Gyoriing and Layalin



Gyoriing and Layalin



This is Sir Gyoriing and Princess Layalin, who are madly in love with each other. Whenever I draw these two, something doesn’t go right.

“But Jen”, I hear you say, “this is obviously only your second time at drawing them together, and the mistakes made are so obvious you will easily refrain from them in a third attempt.”

Well yes, I reply, but what mistakes shall I make then? But the way to better drawing is through practice, which I have not got. Anyway, I am happy with the hair and the clothes, even if the faces and proportions are shot.

That’s all the art I have for a while, but I am working on getting more for you! If I can tear myself away from all these video games, I have lots of Ephraim’s story ready to write (I said that before, no?) and I really really want to make some colour art because this stuff is kind of hard to look at for ages on end. How do the pros make such nice pencil art? : P

EDIT: I finished Moby Dick today! I now know more about whaling through the eyes of strange poets than I ever wanted to. Bah. The end was actually interesting. Before that, well, we have bits of story mixed in with EVERYTHING MELVILLE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT WHALES EVER. 8O Now I just have to finish my Philosophy course, and learn my music. Think I can do it? :|


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