Nieril Muila Erdil sha Nunathoemlen

Name meaning: Princess Beautiful-deer Visiondaughter of Unicorn-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Female (kalla)
Age: Old enough
Date of Birth: 2843 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Nunathoemlen
Height: 7’3″
Weight:125 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Voice type: Contralto
Occupation: Princess
Likes: order, neatness
Dislikes: boredom
Main Instrument: bells
Modern Theme Song:
Favourite colour:

Biography: Muila is the eldest daughter of Erd and Gaila of the Unicorn-land. Initially interested in marrying Flaer, Prince of the Moon-land, especially at the (ambitious) urging of her mother, she gave up that idea after he became interested in Elyil Zela. Instead, she has remained entirely single, giving favour to no man and striking out proudly on her own. She spends a lot of time visiting the Dragon-lands and learning court policies. She became of the opinion that the leaders of the Adhemlenei were not doing their best to bring their lands to their full potential, and prodded her father, Erd, to challenge him to greater heights. But when that looked like a futile task, and when the rebellion succeeded in the Dragonland, she went there in order to bring order to the chaos, and now does her best to maneuvre her new nation into dominance in the world.


Personality: Muila grew up as the defender of her younger twin, Layalin, whom she saw as weak and unable to stand on her own among the many adult figures at the Unicorn-land court. As they grew older, this fighting spirit remained, though Layalin was able to take care of herself. She is proud of bearing, and can be cold and distant when angry or irritated. Actually, she has often been compared to Zela in personality, but unlike Zela, dismisses the ‘weak’ and assigns their protection to others – she has a grand goal that must not be interfered with. She still loves her family, but her sisters and father are growing increasingly uncertain of how to talk to her. She has a talent for politics and for psychological domination, and is not above using her beauty for persuasion, but people often forget that she is a well-honed physical fighter as well (see picture).



-Dancer: Muila has complete and utter control over her body’s movements. As a result she is widely acclaimed the best dancer in the Adhemlenei, even (arguably) better than Elyil Zela.

-Persuasive: Muila has a natural charisma that marks her not only as a princess and most-likely heir to the Nunathoemlenic throne (should anything happen to her parents) but a great diplomat throughout the lands. There are few who are unmoved by her words and persuasions, particularly over a period of time. She has a terrifying knowledge of courtly prodecures, laws, etiquette, and systems to back up her gift.



-Crown: Muila, unlike her sisters, often wears a plain ring of gold or silver on her head. (not shown in picture)


Other pictures of Muila: here.