Jalril ‘Deerfleet’ Mui-id sha Kiirstemlen

Name meaning: Honey-light Deerfleet of Griffon-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Age: young
Date of Birth: 5002 years after the sun
Place of Origin: Kiirstemlen
Height: 6’7″
Weight:110 lbs
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Gold
Voice type: Tenor
Occupation: warrior, someday, hopefully
Nickname(s): Deerfleet
Likes: his family, animals, light
Dislikes: bullies
Main Instrument: trumpet
Modern Theme Song: In A Big Country by Big Country
Favourite colour: gold

Biography: Jalril is the younger of two boys born to a relatively ordinary family in the Griffonlands. His elder brother went to the Moon-land, and Jalril wanted very much to follow him (especially when his brother became the princess’s boyfriend). Eventually he ended up in the army, which was a terrible place for him. Eventually rescued by Flairé and taken as Flairé’s protégé where he found a more welcoming environment. He worked hard (partly because Flairé threatened to send him home if he wasn’t up to scratch) and is still finding his feet a young adult kalma.


Personality: Jalril is actually far too sensitive to be let out on a battlefield yet; he’s still barely more than a boy and has little control over his emotions. He enthusiastically throws himself into everything he wants to do and that he thinks is right. He is quick to tears over his shortcomings, especially when they are pointed out to him. He is eager to please and faithfully follows Flairé, doing his best not to be a burden – in spite of the fact that Flairé is very happy to have a disciple, even when he has to protect him because of his inexperience. Jalril is very proud of his nickname, Mui-id or ‘Deerfleet’, and will introduce himself as “My name is Jalril, but they call me Deerfleet”, ‘they’ being his family.



-Inexperienced: Jalril is very young and hasn’t had time to develop his skills yet. He has the potential to become a gifted musician, an empathetic leader and diplomat, or a fearsome warrior. At the moment he’s focusing on the last, despite the fact that at his age he ought to be focusing on the first.

-Runner: Jalril, although still shorter than other kalmaei, is an unusually fast runner, from whence his nickname ‘Mui-id’ arises.



-Hairpin: Jalril keep his hair tucked up on the back of his head with this two-pronged wooden hairpin. It has roses carved into the ‘handle’. It was a present and memento of his mother.

-Lance: standard-issue lance to Moon-land warriors who had no weapon when they joined. Long and sturdy and sharp, but not very special.

-Sword: because Flairé is most comfortable wielding a sword, Jalril most often receives instruction in it. His own sword is modelled after Flairé’s, but shorter to better fit his height. He is also learning archery, at which perhaps he is naturally better than both sword and lance.


Other pictures of Jalril: here.