Akalion Gyoriing sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Knight Faithful-laughter of Moon-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Date of Birth: 2180 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Lilemlen
Height: 7’8″
Weight:140 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Voice type: Baritone
Occupation: Knight
Nickname(s): Gyor (Faith)
Likes: loyalty, cake, beauty
Dislikes: disloyalty, poison
Main Instrument: cello
Modern Theme Song: Mark Knopfler: Irish Boy (?)
Favourite colour: yellow

Biography: Gyoriing has always been at Flaer’s side since they were very small children. Despite their differing personalities, they have always been firm friends, relying on each other constantly, though Flaer more on Gyoriing as the years went on and he grew into his role as prince of the Moon-land. Gyoriing was near when Flaer went wandering off aimlessly into the Yalekedma – and met Zela and Layalin. While Flaer instantly became friends with Zela, Gyoriing was attracted to Layalin. He began to study the arts as he had not before, to have something to talk about with Layalin, while taking time out to help Flaer with sparring practice – as he always did, but more intensively now. He needn’t have bothered; Layalin was attracted to him as well, and liked him just the way he was. Their courtship grew stormy as Layalin’s mother attempted to keep them apart, but eventually they were happily married, and Layalin went to live in the Moon-land. They had three children, Luriun, Gyori, and Witelai.

When the war came, Gyoriing proved to be an invaluable assistance to Flaer. While he supported his wife’s pacifistic leanings, he did what he saw had to be done. He was always near Flaer, ensuring his friend and commander never had to fight alone.


Personality: Gyoriing is a very good-natured and kind person, easily forgiving and affectionate. In his role as a knight he is exceptionally dutiful and strict, keeping those under him in order. He is intelligent and can act on his own initiative when necessary. He and Flaer can practically read each other’s minds. In speech he is reasonable, but will brook no nonsense from those he trains. He adores Layalin to a fault, and his children as well.



-Swordmaster: Gyoriing is one of the best swordsmen in the Adhemlenei. Few can match, let alone best him.

-Even-headed: Gyoriing stays calm in the deepest of crises, making him a worthy advisor and commander.



-Weaponry: Gyoriing’s kit can range from a single broadsword to resembling a walking armoury. It depends on what he feels like that day. His weapons include the broadsword, a halberd, a longbow, a mace, three throwing daggers, and a set of nunchaku.

-Shield: Gyoriing often fights with a shield in one hand, relying less on his agility or armour than other characters. Unless he’s using the nunchaku.

-Layalin’s Necklace: Layalin gifted Gyoriing with this golden necklace when they told each other of their love.


Other pictures of Gyoriing: here.