Quinnkuliina Wedding Pictures Complete Set


This is what I was working on in the hopes of having it done for Valentine’s Day, but alas, I was sick last week and that stole the three days I needed to finish it on time. : P So anyway, here they are, and also spoilers for Chapter 1 of Queen of Kuat. Super lazy with backgrounds; they are all screenshots and some of them have had ingame avatars edited out because for some reason I left them in ‘for scale’, not realizing I was going to be lazy (haaaaaaa) and using them straight later?

Quinn is wearing a dress uniform I made up for the rank of Commodore (the one that comes after Captain). …Don’t ask me where he pulled the blaster from.

Many references used; will put them in tomorrow.

I also have cake just because I felt like it.

EDIT: apparently ‘tomorrow’ means next week. Have some references…

Picture 1: some couple walking on the beach from Google image search, adjusted

Picture 2: some couple dancing tango from Google image search (this one’s pretty good too but I liked the symmetry of the first one… maybe I’ll draw this one later)

Picture 3: no reference : O

Picture 4: Quinn, Akuliina

Picture 5: some couple from Devart, adjusted heavily

Picture 5.5: no reference :3

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