Elyil Zela sha Yalekedma, Nieril sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Beautiful-Sword (Lady of Songforest, Princess of Moon-land)
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Female (kalla)
Age: ??? Really, really old
Date of Birth: ???
Place of Origin: Yalekedma
Height: 7’3″
Weight:115 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Voice type: Soprano
Occupation: Freedom fighter
Nickname(s): Firstborn, Forest Demon, Forest Witch, Wild Woman of the Woods, Deer-Woman, Muikalla
Likes: Music, Flaer, her children, dancing, riding with Yoeath
Dislikes: Injustice!!! Goofyness
Main Instrument: violin, harp, voice
Modern Theme Song: Norouet: Marguerite, Spirale, Enya: Exile, Jeff Smallman: Lady Icicle, Leahy: B Minor, Blackmore’s Night: Darkness, HTTYD: anything in 6/8
Favourite colour: midnight blue
Voice similar to: Stéphanie Lepine (Norouet)

Biography: Zela began conscious life as a child-woman, wondering at the stars and loving their beauty and the beauty of the whole world. The kalmaei, after they built their great cities and about half the population lived in them, considered her a symbol of the wilderness that they partly left behind. They considered her a romatic figure, and perhaps she was. She was a wild thing who ran with the deer and the wolves and the lions deep in the darkness of the Yalekedma. Most feared her, most avoided her, some tried to hunt her – without success.  But Flaer, the Prince of the Moonland, stumbled upon her one day, and their friendship gradually grew to love. They were married a few years after the tragic tournament of 3441, and had seven children, although the last four vanished and returned under mysterious circumstances.

When the Dragonland revolution first raised its head, she was there, fighting it, but was injured and taken back to the Moonland as General Tseo supposedly exiled the troublemakers. There, she called for greater vigilance against violent people, although her words were not taken entirely seriously by the council. When the Moonland was sent the ultimatum by the Dragonland uprising, however, she would rather fight than give in.

When the war began, she quickly proved herself to be a cunning and brave leader, not particularly charismatic but wholly honest and blunt. As the war progressed, she grew more and more withdrawn and grim. The injustice she saw all around her made her furious, but, unable to personally fix each and every instance and realistically realizing it would be futile to attempt to do so left her cold and harsh. When her sons died, she still wept. She bears a degree of bitterness towards the other side, blaming them for the terrible slaughter of both sides. Triumph was hollow for her when at last she stood on the field of battle beside Flaer and saw the angels again at the end.

Now, many years later, her temper has cooled somewhat, mostly through avoiding contact with the humans who came latest, and her most obvious emotion is regret.

Personality: Zela has always been rather serious. Dancing ingites a fierce spark in her, a love that made her laugh and her spirit glow (not literally, of course – the kalmaei aren’t those kinds of elves), a state of motion that gave her peace. All people were equal to her; she raised ‘uncaring about distinction’ to a fine art. Even then she was rather proud and possessed of great dignity and loved being alone, solitary, away from even her friends Yoeath, Lilar, and Layalin.

Some have described her as “dancing fire and singing water and the green of the world and the laughter of stars all wrapped up in one body”.

When she and Flaer were married, she loved him purely and passionately and loves him today the same as she did then. Although perhaps not the best candidate for motherhood, her seven children she loved too, not just as her children but as friends and companions. She found it more difficult to express her affection for them than for her husband, a degree of characteristic brusqueness colouring her relationships with them awkwardly. However, she proved a worthy teacher for them.

She has a fierce, almost animalistic temper; she can be coldly, deadly calm until something hits her rage button, and then her eyes blaze and her fists tighten, which is usually the only warning her opponents receive. Sometimes this is quickly followed by regret and depression, but usually not. Still, she is moody.

She has an aversion to earrings, tattoos, and other body-altering decorations.


-dancing: Zela is an amazing dancer. It helps her to relax, express herself, and vent energy in a positive way when she is frustrated.

-The Beautiful Sword: Zela is an incredible master of swordplay, the equal of Gyoriing or Marteth. Few have been able to touch her. Her fighting resembles dance at times.


-Niangril: a long steel-bladed sword with a silver hilt. No real special properties other than being sharp, but somehow never has been broken yet.

-Muikalla headdress: a pair of small deer horns mounted on a circlet for her head.

-Forest Gear: black turtleneck sweater/pants, long brown leather boots, a dark green tunic, a brown leather belt, and a brown or grey cloak keep Zela protected from the elements and able to move silently and invisibly through woodland. Her apparel of choice except when dancing.

-Dragonland armour: a thin metal tunic that goes beneath the turtleneck sweater. Comes with a collapsible helmet but she rarely wears that. She also owns a suit of plate/chainmail armour for pitched battle.

-Dress of Stars: a ground-length midnight blue dress with long, slightly loose sleeves and tiny silver stars embroidered all over it. Said to be Zela’s memory of the night before the Sun. Whatever it is, it’s very beautiful and is comfortable too. Many copies have been made throughout the Adhemlenei, and Zela herself seems to own more than one…


Other pictures of Zela: here.