Marth Comic Page 7

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 7

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 7

Marth Manga pg 7
drawn May 25, ’06
posted for Sep 14, 2007
wilflorinaiconYay! Another page of Weak Arm, Strong Heart! I really, really like Marth’s face in frame 4. The rest is not the greatest, but it’s okay. And it’s fighting, too. I find it hard to do fight scenes. Good thing with SSBM as the source I can use their predeveloped arsenal of moves. Although I’m not sure what Sheeda’s doing. I guess it’s easier to do cool lady-spearfighter moves than even sword fighting. Maybe. I’m not sure. And she looks retarded in the second to last panel. Ow, they’re taking a lot of damage. Will they be defeated???

Oh, yeah, text. Um, in panel 4, Marth is saying:

Oog… This is going to be hard. Er.
Then in the last frame, Roy is saying:
Come on, Marth…
And Link and Zelda are saying:
Marth, Marth, Shee-da! Marth, Marth, Shee-da!
Wow, yesterday was cool. I talked to Michael pianist about modern music, and he sounds exactly like my last piano teacher.
Michael: You’re starting to like it.
Me: But I don’t wanna like it!
Michael: (laughing) Yeah, but you are!
Or something like that.

Then I did my theory exams, and David Clenman said I got 39 out of 40 on the easy and timed part, and that I scored very high on the other parts and that he’s impressed. I only took an hour to do each one, so for two hours I read my history book. It reminds me of The Day the Universe Changed, which I now recall I should talk about as well. Anyway, and I bought a muffin and it rather crumbled all over me. I was wearing my sports shirt because I brought all but one of my books to school, but it wasn’t as heavy as last week. I’m getting strong fast or something, I think.

Then I had a very interesting conversation with Michael violist, and we talked about high school and music and stuff, and he recommended I try reading Evelyn Waugh. So I took his advice and before I went home I went and borrowed Decline and Fall from the library. Poor fellow, he’s gotten sick and his arm hurt from trying out Brahms. But, he also got a haircut, which he’s been trying to do for a while!

The Day the Universe Changed is a fascinating 10 one-hour episode TV series by James Burke, an English reporter, I think. Some of his points made in the first episode are dated, or proved wrong with time (it’s an old series) but the rest of it is brilliant. The premise is that when what we knew about the universe changed, for us, the universe did change. It’s not widely available on DVD yet, and our taped version is getting old too, but it’s viewable on YouTube! Go watch it and expand your mind with cool stuff!

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