Warhammer comic page 6


Warhammer comic page 6

drawn July 5, 2006

posted Aug 18, 2009


aiwelossnowicon Yeah. One survivor. One scout made it through the Bretonnian phase. Fabulous. Not much you can do with one scout, even with their Ballistic Skill of 4. And yeah, I am terrible at drawing cornfields. Not sure why the crow died in panel one as well as its victim. The building-y thing is that blue-roofed barn that pops up in a lot of Warhammer things, though I think I fancied it up for purposes of this picture. Let’s see if I can find it.

Here it is.

Check back tomorrow to find out… what happens in the next turn. Exciting, I know. But it has a picture of the mage!

I am so addicted to writing The Tactician and the Jewel. I stare at it for five minutes and then I write a paragraph and then I read it through again and add another paragraph. It’s hard getting everyone to do stuff and be interesting and be in character! I did jump ahead and add a climactic scene in Chapter 6 because it was hanging over me and I thought I should get it down before I forgot it. I should put the one in Chapter 7 sometime before I change it beyond all recognition. Well, I think I’m about halfway through Chapter 5. They’ve taken shelter from the snowstorm. Now the hero is going to slip and hit his head. Because he’s just that unlucky. I mean, everyone else gets hurt, why should he escape? And how the heck is the boss going to show up? I have no idea whatsoever how this chapter is going to end. Exciting!

I WENT FOR A RUN THIS MORNING!! I’m pretty proud of myself, since I haven’t gone in, what, a month? I went at about 9:00, which was rather late… if I had gone at 7:00 like I planned it would have been much cooler. But I stayed up until 11:00 last night writing TTatJ, so I slept instead. Oh well. Better luck tomorrow, since I don’t work today! I do, however, need to play a tiny Warhammer battle with my brother. Pickles. Go go Celebtholi!

I lost miserably.

He’s also asked me about playing A Lord of Bretonnia, but for some reason that really doesn’t appeal to me. It looks interesting… and then you get the Lord’s Tax, season after season, phrased either all the same or all the differently same, whichever sort of scribe you are. It got really boring for me the last time we played. Fortunately, he seems to have begun playing it solo – without me, that is. Which makes me happy.

I drew another picture of Ceniro which came out as good as my expectations yesterday. I drew a certain other character entirely from memory, and he came out pretty well! Though he looks more girly than usual. And there’s a background! …I want Photoshop 5.

I learned how to play Planxty George Brabazon (The Chieftains, from their CD ‘Water in the Well’) yesterday at work using the power of my mind. Well, no, but it played in my head over and over and I could hum it, so when I got home I got out my violin and I played it. Not perfectly, but I played all the right notes without too many mistakes.

By the way, the latest page of No Need for Bushido is sugary sweet and makes me squeal happily. Oh, Cho. Shame on you. :)

Lots of bread and cinnamon buns in the house! Glee. Also my favourite CDs on my iPod on random. More glee!

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