Characters: The Adhemlenei

The Lilemlen (Moonland)

The Nunathoemlen (Unicornland)

The Aarhckemlen (Dragonland)

The Kiirstemlen (Griffonland)

The Lilemlen (Moonland)


Zela – Zela, or [Sound of a] Beautiful Sword [Drawn From a Sheath], is the oldest kalma known. She lived long in the forest of the Yalekedma until she met and married the kalma-prince Flaer, and had seven children. She loves dancing, and music also, and she is very good with weaponry. Zela is rather serious, and longs to right all the injustice in the world, and is frustrated that she can’t.

Flaer – Valiant, the son of Flar and Stialia, the elder prince of the Lilemlen, is gentle and soft spoken. He has always been a strong leader and a charismatic speaker, but is sometimes overshadowed by his wayward wife, Zela. He is a great lover of music and has made significant contributions to the culture of Lilemlen.

Flairé – Valiantson is the eldest son of Flaer and Zela. With black hair and emerald green eyes, he is often mistaken for Flaer’s twin brother! Flairé is an excellent swordfighter and acrobat, and plays flute, violin, harp, and also drum, the last often by dancing on it. He has always been perpetually flippant. Flairé is very caring and spends much more time ‘in the open’ than his parents, helping random good-hearted people in trouble. He is often mistaken for a tall, flat-chested girl by those inexperienced with kalmaei.

Flaria – Noble-maiden is the second child and only daughter of Flaer and Zela. While she supports her siblings and parents in all their quests, her real ambition is to fuss comfortably over them all when they return home rather than going out and being an active adventurer herself. She is also a skilled healer, as well as having a passion for books, an admiration for technobabble, and self-imposed duties in sewing and cooking. She has a relationship with Jalril’s older brother, Lilkislinon.

Menad – Dawn, the third child of Flaer and Zela. The most beautiful of the boys, he is doted upon by his elder siblings. He often goes in search of adventure and usually winds up in over his head. Sometimes arrogant, often withdrawn and cold, but moodily determined to accomplish the best path he sees before him – with as little effort as possible. He keeps pet dogs.

Marteth – Pride, the fourth child of Flaer and Zela, and one of the four lost brothers. Influenced in his childhood by the culture of the Dragon-kingdom. Eager to defend his honour and that of those he trusts, but his anger is fierce, flaming up at taunting. He has an uncanny knack for penetrating his enemy’s defenses, whether with words, swords, or armies, but can lose his head while in the thick of it.

Bayn – Serenity, the fifth child of Flaer and Zela and one of the four lost brothers. The wisest of the children of Flaer and Zela, Bayn is thoughtful. Discomfited by his height, he usually spends his time curled in a large comfortable chair, but is not bad with a weapon. His interests were influenced by the people of the Griffon kingdom. He is a very calm and quiet kalma, and has a girlfriend, Salma. He keeps pet turtles, which Menad’s dogs enjoy barking at, to Bayn’s discomfiture.

Gullac – Irony, the sixth child of Flaer and Zela. The second youngest of the lost brothers, Gullac was the closest to his own adopted mother. He still likes playing little pranks on his siblings, and often speaks sarcastically, and is very vain. He is vulnerable to others’ tears and has a bit of a temper, inflamed a little more easily than his brother Marteth. Very protective of his little brother Mathaning. Has many fangirls in the Lilemlen, which explains his slight obsession with making sure he keeps a sexy butt.

Mathaning – Eternal-laughter, the seventh child of Flaer and Zela and the last of the lost brothers. He takes his job as youngest very seriously and tries to keep those around him optimistic. He loves to laugh with delight at the world. Although he is a competent fighter himself, his elder brothers have banded together to watch out for him, especially Flairé, Marteth, and Gullac. He enjoys flying.

Gyoriing – Steadfast-laughter, the loyal bodyguard, knight, and captain of Flaer. A true and cheerful soul, as his name suggests, he is also Flaer’s best friend. He is the tallest kalma yet born and a skilled fighter, naturally.

Lyrestan – Firefly, Flaer’s golden-haired younger brother. Passionate, gentle, and impetuous, he wears his heart on his sleeve and will do anything to fufill his promises.

Flar/Stialia – Noble/Gleam-maiden, the king and queen of the Moon-kalmaei in the central forests/rivers/plains  region called Lilemlen. Parents of Flaer and Lyrestan. Flar is a strong and capable leader, dealing daily with the fickle temperaments of his council, and Stialia is patient and reserved.

Sitrelawan – Bird Above, the second-in-command of the Lilemlen knights. She is a good fighter and trainer, but cautious tactically, and maintains tight self-control. Flaxen hair.

Salma – Summer, Bayn’s quiet girlfriend.

Heron, Mouse, Murrila, Lumishashya, Mercy – councillors. (Redlight and Bluegrass)

Kafrinon – Gyoriin’s grandfather; Lord of Lirar-Moihh. Badly injured in a hunt; lame in his right leg. Irritable at not having the mobility he used to, and dislikes being Lord of Lirar-Moihh. His son is a bard and his daughter in law is a weaver.

Escamenad – Climbing Dawn, the proprietor of the best little teashop in Lilahcol. Also a gifted storyteller and a good friend of Flaer.

The Nunathoemlen (Unicornland)

Erd/Gaila – Vision/Elegance, the king and queen of the Unicorn-kalmaei in the northern mountains/forests/rivers region called Nunathoemlen. Erd is absent-minded, planning with his head in the clouds; Gaila is wholly in the moment, especially if the moment involves pretty things or her daughters.

Muila – Beautiful-deer, the eldest daughter of and Gaila, and princess of the Unicorn-kalmaei. She is strong willed and proud, and protective of her younger twin sister. She has strong opinions, and believes that if her father only listened to her, he would have a much easier time of ruling.

Layalin – Beautiful-singer, the younger twin sister of Muila and the second daughter of Erd and Gaila, and princess of the Unicorn-kalmaei. She admires tall kalmei (could be due to the fact that she’s rather short…) and has a voice popularly acclaimed the most beautiful in the Adhemlenei. She often sings for Zela, who becomes her closest friend, even closer than her twin. She is devoted to her unicorn friend and extremely pacifistic.

Kylyralessa – Golden-haired-gull, the youngest daughter of Erd and Gaila, and princess of the Unicorn-kalmaei. A gentle soul who loves pasttimes involving making beautiful things with her hands. She has many girl friends with whom she goes about, though there is no clear leader of their group.

Yoeath – White-mist, Zela’s unicorn friend. Reticent, loyal, with a taste for acquiring knowledge and a knack for staying under the political radar.

Helith – Rain, Layalin’s unicorn friend. Enjoys calmly teasing her princess.

Tatamkanai – Dancingday, or Tam for short, is from the Nunathoemlen. He is often considered crazy, but is just unconventional and independent, dying his bangs pale blue in contrast to his brown hair, fighting with a spring-loaded spear, and taking the longest and hardest route to get anywhere. He is very sweet to his parents. A political wild-card; he understands the politics of his homeland very well but refuses to join factions.

Lam’rokruhl – Dark(green)leaf, a kalma from the Unicornland, about the same age as Flairé. He acts as Flairé’s second in command, and is a calm counterbalance to his captain’s goodnatured exuberance. Married, and friends with a unicorn.

Marotheth – Darksigh (?), a proud knight of the Nunathoemlen, and the captain of Erd’s knights. Most often deskbound, although with an almost manaical need for control and organization. He despises Tam, and sees him as a personal rival. Soaked in bitterness that he is not a different person than he is, or accorded more respect, his position as General notwithstanding.

Shaywith – the captain of unicorns and Marotheth’s partner. Spartan and disciplined, and really would rather not have any intrigue among his knights without his say-so, thank you very much.

Violet and Ivory – friends of Tam; Violet is an elf and Ivory is a unicorn. Partners; knights who serve Layalin in particular as bodyguards, and investigate missing persons. They are both cheerful, and possessed of a resourcefulness that makes them invaluable as the Nunathoemlen’s excuse for secret agents. They tease each other often, and were good friends with Tam while in training together. Violet is blonde but dyed her hair purple while training with Tam. It has since grown out to its normal colour.

The Black Unicorn – a mysterious, insane, and wildly dangerous unicorn living far to the north-west of the Nunathoemlen. Probably a rumour, really, except for the disappearances…

Sairthin – once Muila’s closest friend, and also possibly romantically involved with Helith. A masterful speaker. His disappearance is under investigation by Violet and Ivory.

Talith – Talith the Swan (so named for her grace) is one of Muila’s allies; a vivacious girl with brown hair, captivating amber eyes and a sharp political mind.

Kisei – Kisei is a great lord, responsible for reporting on the convoluted economics of the kingdom to the council. He is in charge of imports and exports, of taxes and tariffs, and of a small army of scribes dedicated to making sure the kingdom doesn’t go into debt. In his free time he is a poet and lifts weights. He is not kind, only focused on his job, and is very wealthy and wishes to remain so.

Hinami – Littlepool, a young woman with aspirations to become a medic/healer.

The Aarhckemlen (Dragonland)

Kirstril/Shlaes – Eagle-light and Cloud, the king and queen of the Dragon-kalmaei in the eastern mountains/rivers/forests region called Aarhckemlen. Kirstril is unpredictable, but intelligent and passionate. Shlaes is his soothing influence, although she prefers to live in her tower, away from the world. Kirstril is darkhaired, while Shlaes has white hair.

Kesshlaes – Blackberry-cloud (?), the son of Kirstril and Shlaes and the Prince of the Aarhckemlen. Cocky and adventure-hungry, yet unwilling to leave the comfortable cities for long.

Crhaegarrk – the Lord of Dragons. The largest, oldest, and possibly wisest of them all, this big crimson dragon answers to no other, not even to Kirstril, king of the Dragon-kalmaei.

Lilar – Ahcazi in the dragon tongue, Silver, a silver dragon, a friend of Zela’s. Not particularly young or old, somewhat cautious but tends to bottle things inside until they explode into reckless behaviour. Blue-eyed.

Tseo – Wind, a Dragon-knight; friends and partners with the golden dragon Hoarwilk. He has an aura of steady, honourable seriousness punctuated with terrible jokes. Good friend of Kirstril and Shlaes. In his youth, an arrogant jerk.

Hoarwilk – Tseo’s golden dragon partner; she patiently puts up with the terrible jokes. The two are such close friends they’re practically married. Blue-eyed.

Hrulash – Riverwave, a Dragon-knight. Irritable and straight-laced to the point of choking himself. In his youth, had no self-confidence, but worked very hard to live up to what he thought was expected of him. Discipline and the heirarchy of order give him meaning in life.

Garekhen – Hrulash’s golden dragon partner. Large-framed, jovial, and just wishes his partner would loosen up once in a while. Green-eyed.

Syuthowalth – Softwing, a weaver-girl. Romantic.

Elkyari – Cardinaljay, a young captain. Idealistic. Redheaded and green-eyed. Has three sisters; Chichi (Sparrow), Cherchi (Finch), and Chidachi (Chickadee). Son of Sparrowhawk.

Lyrilna – Goldstream, a huge, sentient snake. Perhaps a relative of the dragons. Is highly calm but does not hesitate to denounce those he sees as wicked.

The Kiirstemlen (Griffonland)

Nu/Yoia – Wisdom and Whitemaid, the king and queen of the Griffon-kalmaei in the southern plains/hills/forests region called Kiirstemlen. Yoia is wild and adventurous, even combative, and very proud of who she is and who her people are; Nu is more careful and contemplative. Both are black-haired; Yoia is golden-eyed and Nu is blue-eyed.

Jalrila – Honey-light, a young kalma from the griffonlands. Nicknamed “Mui-id”, or Deerfleet. He looks up to Flairé, who is a sort of mentor figure to him. He is very devoted to his family and is trying to find his feet so as to stand on his own and make them proud. Shy and rather timid at the moment. Brown hair and golden eyes.

Jalril – Honeydaughter, Jalril’s twin sister. Equally naive as her brother, but with much more of a backbone, though fragile.

Lilkislinon – Moonboy, Jalrila and Jalril’s older brother, named so for his silver hair and eyes. A knight now in service to the Lilemlen so long that his tanned Griffonlander skin has faded to pale pale white. Dating Princess Flaria. Puts up with Flairé’s teasing with enormous patience, although his Griffonlander wildness is only disciplined, not tamed or forgotten.

Lyridda – Swiftgold, Queen of Griffons

Ruring – King of Griffons

Firestorm – Commander of the Griffonland; redhaired and goldeneyed. A wild one who laughs as much as he meditates – which is a lot. Generous to strangers and even more so to friends.

Lirardop – Sunspot, Firestorm’s griffon partner. Gregarious and fast-talking.

Ffweiless and Hciriless – Angelhair, a very strange kalma. Young, impetuous, a few anger issues, and dealing with hormone imbalances far greater than his kin. No combat skills at all. Would like to control his sister, Hciriless, who loves her brother but is aware something is deeply wrong with him. She just wants to live a normal life, but such is impossible while she lives with him – and he won’t let her do otherwise. Both have long, especially beautiful golden hair and blue eyes.

Kess, Apple, and Kessré – Blackberry, Apple, and Blackberryson, a family from the Griffonland. Kess is such a great warrior he has changed his name to Ekess, or Scratch. Apple is the merry daughter of farmers, and their son shows promise in both farming and fighting.


Outside the Adhemlenei

The Witches of the Southern Mountains – two kallei (Eoelva (Spiritsplendour) and Aeiru (Cat)), a griffon (Mwaheot (Heaven’s End)), and a dragon (Ammernu (Green Wisdom)) who all live in the Southern Mountains south of the Dragonland. Not actually witches.