Akalion Tatamkanai sha Nunathoemlen

Name meaning: Knight Dancingday of the Unicorn-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Age: second generation
Date of Birth: 2349 after the Sun
Place of Origin: Nunathoemlen
Height: 7’2″
Weight:130 lbs
Hair Color: Chestnut brown naturally, but dyed blue bangs
Eye Color: Right: brown and left: hazel
Voice type: Baritone
Occupation: Lone knight
Nickname(s): Tam, Crazy idiot
Likes: intrigue, like-minded people, fighting, wandering, kids
Dislikes: intrigue, lightening, drowning
Main Instrument: uh………
Modern Theme Songs: Bomba Colombiana, Vitas – Lucia di Lammermoor, I’m Still Here and Always Know Where You Are from Treasure Planet
Favourite colour: blue

Biography: A kalma from the Unicorn-land, Tatamkanai is a bit of a strange fish. Growing up, he was always playing truant to explore the woods. He came back to help his parents, and to learn fighting, often teaching himself as much as his tutor did. He dyed his hair blue once, but since then only dyed the front as it’s much easier to take care of. Also his mother does it for him. Offered a position as a captain of the Nunathoemlen knights, he refused on the grounds that he would be terrible in authority and also, while he was friendly with unicorns, had no special need to bond with one. Eventually Erd agreed, and Tam set out on his wanderings in earnest, though first he was persuaded to take a knighthood. Years later, he met Flairé by falling on his head while chasing after an intruder in his parents’ home, and climbed up to his room in the castle later that night to apologize and to ask to be friends. Flairé accepted the invitation and soon they were inseparable.


Personality: Tam has shown an independent streak all his life, what with the hair colour and the unique fighting and the bucking authority. He’s always had an aversion to water, and while he’s trained himself not to panic if he falls in, he won’t last nearly as long as other kalmaei at swimming. He’s extremely curious, and can be both high-spirited and patient. A touch of arrogance and smugness colours his achievements, but he is always ready and willing to coax others to greatness. He has a quick mind for complex plots and court intrigue. He is brave to a fault, and never hesitates. Loves bantering and telling tall tales, and obsesses slightly over his hair dye and his bling.

He loves to dance what we would call ‘salsa’ dancing.



– Survivalist: Tam has spent much of his life wandering the wilderness – while returning home every once in a while to get his hair dyed – and is competent in any terrain.

– Knight: Tam is a brilliant lance fighter and is versed in the duties of a knight – he just doesn’t bother with them.

– Catstep: Tam is a master of moving silently, and also climbing ridiculously difficult things. Like walls.



– Tam’s Lance: Tam fights with a spring-loaded lance. The silver head shoots out an extra foot when he touches the catch in the white haft.

– Coat: Tam’s favourite coat is purple and well-cut.

– Boots: Tam has thigh-high boots and loves them very much.

– Decor: Tam is covered in gold jewellery, including: a cloak pin shaped like a dragonfly set with blue stones, a belt buckle, a bracelet, three rings, and a long necklace with his knight’s seal hanging from it. He keeps all of these except the cloak pin and the buckle concealed, though.


Profile picture by Sarah Ellerton


Other pictures of Tam: here.