Marth Comic Page 10

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Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 10

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 10

Marth Manga pg 10
drawn Sep 25-26, ’06
posted for Oct 30, 2007
esgalwenavatarThis is quite a good page, despite its obvious drawbacks. Yes, I know you’re saying: what kind of comment is that?!? It’s the way I think. I found the Japanese quotes from a GameSpot FAQ.

The translation is:


Kyou mo ikinobiru koto ga dekita
Today, I have survived.

Kurushii tatakai datta
It was a tough battle.

Their other quotes sound so like them! I wish I were Japanese and had been able to experience them in all their original Fire Emblem glory! Oh, well. They’ll be around again sometime.

Just one more page of this thing!

Art contest! Take a look! Deadline Dec 1! I forgot to add prizes, but they’re here now!

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