Akalion Tseo sha Aarhckemlen

Name meaning: Knight Strongwind of the Dragonlandtseo1
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Aarhckemlen
Height: 7’2″
Weight:130 lbs
Hair Color: Gold
Eye Color: Green
Voice type: Baritone
Occupation: General of the Dragonland
Likes: flying, control, puns
Dislikes: chaos, birds
Main Instrument:
Modern Theme Songs: Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars
Favourite colour: gold


Biography: One of the first-generation who followed Kirstril east, he was great friends with Kirstril and Shlaes. They were the first to reach the other side of the Snowglory Mountains to the dry interior, and helped establish settlements there. During this time he was courting Shlaes. But when once his temper got the better of him and he struck Shlaes in an argument, he fled in shame to the wilderness, eventually ending up in the Yalekedma, where he met Zela. She proceeded to beat some of the ridiculous ideas out of his head over the following decades, and eventually he worked up the strength to return to his friends and ask their forgiveness. By this time Shlaes had married Kirstril, but he was genuinely happy for them and swore to protect them with his life.

Following another heated argument with his friends, he once again fled into the wilderness. But he didn’t get far – the dragons had just come only a few days before, and the golden dragon Hoarwilk was exploring in his area. She found him, talked him out of his self-loathing, and offered to give him a ride. She saw both his brokenness and his wholeness, and resolved to stay with him to bring him out of one and into the other. For his part, he soon grew dependent on her partnership and friendship in a way that he hadn’t with anyone else before. So they became the first Dragon Knights and eventually the Generals of the Dragonland together.


Personality: Tseo appears from a distance to be easy-going and friendly, laughing and making terrible puns. Really terrible puns. But up close, while those qualities remain, one gets a sense of his iron grip on his self-control. Having messed up so many times so badly already, he is afraid if the least mistake. He keeps his fears bottled up tightly inside, though. He keeps a strict hand on his knights, although they are quite fond of him all the same. He is unconsciously charismatic. Some wonder how he can be such good friends with his dour second-in-command, Hrulash.

He used to think that because women were generally shorter and weaker than men, that they should not fight – or do much other physical work, served instead by their men. Both his former lover Shlaes and Zela, not to mention Hoarwilk (who understood quite well, despite being a dragon) disagreed and proved to him otherwise. He has learned his lesson quite well, mainly through many many sparring beatings at Zela’s hands. His other problem is being physically violent when angry, which is still a problem he is struggling with. When he does make a mistake, he is consumed by self-loathing and has a strong tendency to run away (physically) from the problem. Hoarwilk’s therapy and counsel has stemmed the running away part, at least, and is working on the self-loathing part.

He gets really annoyed by birds when out flying, claiming they interfere with Hoarwilk’s path. In retaliation, sometimes the birds that live around the capital take it upon themselves to divebomb him. It is a feud seemingly without end.



– Dragon Knight: Tseo is a skilled warrior. Very little can stand against him and Hoarwilk in battle, particularly not if he’s at the head of the Royal Knights.

– General: In addition to his physical capabilities, Tseo is an intelligent general of strategy and possesses great charisma.

– Fisher: Tseo enjoys fishing!



– Armour: Tseo’s personal armour is orange edged in gold, with teal-green underlay.

– Lance: Tseo wields a nearly-impractically-giant lance, and is terrifyingly good with it.


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