August 31, 2011


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Have a Muila.

July 29, 2011


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painted July 27-29, ’11


At last, it is done. Mostly. I didn’t do anything special with the lighting or adding textures, but I may rethink that. Now that I’ve been zoomed in on her face for so long it doesn’t look right; there are proportions off. I did tweak the placement of her left eye, and that’s about all I can do for now without entirely redrawing it. Which I could do too. But… I wanted to try to make the existing lineart work if I could.

Or you could say I’m lazy. :P

Mmkay! I’m going to take a nap. I stayed up too late last night watching a friend show me LotROnline, and it looks awesome. I can live with all the made-up stuff, because Glorfindel is actually blonde, and the hobbits are adorable, and the world is really huge and really really beautifully done. As my friend said, they knew they were creating the game for LotR nerds, so it had to be good or else. : )

Then my plan is to practice piano, draw Commander Firestorm, and maybe Ryder. And get Flairé back up to speed on GW.

July 27, 2011

Different kinds of Muila

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Muila, greyscale marker


Muila, sharpies!


So! Here’s a bunch of Muilas for you. I think the greyscale one came out pretty good except for the hair which I would love to redo but am not sure how. I used my silver Sharpie on the second one, which is why the armour looks funny. Also I have no good skin-tone Sharpies. I should fix that.

The lighter part of the rainbow stripe is where I drew the colour blender, trying to figure out how it works. : P

Also! There are now Zela and Gullac stickers/magnets/keychains in the Zazzle store. I’ll be trying to put Muila on a few things, too.

July 26, 2011

Muila WIP

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Progress: July 26, ’11


Hi! Thought you might like to see this intermediate stage of one colouring of this picture. The hair is almost done; just two more layers. But it’s the weird wedge shapes that my colouring formed that look kind of cool… Yeah, I don’t really know what I’m doing, that’s why I’m all like “HEI GUIZ”

I’m also going to colour this with coloured markers (I’ve made several photocopies, and even this one is not the original) and at least one in Photoshop.

Okay! I’m off to finish it!

EDIT: Hum. The finished grey-scale looks okay. The hair maybe looks kinda weird, because I was trying a thing and it didn’t work the way I expected it to. Then I did a really quick one in bright colours (yay Sharpies! Ooh it’s been so long since I used them – wish I had better colours) and… just… whatever. The colour blender that I bought, the thing that I specifically drew this to test out, doesn’t quite work the way I expected it to. Maybe I’m using it wrong. Oh well. Off to investigate.

Also I will do a Photoshop version of this, because this lineart is too good to waste. : D

July 25, 2011

Muila, sketch and ink

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drawn July 25, ’11


Getting started on my art list. This is in first pencil and then ink, because I’m going to colour it with markers. As you can see I am trying to do ‘different line weights’. It’s a new thing for me. How am I doing? And the hair is a different kind, based vaguely on the work of this artist: linky! Obviously I wasn’t actually using it as a reference but I think what I did works well in the picture. I don’t know. Anyway, Muila looks like she’s all dressed up for action. She is an action girl, you know, but she pretends not to be. She pretends really well. Often the people at the Unicornland court forget that she can kick most of their butts in time for dinner. I had fun designing the armour, too.

Colour comes later!

It’s been really windy all day! Weird. I thought it was summertime. Well, yesterday was nice and sunny! I’ve been catching up on sleep from my lack of such from last week. Now I feel like watching movies. : ) But first I will draw some more pictures. Yay!

EDIT: Well, I didn’t do any more drawing… and I’m afraid to start colouring this picture… but I did do some writing! I’m rewriting the outline of the first novel again, gathering more knowledge about The Black Unicorn and what on earth he is up to and why, because (shockingly enough) it propels the whole rest of the story. So I can’t leave that out, now, can I! Even if the readers don’t get to find out some details, right now or maybe ever, it will make the story more complete and more well structured. Also I went off on a little ramble on what my view of the Christian afterlife might be. It’s a little weird. But I doubt anyone is interested in that, so I will just add it quietly to ‘backstory and culture materials’ and you may catch glimpses of it in kalmaeirin philosophy or you may not, because it is in general applicable even though they aren’t Christian. I’m also figuring out other character motivations! Because Flaer is charming but ultimately boring, the way I’ve written him so far. Must write him better! What does he want? He wants peace and happiness for his kingdom and his parents/family. How do circumstances thwart this? D :

Hahaha, I just thought about the first time I drew Muila. It was not nearly as good as this one! Let’s hope I keep improving over the next decade!

…I keep looking at this and it doesn’t seem possible that I drew it. I just don’t draw that good! …I guess I get lucky!

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