August 9, 2013

My Face

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My Face

drawn August 8, 2013


For a project I’m working on.

More art coming soon.

February 15, 2013

For me it was Thursday

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For me it was Thursday

drawn Feb 15, ’13


Listening to all the wrong music.

December 12, 2011

Filler + update

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E+P filler

drawn Dec 11, ’11


So, classes are finished… I am somewhat unnaturally tired, which is one reason why you haven’t been flooded with art/writing/yay. The other reason…… you can probably guess from the nature of this filler.

(Psyche is SO CUTE!! XD )

Also, I kind of like the top picture of me… while the bottom picture gives my hair the unfortunate appearance of being made of ramen. …I’m not eating that much ramen. : P

So, I’ve done a lot of sleeping, a little shopping, a little video gaming, a lot of cooking, a lot of talking, and more sleeping.

Cooking? I made gingerbreads yesterday, apple pancakes today, and pizza also today! The pizza = not as good as my mom’s, but pretty darn good for a first solo try, imo! So I have decided to learn how to cook, until I get my energy back and can do something useful. Also it’s so sweet – the guys wash the dishes for me because I make them food. : 3

So, I may visit the doctor tomorrow. Someone suggested I start doing major physical exercise and seeing if that helps. It probably will. But on the other hand… what if it’s something else? I keep waking up with a majorly sore throat, and I occasionally feel vertigo for no reason, in addition to the sleeping-too-many-hours. So yeah, I will visit the doctor tomorrow. If I can find one.

Dunno what else to talk about? The public library is very nice and quite high-tech? The shoppers are getting a little bonkers? I was sent one of the family Advent Calenders so I can count down the days and read the verses? I love Czech choirboys? I beat Guild Wars with Thari’s help? Now I’m beating it again with a different character, and picking up on a bunch of foreshadowing that really isn’t apparent if you only beat the game over the course of two years? I met Timothy Vernon the other day? It’s snowy and sunny outside the last two days?

But for now, it’s cookies and eggnog timez!!!

November 16, 2011

Flaire and Jen

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Flaire and Jen

drawn Oct 20, ’11


Trying out my new markers. They’re no better and no worse than the old ones of the same brand, although for a moment I was very impressed for some reason. I forget what the reason was, because you can see how well they work on shading large areas. : P

Also there is no orangey-pinky-brown, so no skin colours! D :

September 17, 2011

Wayrift Sketches

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Zeb, post-fangirl-attack

Zemicouch and (eaten) ice cream

both drawn Sep 16, ’11


A pair of sketches drawn while participating in the Wayrift/Shimmer Livestream conversations last night. Zeb let us fangirls dress him up… Someone dumped soup on his head… I’m not sure why… I cleaned it off, because if Zeb’s gonna let us do things to him, we may as well play nice, yeah? So I’m thinking, y’know, black silk and lace. Maybe some beaded details. High-heels not necessary, obviously… Afterwards, my guilt complex set in and I’m going to try to make it up to him. Anyway.

The second picture was based very directly on the conversation: Zemi decided to participate in couch form, and then we all went to Sam’s and had ice cream. Well, a couple people had Kipburgers. : ) I wasn’t sure if anyone had done a Zemicouch fanart yet, so I did one! He’s so cute.

The whole Livestream experience was very cool, and super amazingly fun. We had like a dozen people on, including Wren and Syn, and I joined about 4 hours from the end. It was pretty intense.

I cleaned the kitchen!! The whole kitchen!! Well, except the spice rack (I’ll do that later) and the corner with the recycling. But everything else… except a couple surfaces are still sticky, which annoys me greatly. And I couldn’t clean the rice-cooker because there was still rice in it. Right now I’m killing time until my laundry is ready so I can make my bed and do another load. And then make supper in the clean kitchen. I think I will do potatoes because I have a big sackful. Potatoes and broccoli and sausages. Hey, it’s what I have right now.







Edit: OOPS I washed a Kleenex with my good shirt. I thought I got all the Kleenexes. …Well, that’s one mistake down.

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