Nieron Marteth Hciristial Zelaré sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Prince Pride Firegleam Zelason of Moon-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Age: Younger than Menad and older than Bayn
Date of Birth: 3864 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Lilemlen
Height: 7’2″
Weight:135 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Voice type: Bass
Occupation: Prince-Commander in Exile
Nickname(s): Boss, Grumpy-boots (behind his back)
Likes: Victory
Dislikes: Insults
Main Instrument: guitar
Modern Theme Song:
Favourite colour: dark purple

Biography: Marteth was born comparatively close to Menad, his next eldest sibling, and named Hciristial. But soon after he was born, only weeks, he vanished in the night. Nothing more was seen or heard of him for nearly a hundred years. Then, a young boy with thick black hair appeared in the mountains right in the middle of the Dragon-lands, with only the ragged clothes on his back and the name Marteth. He told those who found him he had been raised by pixies, tiny secretive mischievous spirits who lived far away from the kalmaei. When Flairé happened to meet him, he was struck by the boy’s resemblance to his mother and also by his fiery attitude.

Marteth accepted his ancestry with great coolness, but secretly he was very pleased by the fact that he was a prince, though he chose to keep the name Marteth and only answered to the name Hciristial if his parents or Flairé called him by it. He worked exceedingly hard to become something he thought fitting of the position, especially in swordplay under his mother, Zela. He became the unofficial leader of his three younger brothers as they also were found. He also grew to tap into his natural cunning as a general and a tactician, soon commanding armies himself to victory. However, his pride grew to get in the way of his strategies, and within a few years his mother removed him from command and set him as a junior commander under Akalion Gyoriing.

This blow was exceptionally helpful to Marteth. He forced himself to control his emotions and grew considerably in maturity. The next time he took to the field to command his own army, he was much more clear-headed and gained victory with fewer casualties. He became feared throughout the lands both as a general and an individual, and he was pleased with that.


Personality: Even as a young child, Marteth had the formations of his tempestuous personality. He was serious until angered or threatened, and then blazed into fury. He loved his pixie-mother, and in her presence would be cheerful as he was nowhere else. When she told him he must find his own family, that she had only raised him on a whim, they parted on poor terms. Marteth later regretted this, and tried to find her again, but he never found even a pixie again. He grew into a passionate man, still grim on the exterior, exuding pride and arrogance, partly wilfully. Underneath, there is no arrogance and his pride is purer, mingled with his love for his family and the skills he has gained through constant hard work, though he is still a bit of a loner. He has been influenced very much by the culture of the Dragon-land, and would love to be close friends with a dragon someday. He values his honour as a knight and a prince, and will fly to defend it and his family disregarding cost. Taunting and insults are therefore the best way to get until his cold skin, although his time spent with Gyoriing (whom he respects very much) has helped him to control himself much better. He watches over his younger brothers, especially Mathaning, the youngest, with the help of Flairé. It is little known how tender he can be…



-Swordmaster: Marteth has worked obsessively on his swordplay, and is now one of the most feared warriors in the Adhemlenei.

-Strategist: Marteth has an uncanny ability to spot his enemy’s weaknesses, whether the conflict is physical combat or play of words. He rarely loses at either, except when his temper gets the better of him.

-Feared: Marteth’s name has become a name feared by those fighting him, and by many serving under him. This sometimes hinders him rather than helps him.



-Dragon-sword: a long broadsword with the head of a dragon carved into the hilt. Has become nearly as feared as its master.

-ring: a gold ring Marteth wears on his right little finger under his gloves.

-Shield: Marteth likes to fight with a shield, imitating Akalion Gyoriing.


Other pictures of Marteth: here.