September 24, 2013

Gullac: “Bad”

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Gullac: “Bad”

drawn Sep 21-24, ’13


Okay so I got obsessed with Michael Jackson and how he writes awesome songs and he can dance like no one else on the planet and his sexy little butt and his cute adorable face (pre-facelifts more so) and then GULLAC got wind of it and now he WON’T STOP DANCING and he made me try to draw him like 6 times over the weekend and this was the only attempt that worked out even remotely. *deep breath* (more…)

November 10, 2012

Boys at the Bar, Part 1

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Boys at the Bar, Part 1

drawn November 9, ’12


So. Tharash was feeling mopey, and Gullac’s innuendo wasn’t helping… so instead, Gullac decided to drag everyone out to the bar to get them sloshing drunk and send some of them home with girls (not Avarron, since Nari would murder everyone involved if that happened). Even though Gullac hates Tharash for making him look less crazy than he did previously. (He’s coping. He’s playing up his debonair side to make up for it.) Flairé came because Tharash is his friend, and Avarron came to make sure nothing blew up, because getting an overpowered chaos mage hammered is not really a good idea if you want your pub to keep standing. (more…)

October 28, 2011

Eye Candy preview 2

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Eye Candy preview 2

drawn Oct 28, ’11

Well, this is going to be the other half of the picture I started last time. Still quite rough; even more rough than the last one. But yes, it is Gullac, being a shameless flirt. As usual. : P His hair is so hard! It’s going to be even harder to shade!

Going to a bar tonight. How out of character! And after discussing drinking habits (or lack thereof) at length with my trio this afternoon, I am going to have one drink so that I’m not a waste of space in the bar. Does that make me a hypocrite? I hope not. But anyway the reason I’m going is because the violinist is playing and said I should go. So I should go now.

And then! Busy day tomorrow! If you happen to be near the Paul Davenport Theatre at around 8:00 tomorrow, you should go inside and listen to us and some other people make African music. It will be super cool.

June 20, 2011

Sexy Gullac!

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Sexy Gullac

painted June 20, ’11


The first one on the painting list two posts ago, this is Gullac with the face that makes all his fangirls fall over. : P

And that’s about all I have to report…

I don’t like the new Caspian movie. But it looks nice on our new TV.

I am trying to cut down on my computer time. But it’s hard. Yesterday I did reread the entire The Robe, a historical fiction novel that’s about 600 pages long. It’s pretty good, in my opinion. Today I got through two chapters in my Sweet Anticipation (music psychology) book. Only two more to go! Then I think it’s high time I reread LotR because it’s been a while. A long while.

EDIT: updated his profile a little.

June 18, 2011


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painted June 18, ’11


Gullac, this time. Sorry for the amputated arm, bud. Looks pretty wild, doesn’t he? (more…)

March 21, 2011

Shirtless Gullac lol

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Shirtless Gullac lol

drawn Sep 19, ’10


SHIRTLESS GULLAC! Trying to figure out male anatomy without using a reference, because shirtless guys make me uncomfortable. <_< But shirless Gullac makes me laugh, because he just has such flamboyance with or without a shirt.

Apologies for the terrible scanning job. I don’t know how to make it better with such a small scanner.

Marteth is not amused. But the random fangirl (who isn’t me, fyi) is.

Recital tonight! Eeeeee…

November 5, 2010

Happy Guy Fawkes Day…

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drawn Nov 5, ’10


Was informed that today is Gunpowder Plot Day. So I drew a picture. That’s my adorable little pyromaniac, Gullac. Here’s to you, Kira!

The quote is from the Villainous Quote thread on the NaNoWriMo forums. I am totally using it in the novel myself.

September 5, 2010

Chibi chibi

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drawn Sep 5-6, ’10


Ctrl+J is fab.

Tweaks coming tomorrow. And additions.

Can YOU name everyone here?

EDIT: Check the characters page! It is now covered in chibis. Except for the last four characters (Evylyin+Dymunde, Lyra, Lakia, and Cassandra) because I don’t consider them important enough. Comment if you disagree.

And I found a way that’s easier than Ctrl+J to make transparencies. lol.

EDIT 2: I tweaked a few of the chibis on the character page. Marteth’s head looks a little less like a football (still not ideal, though), Anne’s wing is the proper size, Jalril’s eyes are golden, and a few other colour changes. Cheers!

June 19, 2010

La Plus Jolie Maitresse

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Wheeeeee! (that's not in the song)

Wheeeeee! (that's not in the song)

La Plus Jolie Maitresse



This is Gullac (obviously), singing, while hanging from the bowsprit of an elven ship. Not so happy with it, but it gets the gist across. This picture was inspired by the song La Plus Jolie Maitresse by Norouet, and I have no idea what the words mean in the rest of the song besides the title, but it’s really pretty.

Things to do today: clean house, practice organ until I go crazy, finish reading Moby Dick, play lots of Brawl.

June 17, 2010

Gullac portrait

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*staaaaaare* D8

*staaaaaare* D8

Gullac portrait

drawn Mar 10, ’10


Wow, I did a lot of pictures on March 10th this year. And wow, Gullac looks incredibly like a creepy stalker. He’s not, honestly. I was trying to draw realistic curls from no reference point whatsoever.

Today I saw my brother play through the entire game of Bad Company 2 (an expansion of Battlefield 1942, I think) and it was highly entertaining, but you should be warned that the guys in it talk like real live soldiers, and there is blood whenever you shoot someone, and RPG means Rocket Propelled Grenade or something, not Role Playing Game. That was the part that confused me the most.

I feel like talking with a slightly Texan accent, thanks to Haggard, the redneck of Bad Company 2. His best line is when he’s finally convinced to see it through to the end, thanks to Sweetwater (the geeky Brooklyn representative): “No more Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders…” “Outta mah way! I gotta go save meh some cheerleaders!” There’s also Sarge, the boss of the four-man unit, and he’s a black guy looking forward to retirement always just after the next mission, and then there’s Preston Marlowe, the player, the average semi-attractive Caucasian tough guy hero. There’s also Flynn, the cigarette-smoking pacifist hippie helicopter pilot. One of the best characters in the game, imo. lulz!

Last night I went to salsa. Funfun! Met some new people, too!

Also we are now discussing free will in Philosophy, which is fine by me. Where’s my St. Augustine at?

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