Nieril Layalin sha Nunathoemlen

Name meaning: Princess Beautiful-singer of Unicorn-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Female (kalla)
Age: a couple million
Date of Birth: 2843 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Nunathoemlen
Height: 6’5″
Weight:110 lbs
Hair Color: Red, curly
Eye Color: Leaf green
Voice type: soprano
Occupation: Princess, singer
Nickname(s): her name is her nickname : )
Likes: Singing! Her family, tall people
Dislikes: strife and conflict, sharp notes, cruelty to animals
Main Instrument: voice
Modern Theme Song:
Favourite colour:

Biography: Layalin is the younger twin sister of Muila. She turned quickly to song and spent much of her time cultivating her voice. She admired and adored Zela; whenever Zela came to visit Erd and Gaila, Layalin would sit or stand near her, listening to everything she said. Zela took notice, and struck up conversation with her. Soon the two were fast friends, spending time together in gardens or forests, singing and dancing together. It was on one of these excursions that Flaer and Gyoriing found them. Layalin found Gyoriing fascinating, and as the four kalmaei met often in the woods, the princess and the bodyguard fell in love. Gaila, Layalin’s mother, disapproved and tried to separate them, causing Layalin much distress, but eventually they were married and had three children: Luriun, Gyori, and Witelai.

During the war, she was an active advocate for peace, trying her utmost to make both sides come to a compromise, though she was firmly on Zela’s side. Her heart was sorely tried by the conflict; she knew and loved people on both sides, and was unwilling to give up anyone on either side.


Personality: Though Layalin is the younger twin of Muila, she is as unlike her in temperment as she is in appearance. She is wholly gentle and pacifistic, even to the point of unreasonability. Playful and cheerful, she loves spending time with her friends, both kalmaeirin and unicorn. She has an extremely stubborn side, but it mostly serves to keep her true to her ideals rather than to force her to get her own way. She is a vegetarian by choice.



-Singer: Layalin’s voice is acclaimed the best in the Adhemlenei.



-Ring: a small golden ring Layalin wears on her right middle finger; a present from Gyoriing.

-Butterfly slippers: Layalin always wears lovely silk slippers with butterflies embroidered on them. She has many, many pairs…

-Layalin’s dress: Layalin usually wears one of several leaf-green velvet dresses, sometimes with creamy white sleeves. Sometimes, too, she ties her unruly curly red hair back with a large green ribbon.


Other pictures of Layalin: here.