May 25, 2009

About and Site Map

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Adhemlenei (The Four Kingdoms) is an art gallery website designed to display my artwork to the world, and perhaps tell a few (mostly fictional) stories along the way. I hope you enjoy! There is no set way to browse the site – just click on stuff that looks interesting.

I own only the Adhemlenei, my random characters, and the artwork and writing. All original ideas by other people, from Middle Earth to Tsubasa Chronicle, belong to their copyright holders.


About and Site Map: This is this page, giving an overview of the site.

Characters: All my original characters, who are sorted according to A) story, B) importance, and C), birthdate. The ones with links have their own separate bio.

World: Articles about the Adhemlenei, including what and where it is and who lives in it, and how. And sometimes why.

Webcomic Archive: I am going to assume that if you are here, one of the main things you’ll be looking for are the webcomics. Because webcomics are fun. – Sub-links to the latest comic page.

Art for Me!: Gift art, and even fanart from awesome people!

Writing: Looking for a specific writing project of mine, like the Adhemlenei novel(s)? This page has links to all of them, including individual chapters of larger projects.

Links Out: Other websites you may enjoy, though this is mostly redundant as one of the next headings in the sidebar is Links to Awesome Webcomics/Stories. These are the webcomics that I read most often and enjoy the most.


The Adhemlenei: The Four Kingdoms, the repository of 90% of my original works, chronicling an alternate history of the West Coast of North America involving 7′ tall elves called ‘kalmaei’, and how they destroyed themselves despite being a wise and artistic civilization. The main characters are the eldest, Zela, her husband, Flaer, and her son and daughter, Flairé and Flaria. This also includes the weekly webcomic The Totally Not-Canon Adventures of Flairé (see below).

Middle Earth Fanworks: fanart based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s amazing world. I own nothing, but Esgalwen is my original character.

Legend of Zelda Fanart: fanart and fanfiction of the mega-popular RPG video game. All belonging to Nintendo except Rana, my original character.

Fire Emblem: fanart and fanfiction of a popular Japanese turn-based strategy RPG video game. Ceniro and Salir are my original characters. Everything else belongs to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

Art for Me!: fanart drawn of my characters or original art by other artists that happened to end up in my sketchbooks.

Japanese Franchise Fanart: Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tsubasa Chronicle, and Studio Ghibli fanart. All those popular Japanese TV shows/movies/etc. of which I have only a few drawings each. I own nothing here. Except maybe Rinako and Konane.

(Media: sorts my artwork according to how I created it)

Miniatures: model figures, mostly from Games Workshop (which I have no connection to other than as a customer).

My Brother’s Corner: my brother’s minatures. Someday soon he will create his own blog. Or so he says.

Other Fanart: fanart of TV shows (Skyland, Dragon Booster), webcomics (LinT, True Magic, The Prime of Ambition, Legendary, Dominic Deegan), video games (Freelancer), movies (Bionicle I, The Emperor’s New Groove) and novels (The Dark is Rising). I own none of these.

Random Blog Posts: blog posts with no pictures attached. Often to do with documenting my (boring) running activities.

Uncategorized: realistic art, original art on original subjects, or at least stand-alone fanart that doesn’t fit in any other category.

Writing: all my original writing and fanfiction, most of which may be filed also under another category, like Adhemlenei or Zelda or Fire Emblem.


The Totally Not-Canon Adventures of Flairé is a weekly webcomic starring the elf Flairé, the human girl Leslie, then the human boy Michael, and… wackiness. Updates Sundays in full coloured glory.

Eros and Psyche is a webcomic retelling the Greek myth, and updates Mon/Wed/Fri in black-and-white outlines.

Everything Else:

Awesome Webcomics/Stories: Some of my favourite links. They are usually pretty awesome!

Elsewhere: My YouTube channel, and my Zazzle store. Listen to organ performances, or buy Flairé shirts. Sounds win-win to me. :mrgreen:

Tags: The top 80 most commonly tagged tags in my posts.

All Tags: The awesome ‘My Tag Cloud’ widget, in case you’re looking for something more obscure. Like ‘Andy Schleck’. :wink:

The author: Illinia has a number of aliases and characters. She loves drawing, stories, and music.

Contact: elfinessewebsite at hotmail dot com


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