Nieron Bayn Zeastal sha Lilemlen

Name meaning: Prince Serenity Brightsword of Moon-land
Race: Kalmaeirin
Gender: Male (kalma)
Age: younger than Marteth and older than Gullac
Date of Birth: 3877 years after the Sun
Place of Origin: Lilemlen
Height: 7’5″
Weight:125 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Voice type: Baritone
Occupation: Bookworm
Likes: Boooooks!!!
Dislikes: Loud noises, small flies
Main Instrument: an untranslatable woodwind, similar to a clarinet but softer
Modern Theme Song: The Chieftains: Casadh An tSúgáin / Mariam Matossian: Hafrs Em Knoom
Favourite colour: grey

Biography: Zeastal was born soon after his elder brother Hciristial disappeared, and likewise, Zeastal vanished in the same way as his elder brother. His parents were doubly grieved and confused by his disappearance. Some years later, at the same period of time that led to Marteth’s discovery in the Dragon-land mountains, a wandering group of hunter-kalmaei and griffons found a small blonde boy playing beside a river in the Griffon-land far from any villages. He told them he was the son of Nieron Flaer and Elyil Zela, but that his name was Bayn, or Serenity. The hunters, confused, took him with them, and sent word to Flaer and Zela. Flaer himself came, and the boy told him what his adopted mother, a pixie, had told him: many years before, a group of pixies had gotten together as they all wanted to see what it would be like to raise the child of a great kalmaeirin couple. Flaer and Zela were the unlucky couple, and as they had four baby children over the relatively short period of less than a hundred years, four lucky pixies took the children and scattered far from the capital of the Moon-land. When they began to grow up, their adopted mothers decided to return them to the world they belonged in.

Bayn took the news of his true parents and name with child-like equinamity, though Flaer and Zela soon realized that Bayn was a better name for their fourth son than his original name, Zeastal. Bayn grew into a very tall young kalma, with an insatiable desire for knowledge. He devoured what libraries he could get his hands on, in any subject: literature, philosophy, maths, astronomy, music – including studying and playing systematically every piece of music he could find – science, and history. During this time he met a intelligent and lovely girl who had a great love of poetry, and they soon became fast friends, and later, engaged. He didn’t limit his studies to books, either, although that was his favourite pasttime: he also studied the wilderness with Flairé and Flaria, and swordfighting, less enthusiastically, with Zela. He also tried to help his younger brothers with their studies, and in return let them beat up his lanky frame in sparring practice.

Bayn became a respected minor leader in the war, often serving near if not under his elder brother Marteth.


Personality: Bayn follows his father most closely of all his brothers, inheriting his gentle nature along with a good measure of his own outward cheerfulness and sympathy. His favourite place to be is curled up in a large comfortable chair, preferably on a balcony on warmer days and by a fire on cold days. He speaks openly against war and killing, and is visibly reluctant to fight against anyone, though he takes his responsibilities seriously and realistically. He will fight pretty much solely to save lives when not commanding, though as a result of his mother’s training he is a deadly opponant no less than his brothers. He is quiet-spoken and rarely raises his voice, preferring to avoid confrontation, unlike some of his brothers. He is friendly to all, and close to his family, but closest of all to his girlfriend.



-Bookworm: Bayn has tried to read every book in existance, and as a result has a staggering wealth of knowledge, both academic and practical.



-Sword-mace: Bayn uses a longsword with an extremely heavy pommel. While it is in its scabbard, he can use it as a mace. As a sword it is somewhat less effective.


Other pictures of Bayn: here.