Nieron Flairé Flarein sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Prince Valiantson Descended-of-Noble of Moon-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Age: 2,650,032, give or take a few millenia
Date of Birth: 3672 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Lilemlen
Height: 7’2″
Weight:125 lbs
Hair Color: Shiny black
Eye Color: Emerald green
Voice type: Tenor (goes up like a counter-tenor)
Occupation: Hero!
Nickname(s): Crow, swordie
Likes: helping, messing with people’s heads, dancing, laughing, his family
Dislikes: people who won’t listen to reason, people who hurt his friends and family and orphans
Main Instrument: whistle (also drums, harp, strings. But mostly whistle)
Modern Theme Songs: Leahy: The French, Mariam Matossian: Hayastani Aghchigner, The Chieftains: The Falcon
Favourite colour: red
Voice similar to: Vitas


Biography: The eldest son of Zela and Flaer, Flairé is his father’s twin brother in appearence. He grew up while the land was still peaceful, but his mother’s rigourous training served him well when war broke out. Uncertain and retiring at first, but his parents and his best friend showed him how to be a leader, showed him how others looked to him whether he realized it or not. Traumatized when his friend went mad due to the Black Unicorn, Flairé worked hard after to protect those around him, and rarely volunteered to be in charge of large groups of people so that he could protect them better. He played a minor pivotal part in the war, assisting his parents, often on quests alone or with a small group, especially with his brothers. Jalril ‘Mui-id’, a young kalma from the Griffon-lands in a unit serving under Flairé, attached himself to him as his protégé and Flairé taught him to learn and grow as he was taught, in his own peculiar way. Eventually, for a while, they became known as the ‘Deer and Crow’ duo. A girl from the Dragon-lands grew to be his next best friend, but when she told him she loved him, with unwelcome gestures, he withdrew from that relationship because he knew he would never love her as she loved him, and because he was not ready for a relationship so suddenly. He fought with his transformed brother and defeated him at the height of the war.

Today, he wanders the wilderness rather aimlessly, stopping often to help people in need. He has gone to many distant lands and knows the whole world probably better than anyone else in it. He is still searching for the one woman he will love with his whole heart. He will often help several people at once, flitting from place to place and usually showing up miraculously at the moment he is most needed. He and Flaria run an orphanage in a remote area, raising human children who were abandoned, abused, or otherwise in need of rescuing.


Personality: Flairé is flippant and eternally optimistic, but also friendly and loyal to a fault, kind of like a puppy. He loves to talk and can think of a thousand things to say in any situation, but will usually go with the most mildly sarcastic, good-natured comment. He’s wholly romantic, idealistic, less realistic than his mother, and always hopes for a happy ending even as he works to make it happen. He’s gentle with people smaller than he is, and sometimes plays flamboyant wingman to his friends. But he can also be the voice of reason when things are getting out of hand.

He’s very modest, emotionally and physically, and has never even kissed a girl because he is waiting to find the woman he loves, whoever she may be. When short of temper, he tends to be snappish and exacting. Even when in a good temper, he gets exasperated into a fine simmering state at people who ignore his reasonings or who are truly stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. Still, he enjoys the company of transdimensional traveler Tharash Kaern, who has no need for mortal logic and is stubborn as a mule.

He’s a fine actor (when he can keep himself from laughing) and loves messing with people’s heads, especially today, when he is mistaken for a girl nine times out of ten. Very affectionate and a good sympathetic listener. Less affected than his parents at the loss of his homeland; he suspects it is because he never had time to really become attached to the land during the time of peace.

Flairé hides one dark secret: when he is betrayed or loses someone dear to him in an especially horrible way, his rage will break free of his control and consume him, resulting in the absolute destruction of the person or people who hurt him. Basically, if you burn down his orphanage, he’ll burn down your country. He is afraid of this side of himself and locks it away as tightly as he can, although usually it isn’t necessary as Flairé is a very un-angry person. Recent non-canon training from Dante Sparda has resulted in some semblance of control over this creature, although he still fears its existence.



-Warrior Prince: Flairé is a master at swordfighting, trained by his mother. He is also proficient in archery and medical care.

-Acrobat: Flairé’s dancing can be better classified as gymnastics, but he loves doing it. Amazingly supple and strong, it seems like he can go anywhere in any manner he chooses.

-Speaker: Flairé is very good at making people laugh, even his mother, with his flippant or gently playful comments. He is also a fantastic actor, though his tendency to laugh at anything funny sometimes spoils his acting.

-Multi-lingual: Today, Flairé can speak any language in the world as easily as his native tongue.



-sword: Flairé normally fights with a long sword with a narrow curved-back handguard.

-butterfly pin: a small, gold butterfly pin Flairé uses to keep his cloak closed. A gift?

-Forest gear: Flairé wears similar clothes to his mother when travelling or fighting, which includes black turtleneck shirt and pants, black leather boots, leather belt, loose green tunic, and a brown cloak.

-Dragonland armour: Flairé also wears the thin metal tunic from the Dragonland under his turtleneck; he wears the accompanying helmet more often than his mother. Owns a suit of plate/chainmail, but dislikes wearing it.

-Formal wear: Flairé’s favourite change of clothes is similar in design to his forest gear, but with a scarlet tunic of fine material, a black velvet cloak with a brilliantly coloured phoenix embroidered on the back (by Flaria, his sister), and shiny black boots (he’s kind of a sucker for shiny black leather boots).

-Wings: Flairé’s most unusual belonging is a set of large black wings he made himself from jointed metal tubes, thin fabric, and many, many crow and eagle feathers. They attach with a harness encasing his torso and fold away neatly on his back when he’s not using them. They have both handholds, for manual control and flapping, and a glide position that locks into place and lets him use his hands.


Other pictures of Flairé: here.

Flairé has his own email! He’s not clueless about modern human technology, though he only checks it once a week (not obsessive-compulsively like some people). To ask a question or leave a comment, he can be reached at flaire.am.i at hotmail dot com.