Selyn Tekeri: Exile

selyntekeri2bw selyntekeri2colour

Selyn in her blue Zeison Sha armour. I probably didn’t keep it all through the actual game (it’s been a while since I played, I don’t remember) but I do know it’s my favourite armour, and goes with the theme of being a Jedi without being a Jedi – wearing actual armour instead of monkish robes, wearing the armour of an anti-Jedi people, but still being completely devoted to helping and serving the people of the galaxy. That you don’t have to follow the traditional rules to be a good person, and maybe you can even be a better person for not following the rules (since those rules may not make sense and in fact harm more than they help, though they are based on good intentions), as long as you’re responsible about what you’re doing and think about why you’re really doing what you’re doing.

Another sumi-e experiment. Still not really sure what I’m doing. Will keep practicing. There’s a very specific project I want to use this style for.

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