July 29, 2013

In the Shadows Beyond This World: Epilogue

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Well. That’s that. Thanks for reading!

This story clocked in at 129,360 words, or at least that’s how many words I wrote on it since July 2, easily making it the longest thing I’ve ever written, certainly the longest thing I’ve written in one month to this date. Although this epilogue could have been longer, but I ran out of ‘feeling like doing dialogue’ halfway through, even though the dialogue at the beginning was okay. : P Maybe I’ll go rewrite that part later.

Now to do some other projects… to list them, I have:

– 6 pianos arrangements

– A collaborative writing project with Rose, Jenna, Yllamse, and Gaby

– Drawing! Especially art for the games I’m making, and learning how to draw humans in proper perspective, and fanart of whatever I feel like (ZELDAZELDAZELDA)

– Using RPG Maker to make a Fire Emblem game

– Possibly working on my two remaining Fire Emblem 7 novels

– NOT making plans to write a story about the Hero who fought the Shadow Tribe and broke the Fused Shadow at the cost of his own life… darnit…


July 27, 2013

In the Shadows Beyond This World: Chapter 21: Triforce of Power

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In yo’ face, Ganondorf!

Hope you enjoyed. Still an epilogue coming up.

A side note: whenever I clicked on ‘add link’ here in the post creation screen… I giggled. I admit it.

This chapter felt… repetitive. I was so anxious to fit in all the dramatic lines that I think some points were kind of hammered in. And the Franz didn’t get the kick-butt speech that I wanted him to, because I forgot what it was about. It was something about unity, anyway.


July 25, 2013

In the Shadows Beyond This World: Chapter 20: Storming the Castle

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Omg dramaaaaaa. Drama llama!

Who else was beginning to find King Bulbin kind of cute after he revealed that he wasn’t just a mindless monster after all? : D

So I wasn’t really feeling these boss fights. I think partly because I want them to be really good, so I wasn’t sure about what to put to make it ‘really good’. After all, we’ve been waiting the whole story for these fights!

Stole some dialogue from Wind Waker. It’s good dialogue.

The music when Midna makes her move is just so heartbreaking… The track is only a few seconds long, but it is such a perfect background for the action. Also I kind of like the weird ‘tribal’ music for Gannon, heehee.


In the Shadows Beyond This World: Chapter 19: Twilight Helm

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Yeah, things are really picking up! Two more chapters to go, and an epilogue! I’ll be done by tomorrow!

Obviously, it has been spelled out that the Hero from the past is Link from LttP. He also happens to be, in this headcanon, the Link from Four Swords and Minish Cap and the Oracle games. …I haven’t played Minish Cap. But I’ve played Oracle of Ages, and I have both Oracle mangas (whooo Raven is hot whooo), and I don’t think it’s too farfetched to stitch all these together into one boy. One extra note, which I may have mentioned before… That Link married Zelda, so I totally support Zelink here, for you Zelink shippers. : )

Speaking of shipping, I have the idea that Midna and Zant are cousins, and one of the inappropriate things that he did was attempt to court her. : P

I only started using RPG Maker a week ago, and I’ve already logged 60 hours on it. o_O Of course, at least an hour or two of that was just listening to the music, but still! The next longest playtime I have on a Steam game is KotOR II with 50 hours, and that’s because KotOR II is ridiculously long. Wow.


July 24, 2013

In the Shadows Beyond This World: Chapter 17: The Sky’s Loft

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So I have no idea what on earth came over Franz at the beginning of this chapter. If it sounds like it was written in a state of still-sleep-deprived insanity, it probably was.

Also Link’s parents just decided they should be important. Although I’m not sure when his mother is showing up. In person, I mean.

I totally support Shad/Ashei. : )

This chapter turned out to be unexpectedly long. Good thing I skipped 95% of the dungeon!


July 23, 2013

In the Shadows Beyond This World: Chapter 16: The Ancients

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How to lose weight fast! Want to lose 5 lbs in 5 days? Just get RPG Maker (which was 50% off on Steam a week ago) and you’ll never want to do anything else again, including eat and sleep!

But I finished this chapter, although it is not as good as I would like. I really wasn’t sure where it was going. For some reason my outline seems more dynamic than the story itself.

Not sure how to show Rana, since I don’t want her to either take over the story or be annoying, and also Link’s supposed to be kind of oblivious to what she’s actually feeling. For now, at least. It was fun to write Impa and Darunia, though! (Impa, stop throwing tantrums.) And now we get to find out where they’ve been, and Shoza, too. I keep forgetting what things Link already knows, though. Like… “has he figured out Ganondorf was behind everything yet?” or “does he know about Ruto?” both of which were answered a couple chapters ago. : P

It might be helpful to know that Love Over Gold by Dire Straits is Rana’s theme song. : ) Also I think she’s going to have a ‘snap back to her true being’ moment sometime soon, because girl needs it, yo. (more…)

July 17, 2013

In the Shadows Beyond This World: Chapter 14: It’s Always Spiders

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Yay, another chapter! This one might be slightly shorter. I left out most of the temple. Because.

I have so many characters I can’t fit them all comfortably in the screen. Seriously. I guess that means I’m too unfocused, and I should be writing more about Link and what he’s thinking and feeling. But… Saria! and Midna! and Franz! and Navi! These people are all important! And Rana, too, I guess. Lol j/k I like her too. She’s going through a difficult spot, but she seems to be getting better. We’ll see how things end up by the final chapter. Can’t wait for it! (and continued apologies to people who anti-ship Link/OC. I don’t mind other ships, just this story happens to be a Link/OC ship.)

“And fun was had by all” is possibly the most OOC line in this whole story, but it’s also one of the ones I’ve enjoyed writing the most so far. Heh.

I gave Franz his magic whistle in character development, but now it just seems like an excuse for Link to be lazy. To which I say, lol, why not.

It is stupidly hot in here. Agh. I didn’t go anywhere all day and I am happy with this decision. I did read the Portal 2: The Final Hours thingy, and it was pretty cool. : )


July 16, 2013

In the Shadows Beyond This World: Chapter 13: Frostbite

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Gah, another chapter that took forever. Mostly because I was putting off the awkward conversations. This chapter is pretty huge. I’m feeling a real urge to go and do other things instead of write. Come on, write, darnit! Not going to get to the end if I stop in the middle!

Also yeah Rana probably should be dead, but this is my story so I say she isn’t. Except it always bothers me when writers do that, expose their characters to heat or cold and expect them to survive normally. Bah. So I guess that means I hate my writing?

Going to try to finish another chapter anyway, despite this ridiculous heat. Ughhhhh. And I still haven’t drawn Franz yet.


July 11, 2013

In the Shadows Beyond This World: Chapter 8: Bad Timing

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I wasn’t really feeling the fights at the beginning of this chapter, so they’re kind of lame. : / But I had some fun trying to reconcile OoT Hyrule and TP Hyrule. Also I may have to increase my target word count because I am so not even half-way through and I’m already almost at 50,000. Pretty sure this story is going to come in at 100,000+ words. That would be interesting. I don’t think I’ve had a story so long before. Not that long stories are better, but I’m not writing this story to be concise. I went into it thinking ‘this time, I’m just going to write as much as I want to about side characters and stuff’. There’s still more action in it than I thought there would be, and I’m still not fully loose and writing without feeling boundaries on how much rambling is appropriate. Which is probably good for you guys. XD

Next chapter is for Franz! Whoo!

I went for another run today. I’m pretty sure that what I’m going through right now is the opposite of depression. Like, in the winter I get Seasonal Affective Disorder, and this last winter I had extra issues that made life difficult, and I couldn’t do very much on my own. Well, now I’m doing things (on my own, even) and feeling… not always happy, but positive. I wonder if it’s caused by being solar-powered now that it’s summer and there’s more daylight, if this is a natural annual bio-rhythm thing, or if it’s something else that I don’t know about yet, or if it’s something that I’ve always had and am just becoming aware of it now that I can slow down and listen to it.

Kind of want to start drawing things again. So I can do fantastic fanart of all the things I am a fan of.

I really like this new band I’m listening to, Genticorum, and I really like the Zelda TP OST… I like Zelda music… I must acquire more of it. Legally, if at all possible. But that assumes I have money. I must acquire money (by making music!) so I can acquire more music. Yesssss.


July 10, 2013

In the Shadows Beyond This World: Chapter 7: Sick Zora

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Whoo! Today was eventful. I posted the last chapter, and then I went for a run, and it was great, and then I wrote the next chapter, and then I went to practice organ and found out that I’m rushing all through the fugue in my beloved Buxtehude C major, and now I’m back and just edited this last chapter. I really want to keep practicing organ. But I was sweating like a pig in that organ loft, which was still warm even though it was long past sunset. Man. But recording things really works in showing up things that aren’t right. So I’ll keep working on that!


So we’ll see how many chapters I write tomorrow. I didn’t get around to doing laundry, so I’ll have to do that tomorrow morning before I go on a run, hopefully a run with my friend, and then in the evening I am considering going back to the church and practicing some more even though it’s not my normal practice day. If I go late enough at night, no one will know or care. : )

I do want to keep writing. I wrote 12,000 words today, according to my Camp NaNoWriMo profile! Hee! If I do that much tomorrow, then I’ll have introduced Franz to the story! I’m excited for Franz. I keep adding characters, and Twilight Princess is already full of interesting characters! Just wait until the Resistance shows up! But anyway, in this chapter, Midna has some things to say, and Navi and Rana have some things to say back to her. o_O Goron Link also gets a cameo, heh. And can you guess what talisman Midna is talking about that protects against the Twilight? Here’s a hint… it’s not from Twilight Princess… it’s from a much earlier game! XD


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