August 2, 2008

Marth and Sheeda II

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Marth and Sheeda II
drawn April 11-12, ’07
posted Aug 2, 2008
fireflykayakiconThe final sketch of yesterday’s picture. Marth’s face didn’t turn out so well as in the practice (isn’t it how that always is…) but if you want to see the little bit of it that I coloured – last month – here it is! The colours I was going to use were… Marth in his usual blue tunic, Sheeda in her usual red dress, Marth lying on a red blanket, and Sheeda lying on a wierd blue cloak thing with fluttery bits all over it. And then a green strip of grass in the middle.

Yay for blueheads? (more…)

July 30, 2008

Marth and Sheeda

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Marth and Sheeda
drawn April 6, ’07
posted July 30, 2008
sangbactdanceiconThis is a practice sketch of Marth and Sheeda lying on cloaks on a grassy lawn. They are not naked… I just left the clothes out of the picture. But they’re not naked.

This was going to be practice for a site redesign, but I decided not to use Marth and Sheeda mainly because they’re from Fire Emblem, which is a franchise not owned by me! So, while I was planning to do a graphic redesign for the whole site for whenever I posted the next picture (which might have been tomorrow!) I decided not to. I know you must be getting rather bored of this one after two years, and since I didn’t hook it up to a CSS it might take me a while to fix (and since I’m using Netscape Composer from Netscape 7 the HTML is all wonky so it really might take me a while to fix!) However, fear not! I’ll do it someday. Until then, I will try to work behind the scenes and secretly fix everything offline so I can put up Elfinessé2.0 all at once. (more…)

November 17, 2007

Marth Comic Page 11

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Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 11

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 11

Marth Manga pg 11
drawn Nov 4, ’06
posted for Nov 17, 2007
rinakoavatarWhoo! The Marth Manga is finished!

I told you I can’t draw kissing that works.

Art contest! Take a look! Deadline extended to Dec 24!

October 30, 2007

Marth Comic Page 10

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Page 9      Page 11
Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 10

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 10

Marth Manga pg 10
drawn Sep 25-26, ’06
posted for Oct 30, 2007
esgalwenavatarThis is quite a good page, despite its obvious drawbacks. Yes, I know you’re saying: what kind of comment is that?!? It’s the way I think. I found the Japanese quotes from a GameSpot FAQ.

The translation is:


Kyou mo ikinobiru koto ga dekita
Today, I have survived.

Kurushii tatakai datta
It was a tough battle.

Their other quotes sound so like them! I wish I were Japanese and had been able to experience them in all their original Fire Emblem glory! Oh, well. They’ll be around again sometime.

Just one more page of this thing!

Art contest! Take a look! Deadline Dec 1! I forgot to add prizes, but they’re here now!

October 20, 2007

Marth Comic Page 9

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Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 9

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 9

Marth Manga pg 9
drawn Aug 26, ’06
posted for Oct 20, 2007
zelaavatarsm2This story is almost done! Hooray! It finishes with the end of this big sketchbook. On this page, I started getting a little smarter about the words. I just drew the pictures. LinT must have been inspiring me! So the words have been 100% added in Photoshop. Marth look incredibly stupid in frame 9. But I like frame 6, marthmangapg9detail and also frame 4 isn’t bad but it was drawn about a month later. And that’s quite possibly the best kissing scene I’ve ever drawn, since they aren’t actually kissing.

So far today, I watched my brother play Lego Star Wars II and the beginning of Star Wars Ep III (up to the part where they crash on the runway). The beginning of that movie is really brilliant. If only it were done with X-wings and TIE fighters, and Mon Cal cruisers and Impstars, and if ONLY HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN WERE A BETTER ACTOR, and one or two fewer dumb one-liners, then it would be Star Wars perfection incarnate.

But so much for my resolution to be a good student and practice at 9 in the morning like some people. Okay, so they go to orchestra rehearsal. That doesn’t change the fact that they’re practicing. But, I am planning to do piano after I’m done here, and then go on a walk around the golf course in the first time since school started, and then I’m going to finish theory homework and start on history homework!

Art contest! Take a look!

September 15, 2007

Marth Comic Page 8

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Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 8

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 8

Marth Manga pg 8
drawn May 25-26, finished June 5, ’06
posted for Sep 15, 2007
crownstarsiconOoh, now this page is cooler than the last one. Marth in frame 4 notwithstanding, the first, second, and last frames are pretty good. Yep. Especially the last one. And more action commences.

The race music from the Reivers Suite really makes you sit up!

And I finally put up all the pictures from the last week. Go me. Blah.

Well, I finished Decline and Fall at about lunchtime! Time for the next book! Oh, right, what I thought of it. I think I liked it best at the beginning, since the bad things hadn’t started piling up. The guy’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Margot is manipulative, and it’s certainly British satire, and the first thing I thought when I finished the last page was “Wierd” even though I hadn’t thought that all the way through. And, yes, I read it in order! My favourite part, of course, is when Peter “pulled out the vox humana and played Pop Goes the Weasel“. Yesss.

Oh, I am a nerdy organ student. Even though I’m a pianist.

September 14, 2007

Marth Comic Page 7

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Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 7

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 7

Marth Manga pg 7
drawn May 25, ’06
posted for Sep 14, 2007
wilflorinaiconYay! Another page of Weak Arm, Strong Heart! I really, really like Marth’s face in frame 4. The rest is not the greatest, but it’s okay. And it’s fighting, too. I find it hard to do fight scenes. Good thing with SSBM as the source I can use their predeveloped arsenal of moves. Although I’m not sure what Sheeda’s doing. I guess it’s easier to do cool lady-spearfighter moves than even sword fighting. Maybe. I’m not sure. And she looks retarded in the second to last panel. Ow, they’re taking a lot of damage. Will they be defeated??? (more…)

August 1, 2007

Marth Comic Page 6

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Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 6

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 6

Marth Manga pg 6
drawn Feb 11, ’06
posted for Aug 1, 2007
woodelvesiconI’m baaaaaaack! (more…)

July 6, 2007

Marth Comic Page 5

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Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 5

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 5

Marth Manga Page 5
drawn Oct 18-May 19, ’05
posted for July 6, 2007
firetempleavatarOoh, and Marth returns in glory! As you can see, only about half the Smashers are pleased with that. And the kid is just some random announcer guy. He’s not the guy who talks during the game, he’s a different guy. The guy who says stuff like “Success!” and “Failure…” is a grown-up.

The text reads:
Sheeda: And when we come back, I’ll help you trounce your ill-wishers with a Brave Lance. If they can’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve to know you.
Two months later…
Announcer-kid: And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have, returning from his vacation in his homeland of Altea, PRINCE MARTH! Accompanied by his fiancé… PRINCESS SHEEDA OF TALIS!!! (more…)

July 5, 2007

Marth Comic Page 4

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Page 3      Page 5
Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 4

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 4

Marth Manga Page 4
drawn Oct 18, ’05
posted for July 5, 2007
marthmovesiconWhoa! That mysterious voice at the end of page 3 was Sheeda?!? How did she get there so quickly? Teleportation, I guess. Now poor old Marth really loses it. And that’s a looooooooooooooooooot of text. I’ll fix it in the colour version.

Thursday I took Kevin up Mount Douglas, and I was super tired, and Kevin had lots of energy until we were at the bottom again and then we were both tired. And I slipped and got covered in dust and cut my hand. So much for ‘sparrow-girl’.

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