Nieron Flaer Flaré sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Prince Valiant Nobleson of Moon-landflaerprofile2
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Age: a couple million
Date of Birth: 2178 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Lilemlen
Height: 7’3″
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brilliant green
Voice type: Tenor
Occupation: Prince
Likes: Meditation, dancing, music, poetry, Zela, his children, protecting
Dislikes: Unfounded criticism, kidnappers, murderers, celery
Main Instrument: harp
Modern Theme Song: Smetana: Sarka (from Ma Vlast) (I know there’s a story – just ignore the story), John Williams: Dream March from The Red Pony, I See Fire by Ed Sheeran
Favourite colour: lavender
Voice similar to: Kevin Conneff’s low range (The Chieftains)


Biography: Flaer is the first-born son of Flar and Stialia of the Moon-land. Born while the kalmaeirin civilization was still composing itself, he was a dynamic figure in the construction of the capital of the Moon-land. He mostly stayed in Lilahcol until tales of the Deer-Woman, and threats from people who wanted to hunt the Deer-Woman, took him outside the city and into the deep darkness of the Yalekedma to try to protect her. There he met Zela, who had pity on his complete city-bred forest-ineptness and took care of him until he was well enough to return home – though by then they shared a deeper bond. Over time they fell in love.  They were married and had a total of seven children.

When war came, Flaer was prepared, having seen the signs, and he and his father Flar were both active in the defense of their side. Flaer tried many diplomatic sallies, and when those failed, became the unwilling commander of an army. He and Zela worked in tandem throughout the war, not only because they loved each other, but because they also worked well together.

Afterwards, he withdrew to a small outpost city and became the chieftain of the survivors.


Personality: Flaer is a very gentle man, very polite and well-mannered, but also possessing great self-confidence and a hidden determination that takes many by surprise when he has need to show it. He is respected for his intelligent and honourable mind, combined with his charisma and mastery of language. An artist who loves music, writing, and poetry, sometimes a dreamer, he seeks out beauty in every location and situation. He strives to be the perfect compassionate leader, husband, and father, looking up greatly to his own father. Still, he sometimes argues heatedly with his beloved wife over philosophy and action. He takes all the failures of his people personally, although he is not so naive as to think that he is personally responsible for all the terrible things that have happened to them.

He is not a fantastic fighter, but can defend himself well enough in battle. His best strength in the war is neither combat nor tactics, but inspiring his troops – not to mention his diplomatic duties.

Despite his inner strength, his constant optimism was beaten down over time and today, though the war was ‘won’, he seems an outwardly expressionless husk. Only his eyes betray his pain and love. He speaks little now, but every action he takes is devoted to protecting his wife and children, though they don’t have much need of it anymore.



-Artist: Flaer is a composer and writer when he has nothing better to do, and contributed greatly to the culture of the Moonland.

-Charismatic: When Flaer speaks, which is not necessarily often, people listen.

-Dancer: Flaer is not really a true warrior, but he is a wickedly skilled dancer.



-harp: Flaer’s favourite instrument, this ancient harp has played much beautiful music, including many of Flaer’s own compositions.

-crown: Flaer still keeps the thin silver circlet he was crowned with…

-Flaer’s tunic: Flaer has a fondness for high-collared silk jackets and often wears them at court – and even outside of court. They usually have the crest of Lilemlen embroidered on the sleeve.

-Dragon-land plate armour: While Flaer does wear a matching set of clothes to his wife’s forest-suited equipment, he will ride to tournament or battle encased in full plate armour.


Other pictures of Flaer: here.