Nieril Kylyralessa sha Nunathoemlen

Name meaning: Princess Golden-haired-gull of Unicorn-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Female (kalla)
Age: young adult
Date of Birth: 3027 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Nunathoemlen
Height: 6’10”
Weight:112 lbs
Hair Color: Golden
Eye Color: Blue
Voice type: Soprano
Occupation: Princess
Nickname(s): Kyla (beautiful-gull)
Likes: the sea, seagulls, singing, flight, Saimese cats
Dislikes: bonds, poor stitching
Main Instrument: harp
Modern Theme Song:
Favourite colour:
purple, blue, gold

Biography: Kylyralessa was born long after most of her generation was growing up, and was idolized by her family and later the whole of the Unicorn-land. She grew into a slim, graceful, lovely kalla and rejected many marriage proposals over many years. She gathered a small group of kallei her own age who liked the same things she did – embroidery, books, festivals – and they went about together for many years.

About the time the war started, she met the Prince of the Moon-land, Lyrestan, the younger brother of Flaer. Though one might think that they had met before through their close connections, they had not. Perhaps they had met in passing, but Kylyralessa had not paid any attention to Lyrestan and Lyrestan had almost forgotten who she was by the time they met formally. After some initial shyness and tension, they became good friends, and Lyrestan managed to visit the Unicorn-land often by becoming the Moon-land diplomat to the Unicorn-land. Kylyralessa’s friends were rather sad that she no longer spent as much time with them as she used to, but otherwise were very happy for her. Lyrestan and Kylyralessa are in the midst of courting…


Personality: Kylyralessa is a bit shy   She loves clothes and jewellery, and she and Layalin often make dresses together. She is a great laugher and loves enjoying herself, though she is never consciously selfish about it. If she feels she has done wrong, she is very apologetic and earnest. Hidden in her is a great bravery that has not yet manifested itself. To counterbalance her care-free attitude, she is very realistic and perceptive of the world around her, though she often keeps her opinions to herself. She can be distant, but otherwise is very devoted to those she loves.



-The Lovely: Kylyralessa, as her sister Muila is known for her dancing and her other sister Layalin is known for her singing, is known for her great beauty.



-Hair ornaments: Kylyralessa often wears brightly coloured jewelled pins in her hair.

-Harp: Kylyralessa often carries this small gold harp around with her, making music wherever she goes.


Other pictures of Kylyralessa: here.