Lyrestan’s Halloween/Holland fanart

Lyrestan’s Halloween costume/Holland fanart

drawn Oct 14-15, ’11


This is for the Wayrift Halloween challenge… it’s Lyrestan (Flaer’s younger brother, the ‘white prince’ type) dressed as Holland (who also happens to be a prince, who knew?) from the webcomic Strays which is a pretty amazing webcomic if I say so myself. It has shapeshifters! And intrigue! And a 12 year old bratty heroine who is actually really compelling! Although I thought she was a boy for like a month. And a wolf-guy who can’t talk, but is a brilliant fighter.

And Holland, who is hilariously giddy and makes the best faces.(I like to think he’s like Flairé except he’s short and also a swan-shapeshifter.)

This artist also draws the Puddlebunnies, which make Leslie melt into a puddlebunny herself… Example, example, example.

Not much is new here… I made cookies today. They are chocolate chip.

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