Nieron Gullac Idmwenn sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Prince Irony Swiftflight of Moon-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Age: older than Mathaning and younger than Bayn
Date of Birth: 3413 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Lilemlen
Height: 6’11”
Weight:120 lbs
Hair Color: Reddish-brown
Eye Color: Green
Voice type: Baritone
Occupation: Prankster, ladies’ man
Nickname(s): Assassin, Pestilance
Likes: pranks, having a good time, girls, fangirls, women, alcohol, sparring, preening
Dislikes: swamp, fire, taunting, losing
Main Instrument: voice
Modern Theme Song: Virgen by Los Adolescentes (click here for lyrics and (not very good) music video!), La Plus Jolie Maitresse by Norouet, Bad by Michael Jackson
Favourite colour: all of them!
Voice similar to: Éric Beaudry (Norouet)

Biography: Idmwenn was born a few years after his next elder brother disappeared, and ended up disappearing as well. He too was found, at the same time as the others, but he was once found by fishermen near the sea in the Moonland before joining the Lost Boys. He had taken the name Gullac, meaning Irony, for he had already developed a sharp wit and was ready to use it on anyone and anything.

Gullac was less enthusiastic than his brothers about learning he was a prince, but came willingly enough to meet his parents. There, after an initial awkwardness, he found a family that he came to love deeply. He grew quickly and absorbed all that he was interested in, avoiding the rest, though Bayn tried to help him with his academic studies. He learned things for fun, not for their usefulness. It just happened that he became skilled in lightening fast knife combat, with no thought at all to the war. He hated responsibility unless it was his own initiative, and never took charge of any sort of command in the war. Instead, he watched over his younger brother, Mathaning, with the help of Flairé and Marteth, though he was a bit resentful at first of Marteth’s assuming leadership of the four youngest brothers. He acted as Mathaning’s wild card in the few pitched battles his younger brother led in, and acted as an older brother to the one sibling he could.

A restless distraction to the inhabitants of Lilahcol during the first decade of the war, Gullac was sent out by his father to join Zela and his two brothers next in age to quest for the Phoenix.


Personality: Gullac is a smooth, sexy little snip, whose only public goal seems to be to give all women a good time. He used to enjoy his reputation of ‘the crazy one’ of his siblings, (at least until an comment of Tharash’s set him back on his heels: “Non sequiturs and pyromania do not a crazy person make”,) but now he switches with weathervane frequency between ladies’ man and juvenile party animal. He is persistent and never takes no for a final answer, but always plays the gentleman when actually dining with a girl. Very little seems to faze him, and he can certainly hold his alcohol.

Despite being raised by a pixie in a swamp, Gullac grew to hate swamps and love his pixie mother, rather than the other way around. His adopted mother augmented his sense of humour and his love of tricks, and it seems likely they would have stayed together much longer than they actually did, for Gullac was found and ‘rescued’ rather forcibly by some fisherpeople, and was very upset by this, even though he was able to return briefly.

He has always been vulnerable to the tears of others, and reveals an intensely sympathetic side to those who grieve. He never lost his love of tricks, however, driving those around him to distraction when he is bored. Despite his laid-back attitude and cocky, playful air, he has quite a temper and can be driven to anger much more easily than his brother Marteth or even his mother. Not even Akalion Gyoriing could cure him of it, and while he readily forgives those whom he trusts, if they offend him, he is not so easy with strangers and enemies. They, in turn, are often irritated with his smugness.

The irony of his birth-name amuses, him, and he will answer to it – when he remembers it’s his. He has a posse of fangirls in almost every city in the Moonland, mostly thanks to his impetuously wandering off to sing in what could be called nightclubs, and also due to his looks. Although not as beautiful as Menad, he is almost as vain as his older brother and has perfected a trick of tossing his auburn curls and shooting brilliant green gazes at girls who seem susceptible to him.



-Trickster: Gullac tries very hard to be the epitome of the trickster archetype. As such, he is not above pranking people for a laugh, doing ridiculous things for the sake of being ridiculous, and being exceedingly slippery to pin down. His sarcastic wit is always ready, scathing and occasionally obnoxious.

-Knife-fighter: not many of the kalmaei choose to specialize in knife combat, but Gullac is truly a master. Some call him an assassin, but he has never actually assassinated anyone.



-knives: Gullac doesn’t seem to run out of knives, from the two long and wickedly pointed ones he uses to fight, all the way to the four tiny ones he loves to do trick juggling with. He also doesn’t seem to carry them openly; it is often wondered where he keeps them.

-vest: his favourite blue vest, which was a present from his sister, he wears everywhere.


Other pictures of Gullac: here.