May 26, 2009

Links Out

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Links out of Adhemlenei, in case you get bored here.


Archipelago by TheSilverTopHat. A super-epic comic about ancient spirits and young clueless (but pure-of-heart) heroes! Includes were-sharks and a robot zombie pirate (no, really).


Awkward Zombie/Hail-NekoYasha by Katie. Comics about video games, other video games, tv and movies, real life, and video games. Absolutely hilarious, especially the facial expressions. Updates once a week.


The Battle of Dovecote Crest by Hailey Bachrach and Bridget Underwood. Webcomic about Civil War re-enactors! Very sweet, with a dash of mystery.


Bite me! by Dylan Meconis. A hilarious webcomic about vampires (and werewolves) during the French Revolution. And evil chickens. Also, great alt-text. This webcomic is possibly literally the lulziest two hours of your life. Finished.


bouquet by trimurti. A completely amazing, detailed, believable fanfic about the courtship of Pent and Louise from Fire Emblem 7. So many feels! Finished?


ctsbanner-120x60-anim2Chasing the Sunset by Mithandir and Alien. Sweet fantasy goodness! About an elven boy searching for his father, with a number of ‘friends’. Updates once a week in pretty colours and unbelievable situations.


The Dreamland Chronicles by Scott Christian Sava. The adventures of a teenaged boy in a world he visits in his own dreams, populated by elves, fairies, rock giants, dragons, and more as he attempts to find out just what happened in the past of this world! Updates every weekday in amazing CG graphics!


Four Hearts by Rose. Four interconnected stories and/or a blog of writing advice!


Fwynethwyr by Thari. Stories set in the mythical land of Fywnethwyr (lit. Heaven and Earth) involving knights, princesses, dragons, enchantresses, elves, giants, ogres, goblins, fairies, riftermages, angels, demons, necromancers, and a lot of other things. If that doesn’t intrigue you I don’t know what will.


girlgenius_11 Girl Genius, by Phil and Kaya Foglio. Hilarious and dramatic steampunk awesomeness, as the titular Agatha Heterodyne discovers who she really is and tries to fix the world (again). Updates three times a week.


inv_mediumInverloch by Sarah Ellerton. The journeys of elves, humans, and a sentient horned wolf-creature called a Da’kor on a quest to find the missing elven wizard. Finished!


The Lazy Organizer. One woman’s journey to become organized. Often sparks me to enough energy to clean my room. ; )


lintbanbactine200LinT by Colby. The pretty elf Sangwine (not pictured at left) and his merry band wander around in search of a plot. Then they find it and it gets epic reeeaaal fast. Finished!


Lintier also by Colby. The sequel to LinT! Pretty elvessssssss. :3 Updates once or twice a week.


No Need for Bushido by Alex Kolesar and Joseph Kovell. Clueless samurai, ronin, princesses, and taoist monks wandering around Medieval Japan! On haitus.


One Question by Cheeko. Fantasy story about a boy thrust into destiny. And a mythical white dragon who will answer one question, if you can find her.


tprbanner200 The Phoenix Requiem also by Sarah Ellerton. Victorian gentlemen and ladies struggle with ghosts and monsters in a pretty creepy but amazing story. Finished!


pygmalion600x29 Pygmalion in Space also by Colby. IN SPACE. Finished! by Shazzbaa. Includes the hilarious journal comic Today Nothing Happened (finished) and the even more hilarious Runewriters, about a hapless shapeshifter and his deaf best friend.


shimmerbutton2 Shimmer by Aywren (co-author of Wayrift, below). A prequel to both Wayrift and FFIV, the story of Golbez Benjamin Ya and his new best friend Aur as they try to survive living in the Tower of Zot. Updates unpredictably in full experimental colour; currently undergoing a redraw of the first dozen chapters.


Smiling at Strangers by Tab. A sporadically updated blog on artistic projects, videogames, and life in general.


tm200x40 True Magic by Aja. Lolsical peasants off on a quest to restore peace to their village! Will become absolutely unpredictable… now. Currently undergoing a rewrite/redraw at one update per week.


wayriftmidban Wayrift by Aywren and Syntyche. Based on and continuing after Final Fantasy IV, an addictive and huge world (two, actually!) with dozens of intriguing original and derived characters, all trying to sort out where they stand in relation to one another! Epicness abounds massively. Updates three times a week in black and white.



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