Nieron Menad [Sika-sah] sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Prince Dawn of Moon-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Age: younger than Flaria and older than Marteth
Date of Birth: 3824 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Lilemlen
Height: 6’10”
Weight:125 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Voice type: Tenor
Occupation: Prince
Nickname(s): Pretty-boy
Likes: Excitement that he’s not involved in, curiosities, caves, dogs, Muila
Dislikes: fussing, having to make an effort
Main Instrument: violin
Modern Theme Song: Oosdi Gookas – Mariam Mattosian
Favourite colour:
pale green or magenta

Biography: Menad was the third child and second son of Flaer and Zela. He grew up surrounding himself as much as possible with beauty, despite the gathering clouds of uneasiness throughout the Adhemlenei. Even as a child, he liked to explore in places that were perhaps not safe for him – the tops of trees, the stables, the waterways. But as an adolescent and later an adult, he discovered caving and took to it instantly. When Flaer became king, Menad became one of his father’s closest councillors. Even before that, Flar relied on him immensely, in analysis and diplomacy. He has accompanied his father on diplomatic missions, and has been on several solo adventures, usually successful. He greatly admires Princess Muila’s strength, charisma, and beauty, having met her in dramatic circumstances several times.


Personality: Menad grew up a bit spoiled by his older siblings, and enjoyed it. He can be a bit petulant when spoken against, and can take opposition as a personal insult. He has some of his mother’s moody disposition, and carries it off well with his beautiful face. Rather aloof, always serious, but he takes pleasure in lovely things, and likes exotic twisty music. He is somewhat stubborn as well and is difficult to talk around.

One thing he loves as much as or even more than beauty is adventures, and caving is his passion. Despite his undoubted skill with a lance, he often winds up in trouble too big for him to handle in the woods, and while his pride prevents him from calling for help, help usually shows up in the form of Flairé.

Underneath his uncaring demeanour, he does want his parents to be proud of him and he will make their lives easier in his own unique way. He doesn’t seem to give two figs for any of his brothers, and is outright hostile to Marteth (perhaps because of their similarites), although he is fond of his sister. He has a few other close friends but generally enjoys being alone, away from the stupidity of civilization, while still enjoying its benefits.

He likes his long shining smooth hair, and it often trails over his face. On the rare occasions that he smiles, dimples appear in his cheeks. Also he likes sweets.



-Speaker: one thing Menad has inherited from his father is the ability to put words together well. While he is less interested in high politics than his father, there is no doubt that Menad is very persuasive.



-Lance: Menad fights with a long lance, but never uses it like a pole vault (unlike some of his brothers) because he believes that is disrespectful to the weapon.

-Dogs: Menad, as an adult, usually owns two large hounds, which he takes with him everywhere he can.


Other pictures of Menad: here.