Marth Comic Page 5

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 5

Weak Arm, Strong Heart Page 5

Marth Manga Page 5
drawn Oct 18-May 19, ’05
posted for July 6, 2007
firetempleavatarOoh, and Marth returns in glory! As you can see, only about half the Smashers are pleased with that. And the kid is just some random announcer guy. He’s not the guy who talks during the game, he’s a different guy. The guy who says stuff like “Success!” and “Failure…” is a grown-up.

The text reads:
Sheeda: And when we come back, I’ll help you trounce your ill-wishers with a Brave Lance. If they can’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve to know you.
Two months later…
Announcer-kid: And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have, returning from his vacation in his homeland of Altea, PRINCE MARTH! Accompanied by his fiancé… PRINCESS SHEEDA OF TALIS!!!

A Brave Lance is a super Fire Emblem lance that attacks twice, no matter how slow the wielder is. Quickies can attack four times with it!

If you can’t read the Princess Sheeda of Talis part in the picture then my handprinting is pretty bad.

I had so much trouble with Yoshi. Urgh. Link is cute. And Zelda is pretty. And Ganondorf is sticking his tongue out like an infant.

Today was exciting… I finally finished disc three, with the special features, and I burned it, and we watched Spirited Away again, and I got my next minis ready for primer, and I finished Tuor a couple of days ago but I forgot to mention it… He looks utterly fabulous… although not as perfect as he and I could have wished… and I found out that my little Sculpey Rana, whose ponytail broke off the other day, got more broken when Dad fixed her… I just know her better than anyone else and I would have been able to fix her… I just thought that Dad would do it better than me. So her neck has a crack and her precious, pretty ear has a crack… It’s been reglued, but it’s obvious to me… But she looks so happy and beautiful that I’d rather not attempt to ‘fix’ her even more, since I’ll wind up with an even bigger crack next time, I know it. I’m a perfectionist, what can I say. Anyhow, no one’s leaving the display case again, and if an earthquake happens or something I’ll be really mad because then my poor precious Rana will be shattered into dust. Neh?

I did make a little conversion to one of my new bolt thrower guys – I repositioned his arm so he’s hefting the bolt on his shoulder. It looks good, I think.

I think Dad’s concerned for my mental health… my habit of making my dream worlds real because the real one is just so dull and ugly and noisy (I hate humanity). It feels nice to be concerned for… but I don’t think it’s a chronic problem just yet. I just have to go on a walk and punish my stupid fat body into releasing endorphins or something. Endorphins are the things that make you feel good when excercising, aren’t they? Just checking.

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