Akalion Hrulash sha Aarhckemlen

Name meaning: Knight Riverwave of the Dragonlandelflash2
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Date of Birth: first-generation
Place of Origin: Aarhckemlen
Height: 7’3″
Weight:150 lbs
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Voice type: Baritone
Occupation: Pencil-pusher, knight, drill-master
Nickname(s): Sparkles (never to his face D: )
Likes: quiet, reading, math, solitude
Dislikes: disorder, noise, idiots, drunken idiots, dancing
Main Instrument: none
Modern Theme Songs: Confutatis no Inori and Pandora no Yoru by Artery Vein, As Long as You Follow by Fleetwood Mac, Hello Goodbye by the Beatles (for Garekhen)
Favourite colour: Blue
Voice similar to: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Sephiroth, Dante from DMC anime)


Biography: He was a good friend of Tseo, but when Tseo fled into the wilderness, he attempted to fill his place at Kirstril and Shlaes’ side. It didn’t work very well, and he was vastly relieved when Tseo finally returned. When the dragons came, he was more curious about them than he had been about anything else in his life and was soon somehow attached to an obnoxiously cheerful dragon named Garekhen. They were an odd pair, but Hrulash grew fond of Garekhen in his own way, despite the verbal abuse he often heaps on him. Garekhen, for his part, could see Hrulash’s good qualities and wants to be his friend to see if he can tempt him to loosen up once in a while. So far it isn’t working, but Garekhen enjoys Hrulash’s snark and loyally follows wherever the elf leads.

When the coup deposed Kirstril and Shlaes, Tseo and Hoarwilk left Hrulash in charge to attempt to keep the army under some semblance of order even under the new regime. Hrulash fought somewhat unwillingly for the Unification Army, hoping with every victory that the war would be quick and hoping with every defeat that the diplomats would find a peaceful solution. However, long association with the UA lead to converting him wholly to their side, and eventually he began to fight with all his conviction against his former friends.


Personality: Hrulash is dour, sarcastic, and cold. He is also proud, dutiful, private, irritable, and unimaginative. He prefers quiet and order in his life. However, once his trust is gained, he is loyal to death. He has a strong moral code, and although he is a relatively weak fighter, he makes up for it with patience, tactical analysis, and a cold-blooded determination. He has no time for self-doubt, and while sometimes he wonders what he’s doing in the Dragon Knights, he simply ignores it and continues with his next task. He would be jealous of Tseo’s abilities, charisma, popularity, and cheerfulness except he doesn’t have time for that either. His duty is his life and he respects rank greatly. He is a surprisingly strong proponent of the Knights and will sometimes reveal a flicker of passion regarding their honour and purpose.

Still not entirely comfortable with his place in life, but is uninterested in experimenting to find his true calling. Has no luck with women, not that he is very interested in the company of other kalmaei in the first place.



– Desk jockey: Hrulash is a genius at the sort of paperwork that drives most knights insane; it’s rumoured he comes up with new forms and regulations to keep himself from being bored.

– Commander: As the second-in-command of the Dragon Knights, Hrulash has average combat ability and by-the-book tactics, relying largely on numbers and probability rather than dangerous risks.

– Snark: Hrulash is a world-class sarcastic little snip and can trade insults with the most bitter-tongued of opponents with ease. He makes an excellent drillmaster.



– Armour: Hrulash’s personal armour is gold with blue underlay.

– Lance: Hrulash fights with a long winged lance.


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