Nieron Mathaning Mui-ila sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Prince Eternal-laughter Deereye of Moon-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Age: youngest of his family
Date of Birth: 3949 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Lilemlen
Height: 6’9″
Weight:120 lbs
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Blue
Voice type: Tenor
Occupation: Youngest
Nickname(s): Kid/Lad
Likes: His brothers, sunlight, laughter, Romantic ideals, fairy tales
Dislikes: Death, loneliness
Main Instrument: flute
Modern Theme Song: Holst: Jupiter (from The Planets), Mr. Mister: Kyrie
Favourite colour: white, sky blue
Voice similar to: Richard Page (Mr. Mister)

Biography: Mui-ila was the last son and child of Flaer and Zela; after his disappearance on top of the disappearance of their last three sons, they gave up on expanding their family. The child was found many years later in the depths of the forest in the northern Unicorn-lands, giving himself no name. Those who found him were struck by his merry demeanour, and named him Mathaning before they discovered that he was the last son of Flaer and Zela, by the necklace he wore without knowing what it was. He was delighted to discover his true family, for his adopted pixie mother had lost him in the forest and had been unable to find him again, and he was lonely.

The boy took his birth-name Mui-ila at first, but his brothers called him Mathaning and eventually the name stuck. He studied mostly music and stories growing up, becoming enamoured of knights and valour and chivalry, though the days of valour and chivalry were passing by the time he grew into an adult. He took a command during the war and fought several successful battles, often with Gullac’s help. Although he was a superb fighter personally, he disliked the stress of command and left his troops to another general, going instead to assist Flairé or Marteth in their duties.


Personality: Mathaning takes his position as the youngest brother of seven siblings very seriously, as seriously as it is possible to be for such a light-hearted concept. He appears and behaves extraordinarily youthful, as his name suggests; boyish, naïve, innocent, friendly, with bright, clear, wide eyes. A lot of it is also his own personal emotional shield against life, an act to disarm others. Those who dislike the innocent and naïve, believing them to wander through life with their eyes closed, are startled when they confront him for then he is forced to reveal his hidden side, which is much more tragic and just as mature as his parents. His brothers and sister, having rarely seen this side, strive with him to preserve his sunny outlook. He is entirely Romantic in nature and often wishes to be a knight as from a fairy-tale, though never quite seriously, and he dislikes killing and finds it necessary to distract himself considerably afterwards to keep from succumbing to depression. When he succeeds in something, he is entirely exultant, laughing infectiously and striding boldly towards each new challenge. He finds Gullac particularly entertaining, and is firm friends with him despite Gullac’s cutting sarcasm. He also relies very much on Flairé and Flaria, especially for emotional support.



-Knight: though Mathaning does not consider himself a knight in the formal sense of the word, he certainly fits the mould, devoting himself to chivalry and being exceptionally skilled in the use of weaponry and music.

-Dancer: Mathaning loves to dance, a more graceful and less acrobatic style of dancing than Flairé.



-Sword: Mathaning fights most often with a sword, and sometimes with a bow and arrows.

-Mathaning’s Necklace: a delicate silver necklace with an oval pendant that is actually too small for Mathaning now. He keeps it hidden in a small wooden box among his other possessions.


Other pictures of Mathaning: here.