Rewriting, Part 2

Just thought I’d give you an update on the rewrite… I finally figured out where I should start the story – and it eliminates some of the problems I was having previously. If you ever read the beginning of the last draft, this story starts… two weeks before the fateful tournament of doomly deathy doom, and goes from there. There may be flashbacks, but I’ve been warned that flashbacks are cop-outs – more so in movie-writing, but even in novels too. But I don’t think it will be a problem if I use it sparingly. After all, the only things I could possibly flash back to would be the angels or Flaer’s courtship, and that stuff wasn’t that interesting anyway, although parts were important.

I just keep remembering – every bit of material that gets cut from later drafts is stuff that helps me establish who is what and where; history, personality, everything comes in handy whether it gets used or not. Which is very encouraging (which is good because I’ve restarted like six times already this week. This time looks good, though).

Example: Gyoriing is a third-generation (which threw me for a bit of a loop when I first re-read that… I mean, Flairé is third-generation! Through his dad, anyway.) and I found out what his grandfather’s name is – Kafrinon, which means Targeter. This name may change, but I like the meaning. He’s Flar’s buddy and on the council and while responsible to a fault likes to tease mercilessly. He was the first general of the Moonland, until he got his leg amputated by accident, and then his son was an artist so his son, Gyoriing, became the next general. Also because Gyoriing is awesooome. And older than an lot of second-generation anyway, because his parents and grandparents married relatively early. His mom is still waiting for her son to marry Layalin and give her grandkids, though.

Also Flaer was adoooorable when he was a baby. (Well, most kids are…)

This was all determined sometime between Tuesday and now. Whee!

I’m also debating what to do about the ‘Lost Boys’. I think finding them simultaneously in different places is too unbelievable. I’m going to do something much more sensible. …So now their finding makes more sense… but their losing still needs work. Away!

Anyway, one thing you must definitely do while waiting for me to update is check out the finished cover!!!! Can’t wait to see that gorgeous piece of art on the outside of this thing.

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