s good, right?

Yeah I dunno.

Gotta go finish cleaning. Whoo.

I just had the best idea for practicing drawing cats and dogs and wolves and things! Make them… lycanthropic (?) versions of Adhemlenei people! Like, Marteth is a wolf, Gullac is a terrier (a deadly terrier… hmmm…) and Zela is a mountain lion! Flairé’s a big doggie. And a kitty at the same time. Hmmmmmmmm…

October 5, 2010

Stars and Midnight Blue II

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"You have lost yourself in dreaming... I have lost myself in you... ...I can hear your heartbeat..."

"You have lost yourself in dreaming... I have lost myself in you... ...I can hear your heartbeat..."

Stars and Midnight Blue II

drawn Sep 23, ’10


I was listening to Stars and Midnight Blue by Enya on her Christmas CD again… seems everytime I listen to it I get the urge to draw a new picture. So here you are, Flaer and Zela watching the stars and their breath in the cold air… and Zela’s wearing a sleeveless dress. : P What kin ya do.

I like drawing these two. I should do it more.

October 3, 2010

Technical Difficulties

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Oops! Due to strange circumstances, there is no page this week. However, Eros and Psyche will be continuing as normal because I have a buffer and blah blah blah.

Flairé was not (badly) harmed in the making of this page. Panel. Thing. …He’ll recover. Eventually. And Math and Gullac are taking care of him.


September 5, 2010

Chibi chibi

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drawn Sep 5-6, ’10


Ctrl+J is fab.

Tweaks coming tomorrow. And additions.

Can YOU name everyone here?

EDIT: Check the characters page! It is now covered in chibis. Except for the last four characters (Evylyin+Dymunde, Lyra, Lakia, and Cassandra) because I don’t consider them important enough. Comment if you disagree.

And I found a way that’s easier than Ctrl+J to make transparencies. lol.

EDIT 2: I tweaked a few of the chibis on the character page. Marteth’s head looks a little less like a football (still not ideal, though), Anne’s wing is the proper size, Jalril’s eyes are golden, and a few other colour changes. Cheers!

June 22, 2010

Mini Sketches

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Brightly coloured faces!

Brightly coloured faces!

And then there's Joe.
And then there’s Joe.

Mini Sketches
drawn between Sep 9, ’09 and Mar 1, ’10

Hi! This is a small, brightly coloured, neatly arranged sample of sketches that I accomplished at school or related to school, as these are on mini-flashcards. The blue and green ones are on Latin flashcards; the pink ones are when I decided to devote a whole pack of these to drawing – they come on a handy ring, even.

So! From the top is Flairé, asking if I’m going to put his name in Latin (Flaireus?) and then a random and really bad sketch of Fiora the pegasus knight from FE7, and then Zela, moody and broody as usual, with a list of descriptive terms on the back, which I shan’t list here as we know them already, then Rana (cover of part 2 of the Latin, with her name declined in singular), and then Tam is the cover of the random sketchies (he’s a little skinny, but I’m actually quite pleased with him!) and then a dramatic picture of Flaer (woooot luv ya buddy) and then Menad, smiling to show the dimples (a new development when I drew that) and with one of his two dogs, and then Bayn and Lyrestan to try to show the difference between them (fail), and then someone who could be Mathaning.

And then Joe the elf. Oh my.

I built my dream house in Sims3! There are no musical instruments besides the guitar, and I want to put an organ in, so I just put the biggest sound system they had and called it even. But you should see my brother’s ridiculous house. It’s… ridiculous. It’s five stories and he lives alone. The first floor and a half are all that are furnished at the moment. The bottom floor is for parties. So there’s a kitchen big enough to feed an army (appropriate, considering the guy is in the military). The cabinets cost a ridiculous amount alone. And he lives upstairs with his cheapo furniture scattered haphazardly across the unfinished space. He works one day a week as an astronaut and then paints the rest of the time.

I LOVE ORGAN in case you didn’t receive that sentiment yet. I had a lesson yesterday, and although the Duruflé sounded like crap the ending was pretty glorious crap. FULL ORGAN. Wow, I get an adrenaline rush just thinking about it. Also, the Alix Goolden organ has a working console. AWESOME.

I use too many caps.

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