drawn Sep 10-11, ’11


Zemi of Wayrift etc.!! I recall (maybe incorrectly?) that when he gets dressed in people clothes, his robe has a dragon on it… but Wren never drew it (probably because it would be crazy-hard to do). So I decided to put it on, and used brushes from here

So, here’s the Zemi-kins showing off again. As he usually does. And so on.

You should see this picture – it comes with a delightful (though a little bit sad) story.

Today I spent 5 hours cleaning and then was tired. But the whole downstairs (again, excluding the vacuuming parts) is now cleeeeaaaan. Discovered that the cleaning cloths I bought were not exactly reusable – I threw them in the washer, and half an hour later I had a lovely yellow fringe scarf. : P So next time I’m going to look for things that are not dirt-cheap and see if that helps. But there are no more cobwebs in the living areas (though I can’t say much for under the stairs, or the breaker (shudder). I’ll get them next time. Also I managed to do most of my laundry, despite never having really done it much before. Didn’t get to the kitchen, but I have plans (mwahahahaha).

I also drew this picture, and did a little exploring in Guild Wars. Not very much. I don’t think I like ice imps very much.

I’ve found a church that should only be a 20 minute walk away, so I’ll be heading there for tomorrow morning. And tomorrow, instead of cleaning, I’ll be doing more practicing!

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10 Responses to Zemi

  1. Rose says:

    The story is so sad!

    By the way, I followed some of the links on the side bar here, and now I’m tottally addicted to LinT. Especaially Sangwine and Mr. Scary Mind-Controled Mage Zedwig.

  2. Illinia says:

    Yaaaaaay!!! LinT is awesome. Glad you found it. Did you find the sequel too?
    Zedwig just needs a hug. : )

  3. Rose says:

    I am waiting with baited breath for Linter to update! Poor Bactine :(

    Zedwig does need a hug! And a shrink to help him with his Stockholm’s Syndrome!

  4. Illinia says:

    Well… one thing I like about Lintier is that the drama is not overshadowing the humour. The end of LinT got quite high-fantasy-ish, and the jokes seemed a little out of place. Not in Lintier (yet)! asdfhslhg Teitnl!!! <3
    I wonder what Bactine does all day in the spirit world?

  5. Rose says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean.

    But I really do like Teitnl, THe Evil Illusionist that Nobody likes… In a round about way. :)

    Ha ha, yeah, poor Bactine, just sitting around. And now that Sang has to track down Tei, she’s going to be even more bored. She’ll probably rip Sang a new one for losing it when he finally does manage to get it back.

    And am I the only one who likes Linter’s description of Sang? Pfft…. Spongebob Squarepants… It’s so true!

  6. Illinia says:

    I KNOW lol!! I actually commented on it in the cast page comments… it IS true! And I love that.
    Have you read the Blogger novels? Dad gave me the print version of Bactine’s story as I was leaving, so it’s the one I’ve read most recently… Sang is juuuuust the same. XD And Xylic is a big part of that one, too.

  7. Rose says:

    I’m in the midst of reading Fromage right now, but I’m a quick reader. It won’t be long until I’m that far. I’m so exited! For whatever reason this is so addicting!

    But I’ll have to read Corn Miller’s Daughter just to read more about Sang.

    And for whatever reason, I really like Fangline. He’s just so … explosive. And EVIL!

  8. Illinia says:

    Yeah, I do like Fang as a villain. He hits the nail on the head in some writing or other: that if he were good, he’d be boring. And boring is the thing he hates most. : P Silly Fang. So strange and wrong, yet strangely appealing.
    Apparently on the cast page before we met him, Fang was represented as a cat. XD I joined too late to see that.
    I know! Well constructed stories are addicting! That’s one reason I’m such a fan of Wayrift. And LinT. And Archipelago. Etc.
    I think it’s Corn Miner’s Daughter – I believe it’s supposed to be a play on ‘coal miner’s daughter’. Or something like that. Yes. There is lots of Sang. And Xylic. And some Al’bert.
    Fromaaaaage… “The Count of Cheese?” “…That is a very loose translation.” LOL ALICE PWNS
    One more thing: a couple short joke comics Colby drew a long time ago: http://hownottorunacomic.comicgenesis.com/d/19950101.html and http://hownottorunacomic.comicgenesis.com/d/19940707.html

  9. Rose says:

    Fang; Hates boring, likes green, loves explosions and the things that cause them (like Zedwig).

    I really like Archipelago, too, and True Magic…

    You’re right, it is Corn Miner’s daughter. That seems to fit in the LinT-verse really well. It’s such an irreverantly silly place. I always said that the best fans of any genre are the people who can pick on their own genre.

    Al’bert… There’s another character I like for absolutely NO reason other than that… I love his hair.

    Hahaha! I love the second one most. “Throw this into the firey depths of MOUNT KILIMANJARO!!!!”

  10. Illinia says:

    (pet’s Al’bert’s hair………)
    Xylic is so OOC in that minicomic. XD

    True Magic is awesome. I hope we get to the zombies sometime in the next year, though, because those zombies were fun.

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